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Most shameful act in NTA history.

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by michael p., May 11, 2013.

  1. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I was at the World Show today talking with Russell Knight and John Janelli was off to our left. A man walked up to John & asked 'are you John Janelli?' John answered in his normal, boisterous, happy voice 'yes sir I am!' the man shoved an envelope in Johns chest and exclaimed... 'you have been served!' turned and walked off. John said 'I got served?!' Ar that point I saw Cindy Crain make a bee line out of the booth.

    Serious Tinker Johnson, Greg Crain & Cindy Crain.... what in the holy hell were you idiots thinking bringing your problems with John Janelli into Larry & Kathy Blomqists sacred World Taxidermy Show?!?! Are you really that desperate? Apparently you sick, disgraceful, scum are!

    Look what Larry, Kathy & Ken Edwards has done for you losers! Keep your lowlife $hit at your crack house, don't bring it to their domain. There were over 1200 people at the show this weekend, there were 478 mounts entered into this competition and you brought your spite into this event?

    Mrs. Crain, you coward! You ran off from that table leaving your mother there! You are sick!

    NTABOD's...... you better fix these out of control idiots. Today will live as the most disgraceful act in the history of the NTA.

    This is what was in the envelope shoved in President Janelli's chest.


    Great job Tinker Johnson & Greg Crain...... you won a lot of enemies today that are not forgiving this time. Keep your losing ways out of a successful venue!
  2. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    Very sad. I am curious as to Russells and others around reactions?

  3. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    I have stayed silent with this NTA debacle but I can't any longer.

    This is me Brad Jones taxidermist from Indiana, these are my views and have no reflection on the AIT. I am not representing our great association.

    I can't stand the things I have heard about the Crain's from people outside of Taxi.net. I do come here and I do read and learn from many great folks here. This action takes the cake, just because you low life people that hide behind the bible claiming you are Christians make me sick. You people and you all know who you are, are sick individuals and will pay on judgement day for sure.

    I am so sick about all of this but have no recourse. I payed my life membership years ago and if I had known I was giving my hard earned money to a group of slugs, I would have not done it. I can assure you that I will not support the NTA by attending any future shows. I attended one show in Louisville Ky, and when I saw how I was treated and others I have not been back.

    As long as Haynes and the Crain's are part of this organization I will not be associated with this Association. If that is what you want to call it, It is as far from an Association as it can be.

    These are my personal views and again I am not representing the AIT.

    Brad Jones.
  4. mike g

    mike g Active Member

    Yep! That is pretty low!
  5. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Wow!!!!!! That ranks right up there with the pasty white stuff that accumulates in the corner of your mouth when you are really thirsty.!!!!!!! What a bunch of ToolBags!!!!!!
  6. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    And Now you know why the Gutless Crain didn't attend.
  7. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Mr. Knight basically said that nobody needs to 'react', smile and let it be dealt with. I'm a person of emotion most times in that type of situation and make off the cuff decisions. Mr. Knight said that would be wrong. Mr. Janelli was visibly upset, embarrassed and humiliated. I have to give 150% credit to John Creager. He told John 'you're going outside with me' and that gave John a chance to let it sink in, the actions that just had happened. Glad I was not Mr. Janelli, I probably would have lost my cool.

    Thanks to Mr. Creager & Mr. Knight & Mr. Janelli for all keeping their head and saying 'it will be dealt with'. I guess they have to keep a professional image as elected officials unlike Mrs. Crain who bolted from the table leaving her mother to sit there alone.

    I'm not speaking as a friend, foe, or anti anything, what happened today was in simple words disgusting! The entire crew of the NTA handled it professionally sand Mrs. Track Star (let me call Greg) Cindy Crain.

    I would have thrown papers in somebody's face...... guess that's why they do what they do and I do not.

    My props to Mr. Creager, Knight & Janelli for keeping their cool in what had to be the most embarrassing moment in World Show History.

    Mr. Crain, keep your political sick crap out of the Blomquists house!
  8. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    They made the correct call to step back and absorb it before reacting, Thats leadership. Any shame or embarrassment belongs to Greg Crain.

    “Always keep your composure. You can't score from the penalty box; and to win, you have to score.” Bobby Hull, Chicago Blackhawks
  9. I see there are quite a few UTA board members attending the show. How many NTA board members are present? Anyone other than John?
  10. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

  11. Jim McNamara

    Jim McNamara Well-Known Member

    It appears that Mr. Crain decided to declare all out war on the President of the NTA and has support from some if not most of the Board . As they say, " All's fair in love and war" and the Executive Director of the N.T.A. along with his supporters have certainly spoken loudly.
  12. What a bunch of dirt bags, !!!!!
    If they, Crains crew wanted to serve JJ with papers then do it at his home not at The biggest & best Taxidermy show in the USA. Thats right Crain , the World show is the BEST & BIGGEST
    Taxidermy show in the USA, Maybe you should go some year to see it first hand & see how a real show is run !!!!!

    Hang in there JJ we are behind you, & when I say we, I mean A lot of Great Taxidermists from around the USA & Canada.

    Gregg I
  13. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    This is sad. Childishly done. With all the stupid crap going on and all the in fighting and back stabbing I wonder what the NTA is really getting accomplished for its members. Not an organization I will be renewing my membership with any time soon.
  14. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Thanks Mr Janelli for being so professional in such am awkward situation.
  15. quest

    quest Member

    This is a new low!
  16. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I've consciously stayed out of this discussion. When Michael was "banned" from the NTA, I told them that was a total abuse of power and that it would likely start a house of cards tumbling down. Everyone scoffed at me.

    This, however, is the epitome of ineptitude.

    Cindy, I'm shocked and disappointed in you. I've always held you in high regard but that you'd allow yourself to be drug down to this level is heartbreaking. Have you lost all sense of decency.

    Tinker Johnson, for someone like you to live so near to some of the finest and most professional artisans in the industry, you sure have become a useless waste of fresh air. I have no idea who you think you are, but from comments you've made about legal issues, I see you strived to finish the third grade before you reached 21. You're simply a dolt who's is being used for the fool that you are and you're just too damned dumb to recognize it. Your "charges" are laughable and unless you can find more members of that board of directors with less morals and mental aptitude than you have to back you, you're in serious trouble. When John starts asking for evidence to support him and sink this silliness, I have some very interesting evidence you probably don't want to hear about.

    Greg, not much surprises me about you. I've seen your work, but I always held the hope that you loved the industry more than that. To think that you'd instigate such a common stunt doesn't surprise me at all. I saw it with "the letter". What does surprise me is that you'd chose to use Larry's show and the ultimate in professional taxidermy to attempt to embarrass and humiliate John AND Larry and Kathy. This one's going to haunt you before it's over. You once told me of a guy who demanded $100 refund and you figured that $100 was a cheap price to get rid of an ignorant SOB. How much would it cost us to get rid of you?

    Bill Haynes, you've managed to insult the dignity of every septuagenarian in this business. It's no wonder the young guns look at many of us as if we're old fools. You've set the standard and I'm just damned thankful I don't have whatever it is you've contracted in selling your soul to the devil.

    John, you have served as Greg's front man for years before you saw that what I and others had tried to tell you finally dawned. You reacted exactly as they wanted you to and I wish you hadn't. If it had been me in your place, I'd have posted that silly assed piece of paper in the NTA booth and invited everyone to read it. You should wear that as a badge of honor that Greg, Cindy, and Tinker were so obsessed with keeping their kingdom in tact that they'd resort to such a classless act. You KNOW it was nothing but theatrics on their part. First of all, you can't be "served" with papers when there's no LEGAL proceedings involved. In order for anything to be "served" the server has to be either an officer of the court OR an employee of a lawyer intending to taking you to court. That wasn't a subpoena. This guy was just some flunky hired off the street to make a big show at your expense. He should be locked up for impersonating an officer of the court.

    I've loved the NTA since I joined years ago. I loved it enough to become a life member, a family life member, and a Certified Taxidermist. I served on that board and for that board for over 7 years. I put my heart and soul into protecting the integrity that Charlie Haynes had envisioned in it. Sadly, that's nothing more than a pipe dream today and the only solution I see is the dissolution of the organization completely.
  17. Now just who was the 2/3 of the board that decided to serve JJ???????

    I 'm sure to do this they would need a board vote and 2/3 would have to agree to serve him. ?? As all the other issues require a 2/3 vote.

    This is LOW even for Crain & Tinker. Please jump on here Mr. Bill and tell us !!!!!!!

    Gregg I

    ps: well said George.
  18. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I would bet my lunch that Mrs. Crain fingered John out to the server, then cowered away.
  19. Bill Haynes

    Bill Haynes New Member

    George Roof, You can kiss my a$$. I have no idea what you are talking about. I am not, and have not been involved in anything regarding JJ
  20. ANDY

    ANDY Well-Known Member

    I'm with George on this one , how do you get served for a board meeting? All this was for was embarrassment.