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chicken finished

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Orkman-X, May 15, 2013.

  1. Orkman-X

    Orkman-X New Member

    hey bone-friends,

    I just finished the chicken-skeleton that someone wanted done. He granted me a year to do it so I took my time :)
    It was of one of their farm chickens that died of age. I thought about taking pictures during each phase of the process but actually forgot once it got to maceration (not that there's much to see in that phase but a bunch of jars).
    Anyway, posting the ones I took, I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment as always.
    note: one wing was clipped so it couldn't fly.



    1) "oh-my, a smelly chicken"


    2) prepping for maceration


    3) think maceration, maceration degreasing

    meh no pics

    4) mounting & more mounting



    5) finished in display-case, state to be delivered



    now if only I had another display case to finish my owl to race Robert :)
  2. skullclnr

    skullclnr Active Member

    really cool, nice work!

  3. Excellent work! It's beautiful! Love the red wine in one of the articulation pics! ;D
  4. Oh, and a question for you: Did you use glue to keep the skeleton together or a combination of glue and wire? I am macerating a turkey right now and am trying to figure out how I'm going to articulate it...
  5. Orkman-X

    Orkman-X New Member

    hey emz, thanks for the kind words.

    to answer your question: there's a wire through the spinal column. I forgot to take pics during the ribbing work on the chicken but here's a pic of the ribcage of a snowy owl waiting to get the skull attached where you can see the wire.
    other than that once the ribbing is done like in this pic, the ribcage should be surprisingly sturdy.
    Now for the chicken there's of course the split acryl rod supporting the weight and there are stainless steel pins fixating the tarsometatarsi to the wooden base-plate. hope this helps. I'll remember to take more pics during the next ribbing project if you like

  6. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    Very well done, I'm especially impressed you got it so clean and white. Domestic chickens can be a major PITA to degrease and bleach.

  7. Sivart

    Sivart New Member

    How are you attaching the skull?
    I was attempting to use rare earth magnets on my fox skull, but it didn't work.
  8. Very nice chicken Orkman ! I'm always interested to more skeletons here.
    You don't remove all the feathers before macerating ? When I let some I usually had feathers and hairs with mammals well stucked in bones orifices, thus I prefer removing everything from start.
    If things follow their way, I will be re-assembling (and maybe re-cleaning) a rooster skeleton for a lab, so your chicken is always one more good reference.
    I'm currently working on a couple bird skeletons, including a fulmar that was very hard to macerate and incredibly greasy on and inside the wings/legs bones. Did you have this on yours ? And by the way I hope that you added that last leg to your fulmar
  9. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Very well done and presented. Emz beat me to the wine .. but .. shouldn't you have white wine with chicken? :)
  10. I think white would be better. Or better yet beer and fried chicken instead of macerated chicken and red wine. Good work!!!!!

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  11. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    It looks lovely, I'm sure the customer was/will be very pleased with it. Birds look like a pain in the butt to do
  12. that looks really good to me. maybe the new logo for col. sanders?
  13. Orkman-X

    Orkman-X New Member

    thanks guys for the nice replies,

    @sivart: attaching the skull was very easy. the 2 mm (hardened with screwdriver) wire can keep that weigthless chickenhead for ages to come. But it won't work for your fox. I remember you wanted the skull removable, so I would be thinking "cone in cone solution", I'll try to draw a scetch this weekend if you want

    @ jean-christophe: head and feet were going in a 24hr controlled maceration anyway to get nails and rampotheca, all remaining feathers would be removed in that stage. small hairs i can imagine but never had problems tbh.I didnt have grease issues on my fulmar but I had to use iron-out, which is weird since i never macerate in any sorts of metal. PM me, I still have the reference folder of the fulmar on my drive when it was ligamentary/dirty for reference
  14. I don't drink but I think other French would never agree that a beer can beat wine and roasted chicken on the spit is a lot better, trust me on it. ;D

    Update : red wine with chicken and/or cheese.

    Orkman I sent you a PM.
  15. Voltrax

    Voltrax New Member

    Orkman, I wont win that race, as I get a normal job as a cook, and I just don't have enough time for my owl project.
    And yes, ribcage is still in pieces. :p

    Nice chicken!
  16. skullclnr

    skullclnr Active Member

    Sorry Jean-C, Id take beer and fried chicken any day!
  17. Vkvz

    Vkvz New Member

    I'll side with my fellow frenchman here: red wine and roasted chiken for me 8)

    Orkman-X: fantastic work indeed, really nice and clean. It's always interesting to see such nice examples of common species. Why didn't you keep the sclerotic rings by the way?
    When you have the time for it, I would also be very interested to see a post where you could detail your "ribbing work" :)
  18. Just like Obélix's way with roasted wild boar(s) ;)
    (sorry to lead it this far out of the original discussion)