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hide paste issue (can't get Roman wallpaper paste)

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by ginevive, May 16, 2013.

  1. I am going to mount my first WT shoulder mounts. My local Sherlose Williams cannot get the wallpaper paste that is often used. What's the best hide paste to order?
  2. Pro 1

  3. You can order Roman from Home Depot on internet
  4. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    Pro 1 is better and cheaper
  5. Thanks; I plan to just get the Pro 1.
  6. kbcountry, I tried to reorder some through Home Depot a couple weeks ago and they told me that can no longer get it. I talked to one of my local Sherwin Williams, had to talk to the Manager, and they ordered me some and agreed to keep some in stock for me. I have heard good things about Pro 1, but for the cost, Romans 732, Clay Powder, and Dextrin are (IN MY OPINION) by far the best.
  7. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    That's where I get it as well, and free shipping! Well, you know how that works.
  8. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    I just check Home Depot online they have 555vov for $159.00 Pro 1 is $145
  9. Romans 752 is about 50ish
  10. OOPS I mean 732
  11. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    VOV 555 at my local Sherwin Williams store for less than a $100.00
    To the OP, I don't understand how your local store cannot get it for you ? I believe that is what they told you. But how can some of us still get it there and others can't ? Sounds fishy to me on the stores part.
    I wish you lived closer, I would get you some at the great price I listed above.
  12. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Just went back & checked my last statement.
    5 gallons VOV 555.... $89.00
  13. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    89.00? You're getting one hell of a deal at that price. I cannot find it anywhere under 150 now, and I got it last time through Home Depot for 78.00/5 gal.
  14. kgribb

    kgribb God and family first! Everything else next

    $95.00 bucks for 5 gals. They started out at $135 and I told them I'd get from home depot on line cheaper. This was at Sherman Williams. Got them down to $95.00 including tax!
  15. Home depot list price $159.00, just about all others on net was same thing or more.
    ThePaintStore.com has four one gallon buckets for $109.00 plus shipping. Which was 25.00 to my zip. $33.50 gallon
    Out the door at sherwin williams $32.00 a gallon. Nearest one to me is 35 miles. So factoring gas, paint store cheaper. Unless I just happen to be going that way.
  16. Crap; I just want to buy it in smaller quantities for a smaller cost upfront. I asked to talk to a manager at SW and got some line about them not being in. He was probably in the back screwing around online or something. If that's how they are going to be then I don't want to give them my business and will just order actual hide paste from Van Dyke's or something. How are McKenzie pastes or Epo-Grip?
  17. gunner62

    gunner62 Gunners Buckhorn Taxidermy

    HQ supply has a new paste that is really good stuff no pinning and no drumming, GREAT STUFF! about $35.00 a gallon.
  18. I had the same problem with sherwin williams, some stores carry it and others say they cant get it. I somehow got ahold of the manufacture and they called the local sherwin williams for me and now they carry it Romans 732 about $50 a 5 gallon bucket, mix with dextrin and clay powder and you got some good stuff for cheap.
  19. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    Most any of your clay based pastes will work regardless of number on the bucket...Use Michaels P's recipe by adding some dry hide paste to it and it will be fine..I've done it ever since I saw his post and had no issues...I was able to get Dynamite through my local SW for 20 bucks for 5 gallon buckets...I bought all they had needless to say...
  20. Hm.. that could be an idea as I have not ordered yet.