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Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Nature Goddess, May 16, 2013.

  1. leopold

    leopold New Member

  2. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    they did such a great job on it why would they not want to take credit for it?

  3. Just absolutely Beatiful work! Love it!
  4. jkbwolf

    jkbwolf Member

    Thanks to all for the compliments. I have never heard such nice things said about my work. It will take a couple of days for the swelling to go down in my head…lol Seriously I really do appreciate it. You have all given me a push to complete my next big piece. I have never shown my work on this site and I rarely compete at the shows. I do attend the competitions and I always try to keep up with the quality of work that is being done. Seeing the work of others has inspired me over the years to always raise the level of my work. If you want to do great work you need to expose yourself to that level of work. I started off in taxidermy exposed to poor quality work and that is what I started producing until I met some talented taxidermists and saw what was possible. Studying your specimens is important but I think it is best for people to start out by seeing what is possible. Admiring and remembering great work of others keeps us from being lazy with our eyes. I am not saying use other people’s work as reference, I am saying get inspired and stay inspired until your work looks just as good. You can stare at a specimen for hours and still not get it right but if you have the inspiration you will keep at it until your eye learns to appreciate all you are seeing, until then your work will suffer. Developing that skill is not easy and many never do, but without it you are mostly just assembling. I have tried to help people over the years that wanted to learn and I stress that more than anything. You can direct people all you want but until they start to see the flaws with their own eyes you are guiding them to nowhere. For those that really understand what I am saying, you know that it does not matter if you haven’t worked on a particular specimen before, a gifted eye will give you all the guidance you need. Develop your eye and accurate and lifelike mounts are sure to come.

    I seldom get an opportunity on a customer piece to deliver my full vision. Most of my customers do not want to pay for a nice piece, so it was a great pleasure to have a customer that wanted my best effort and he didn’t expect me to work for free at all..lol The mount will not be going to any taxidermy shows so I wanted to share on here. Seeing the efforts of others has helped my progression over the years. I am happy so many of you like the piece but the effort is what I wanted to stand out the most. Push yourself and you will find your way. My work started out pretty rough and regardless of all the compliments I am still just your average taxidermist. You would not know my name or find my work in any magazines. I am just an admirer of nature like yourself and I push myself to do the best I can. We have the privilege of working on these beautiful creatures and they deserve our best………..Joe
  5. Pruski

    Pruski Member

    very nice work,,, i love a humble person. good day, steve
  6. huntnut78

    huntnut78 Member

    Its awesome, glad we got to see it.
  7. Nice work Joe, I have the other bear his friend shot and I'm getting ready to put that together. Not as big but very pretty bear i will post pictures when finished.Take care. Bruce
  8. jkbwolf

    jkbwolf Member

    Several people have asked me what I used to detail the Salmon with the chunk bit out of it. Real bones were too delicate to use and hard to see good, so I made a wire frame coated with Apoxie Scuplt. Guts molded with Apoxie Sculpt and painted. The flesh of the fish is Epo-Grip seam and repair putty tinted with lacquer paint, 3 different colors used. Blood was fiberglass resin tinted with lacquer paint and then I used clear casting resin to tie it all together. Also the melting snow is clear casting resin and salt (thanks Ken Walker) The floating pieces of ice is clear casting resin poured over a shallow bed of salt. I then broke it up and placed the pieces on top of the plexiglass and poured the artificial water around them. I am sure there are plenty of different ways to achieve the same result, but thats what worked well for me...for any of you that are wondering.....Joe
  9. juli

    juli Active Member


    Crawdads were found in the kenai river...but those were illegally introduced...they do not invade 'naturally' up here...according to ADF&G, the crawfish were trapped...not a species we need legally or illegally introduced..
  10. You nailed the mouth.
    Nice job.
  11. ShamanCoyote

    ShamanCoyote New Member

    holy crow, the detail is outstanding. i love the gore LOL
    i want this to be in a museum, start teaching the kids right ;)
  12. ibex

    ibex New Member

    plz i need help in this regard..i want to go hunting brown bear,but i heard i cannot take the trophy back to pakistan,but there are some area where u hunt only those bear can b taken is there any thing like that..plz .thankx
  13. ShamanCoyote

    ShamanCoyote New Member

    It's illegal to ship brown/grizzly bear parts overseas, you would also need a license to kill them. I've never heard of a place in the US that would allow you to legally ship it overseas. Actually it's illegal to ship most animals overseas, even tanned hides.
  14. ibex

    ibex New Member

    says who that you cannot hunt brown bear in alaska...i have spoke to alsakan fish and wild life ppl...they dais yes ,all u need a cities pemit for that, its an legal hunt and all requirment will b fullfilled...had it not legal to shoot brown bear then why all outfitters are offering the shoot,plus the pics u are at right now is also part of legal hunting so how is that possible my friend.


  16. wow that is very nice
  17. Jei

    Jei New Member

    Wow that looks outstanding!
    Everything came out very realistic.
    I especially love the base. There is so much to look at!
  18. Western Wildlife Art Studio

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  19. stokedlight86

    stokedlight86 Member

    Love all the little details and the time put into the small things. Amazing mount! Love the tracks in the mud.
  20. ice

    ice Active Member

    Great mount!