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Change of Management

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTAHQ, May 17, 2013.

  1. Ted B

    Ted B Active Member

    Mike, he DOESN'T want it to succeed, that way he can feel good about how he kept his head up Crains a$$ for so long and was blind to all the problems with the NTA
  2. Bill Haynes

    Bill Haynes New Member

    As long as I am on the BOD, you will get the same consideration as everyone else, if you have something legitimate.

  3. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Mr. Bill as a BOD, I want to Thank You for approving my membership. Now that you know my name, perhaps we can have our picture taken together at the Convention. I look forward to meeting you.
  4. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    I was once told that a person does not have to brag on what they did or brag on themselves other can tell by the fruits of their labor. You would have made more points on this Bill by just sitting back.
  5. Who do we mail our dues to now ,
  6. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

  7. Thanks.
  8. ANDY

    ANDY Well-Known Member

    12 page's , 6853 view's , 167 replies and 1 person with negativity , anybody want to guess who ?
  9. Dan Gill

    Dan Gill New Member

    gunny. page 8 ?
  10. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    No sir you did not!! Evelyn Mills & Steve Favour's financing made that account liquid! Tell everybody how the TERF account was SEPERATE from the NTA & YOU wanted NTA members funded 100% and non-NTA members only 50% even though it was only an umbrella account.

    Tell everybody the truth Haynes, tell everybody how you felt a sense of entitlement and power by using the NTA as a tool, not a contribution to Taxidermists in need. Tell everybody how you became a dictator & Evelyn resigned how your management of the account led to your resignation.

    Tell us all of your glorious service to the TERF account Bill, let's hear your side....... you remember the side where those two fish taxidermists requested help from a relief fund set up separately from the NTA but YOUR stipulations were that they only get 50% from this SEPERATE fund because they were not NTA members and that part of their reception of the funds is that they sign an NTA membership. Blackmail to desperate people by the chairman of TERF Bill Haynes..... people still don't know why all I was banned for my hell raising, it's time we inform them 'Former Chairman Haynes'.
  11. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    and this is the guy that stayed.....
  12. justin_b

    justin_b Just sayin...

    Well said Mike! 8)
  13. finazducks

    finazducks EJ is not the only one to have two Wasco Awards

    I feel a need to reply to Bill. haines comment about Me not knowing jack. The three years I was competition Chairman , Brenda and I spent virtually the whole convention in the competition room. taking in, placing mounts, setting up the room, and looking after peoples mounts. As well as supervising scorekeeping and record keeping with Greg fighting us all the way. Like when he fired and humiliated Carol Clements, who did a fantastic job of record keeping, just because she made a comment he didn't like about the NTA and the whole 100 % affiliation issue that helped alienate the state organizations. You even have been credited with the famous ten year contract that was really crafted by Frankie after you and he stabbed George and Craig in the back and pushed your contract through, despite objections from many board members. Be careful what you say to Me because every time you say something like that to Me I'll have another memory for you. I haven't got personal with you yet, but you have. You have never been significant enough for a reply and you still aren't, but this time was an exception

    As far as how long I have been a member? My life member number is 00078
    Been at it too long to butt out lol
  14. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Ignore the old bat and maybe he will forget where he put the computer, and go away. But ignore him anyway.
  15. Gunny

    Gunny Old Timer

    Dan that's not negative!

    You need to look at it more as a,"fragrant cleansing."
  16. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    I like the part where Mr. Haynes says that the NTA has just gone down the tubes. Seems like he backs up his boy (Mr.Crain) on here but failed to back him up when he needed him the most by excusing himself from the vote that sealed the Crain's fate.
  17. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    I think bill needed to take the fifth so he wouldn't join the crains.....hope he's not their mole
  18. ducktape1

    ducktape1 Member

    As a Life Member I am glad to see things are finally turning around. I would like to thank everyone involved in making this happen as we can look forward to the future and what this organization was originally meant to be for.

    Thanks again everyone !
  19. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Haynes I personally think you are up to no good for this organization. Why don't you resign. I still believe you are on the Crain's side. I know you will loose in the next election anyway.
  20. aspenangler@hotmail.com

    [email protected] B+______><(((°>______><(((°>