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zebra skin rugs

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by DOA BLACKHILLS, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. good morning all, i'm fairly new to rugs, i have been asked to do a zebra rug. any hints,tips or advise would be greatly appreciated. i would also like to thank all
    the taxidermists out there for some great tips over the last couple of years, thank you.
    i,m really concerned about what to do with nose and ears.
  2. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Cut nostrils flush and sew shut. Cut inside of the ear off, ( ear butt and all inside ear skin ) sew the outside (remaining ear part) of the ear flat to the head.

  3. Thank you Low T, that is what i was thinking, i just needed it verified by the experts. this is a rug i really don't want to screw up.
  4. exoticswan

    exoticswan Jessy Riley

    you can also use a zebra rug shell could be extra $$

    but standard is sew everything flat look at zebra rugs for ref

    felt or leather the bottom you can put rings or the back for wall hanging
    (just make Shure to cover with whatever your backing it with so that it doesn't scratch the floor if they want to put it on the floor)
  5. thank you exotic swan, Its going on a wall, i was thinking of putting on a 1/4" piece of Luann plywood traced under size of the finished rug and fasten the hangers to it.
    I've done this with bear rugs and had good results. i think I'm just a little nervous about the thinner skin and the fact this guy flew along ways to hunt this animal. i just want to make sure its right when I'm done.