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Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS. New Pics Posted

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Skullery, Jun 7, 2013.

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  2. Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS

    O. K. only the third link works. This is my first try in all these years on here to post a pic. Yes, need I say I am computer illiterate.
    Now, getting back to the two pics. This is my first try at articulation and this is my 20 year old African lion that I completely cleaned and am now articulating. The feet I thought were quite easy, however the rib cage has been by far the most challenging for me. No one to show me or ask as I plodded through to this stage. Learning a lot , enjoying it a lot, and challenged definaltely. I am sure the experts can see flaws as I am well aware but doing my best. Have your say in it and I am open to critique, as this is a learning project. I sure wish I could sit in on skulls unlimited and just at least watch them do the whole rib thing. This project is for myself so no pressure on me, or should I say I think I put too much pressure on myself to begin with. I just have to remember to enjoy the moment and be thankful I have the opportunity and priviledge to work on such an iconic animal. So, that's it, my first picture on here for you to enjoy. I hope you viewed them both. Thanks to all you taxi-netters and skull folks. We are a strange bunch indeed. Skullery....Jeff

  3. Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS

    Very nice lion! Show us the skull, please :) It would be interesting to learn this animal's story as well. Hope its skin was also preserved.
    It seems that claw sheaths are missing.
    Was it dissected, so the distal rib ends needed reconstruction? Usually old animals have well ossified ribs.
    Ribcages are always pain... unless you're working with a chelonian or snake :) Good luck with that lion!
  4. Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS

    Yes, I will show the skull as I get further along. It is a very nice skull. This is an old zoo animal, don't know much more. I am just beginning to build up the cartiledge for the ribs. The rib ends are very ossified. As far as the claws these are replicas that I made. The claw sheaths are there, I just put a very light coat of oil paint on them to give them some color. Maybe they could use a little more, didn't have all the right colors on hand to mix it right, but can always add more color if needed. Will try to post more pics later, need to build a base for it yet also. Hoping to find some small black pebbles for the base but highly unlikely to find that , especially because of my remote location. I am going to use clear cast acrylic rods for support. Thanks.
  5. Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS

    So you got him without skin & claws, but with intact ribcage, as I presume. So why the cartilage was reconstructed, for aesthetic purposes?
    What the posture will be, standing/walking or more active one?
    Intact skull is a big luck,... last year a jaguar skull was ruined in my city zoo, for a useless brain probe. The jaw ends were cut out, because someone wanted the fangs... What's left is not worth cleaning or displaying. Thanks to ignorant vets and a greedy carnivore keeper.
  6. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS

    Photobucket changed how their links come up. Look at your picture then right click on it and select "View Image" (at least that is what I get with XP). Look at the URL in your bar above and copy that to use. If there are numbers or anything else after the .jpg .. remove it.
  7. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS



    Using the small picture frame icon [​IMG] will allow you to post the pictures into the site itself. Yout photo url needs to be in between the two parts of the img tags.


    I also see on the right hand side of your picture page there that there is a line to copy the image URL. It is the one labeled "Direct".
  8. Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS

    Hi, just got back from being gone a few days and need to get caught up on taxi net. First, thanks Seawolf for your help, as you always seem to be there for so many of us. Thanks for posting the pic and you can do that anytime, thank you. And Elephas Maximus thanks for your interest and questions. This zoo lion was purchased by a taxidermist who took the whole hide and claws and sold me the rest. When I get caught up here I will try and post a pic of the skull. Pose: It is hard to give expression to a skeleton but I am going to try to give it a little bit of attitude. It will be a normal standing position with the skull tilted sideways to its left side. Then the neck will have a slight turn to the right facing whoever maybe looking at it. The mouth will be very wide open and have a deer leg bone in its mouth with hooves attached. At its from feet it will have a couple more of the leg bones from the deer. I thing I will like using the deer leg with hoove for one thing it will tell the observer what the lion is feeding on. The base will be all black. I am hoping to do something with black stone on the base but that is difficult to find. For the time being I can at least still mount it to the base and add stone later if I find something I like. I never gave it much thought just thought rebuilding the rib cage and cartiledge too is the most artistic thing to do. Still have a ways to go on this project but will keep you up with any updates and hopefully pictures if I can get them posted. For now. Skullery....Jeff
  9. Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS. New pics posted

  10. Re: Skullery...Test....Lion ONLY THE THIRD LINK WORKS

  11. The articulation is coming along very slowly. This is where I am at now. I wanted to show a pic of just the skull. You see it has the atlas attached. This will make it easier for me to remove from the full articulation if I just want to remove the skull. The pic of the articulation will actually have the head somewhat higher as I put in another support rod just for the skull. Continues to be a real learning experience at every step of the way. Can't count all the hours but am getting very excited as I see things coming together. Thanks for looking. Skullery...Jeff
  12. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    This is very cool. Thanks for posting the thread. :)
  13. Great result for now) I like how the ribcage is reconstructed.
    How are you going to position the legs, according to overall sharling pose?
  14. Worked some more on the lion today and got the rear legs attached and now have given support to the skull which gives a better overall picture of what he will look like. The shoulder blades (scapula) will be the next challenge as they are sort of free floating. Not sure where to put them or how far to space it from the ribs. Hope to use three bolts to put through scapula and ribs in a triangular formation. So Samson (has a name now since he is looking more real) hopefully will be the newest family member in a few more weeks. Keep ya posted. Happy Fathers to all. Skullery....Jeff
  15. big dan

    big dan Member

    Looks like a lot of hard work. Great job so far.
  16. Getting close. This is where I am at after a full day on it again. At least now I feel like I can relax a bit after conquering all the hard challenges. Still have the tail to do and a bunch of touch ups beside the base. Have a special plan for the base yet hope it all works out. It's been quite a challenge and right now I really feel pumped up about it. Can't wait to see the finished job myself. Thanks for looking taxi netter friends. Skullery....Jeff
  17. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Very impressive. When it's done, where do you put it? I've considered doing a wolf skeleton but I have no idea where I would display it when done .. let alone a complete lion. :)