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What would you do? Please read...

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by double barrel, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    OK, I know most have been to yard sales, flea mkts., antique stores, auctions, as we all have. So you're walking along looking at all the junk, watches, knives, belt buckles and suddenly you come accross a large set of deer antlers. You negotiate with the seller, talk him down and finally you buy them. I've done it many times. I used to look for tackle, old rods, plugs, tackle, anything old. I don't see much any more , too many dealers and everything picked clean.

    You get home thinkin," heck yea !", all happy you found a good un. After looking it over, thinkin,"I ain't believing I found these!", you get to thinking, I wonder why he was selling these? Where did HE get them? The answer to the first question is simple, he's trying to make money, as we all are. Where did he get them??? Grandpa passed away? Grandma said, " here Sonny, you want these?, get them outta my house." Allot of people sell off family heirlooms, jewelry, furniture, collectibles. Some don't care if it was grampa's, they just need the money.

    Would you just keep them and hope you never find out that thay are stollen, or research it and try to see if they are? I can just see me at a show, and somebody walks up and says, " hey, where did you get that rack?" I did a show one time and I had a 10 pt. hanging there that a customer hadn't picked up, hadn't paid a dime on it, so it was legally my deer. I left the tag on it and it had the hunters name on it, I forgot to remove the name. There was alot of onlookers and I noticed this one man kept starring at that deer. Finally he said, that's my nephews deer. Small world, isn't it.

    I bought a lg set from a seller that I believe is honest and has good feedback. He said he found them at a flea mkt. He's in another state. It's legal in his state and mine to buy and sell antlers. I have my receite, all corrisponding emails , and I paid dearly for them. I have no reason to suspect anything wrong. No reason to think that they might be obtained wrongfully. Paid high, good seller, lots of papertrail, proving I got them legally.

    I 've seen some really nice ones go on taxidermy. net. I've seen them go for 650 and up. I always think, where do they get them? Some might have pen raised deer, game farm guys. High fenced hunts. These are not sheds, attached to scull plate, never been mounted on a head. They are supposed to be antique, mounted on plaque.

    I was wondering if there was a website or data dase for recovering stolen trophies? I remembering seeing posts about trophies being stolen. I'd like to research it and if someone is looking for them, I'd help get them back to the owner. Of coarse, I'd want my money back.

    On the job, like the other day, if I find a tool, I always ask around who lost a screwdriver? If you say, "it's crome with a yellow handle, the first person you ask will say, ya, thats mine and take it." But, if you make them describe it, you'll have a better chance of finding the true owner. "Hey, who lost a brown wallet with 300 dollars in it? ME!, It's mine, thanks!" LOL! Preciate it! LMAO!

    Anybody got any info on how to see pics. or hear descriptions on any stolen mounts, I'd like to hear from you, PM me. These have never been on a head. Again, I have no reason to think anything is wrong. I'm just an honest , or semi honest dude who wants to do the right thing. If I don't hear anything, I'm gonna enjoy having them. Thanks, D.B.
  2. If the guy can prove the rack was his, should be simple to do with a photo, I would hand them over. It would sting, but not as bad as it stung the guy who lost a deer like that.

    Not sure of a data base for stolen antlers.

  3. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Thanks Dennis, but I'm not sure you understand what I'm asking. No one is claiming they are theirs. I'm just saying I bought a really big set from a reputable seller that got them from a flea mkt. They're huge, for me any way. Almost too good to be true. I was just wondering why would anyone sell a rack like that, and Could they be stolen. Of coarse if someone proved they were his, I'd give em to him.
  4. grumpa

    grumpa Active Member

    What if someone claims a rack is his? And has photos? You do what you think is the right thing and give them back. Then you find out the guy sold them at a yard sale the year before, and you gave them back for nothing. Or his wife sold them because he's a deadbeat dad? There are a lot of things to consider A lot of racks are similar. How many guys have told you I killed one just a little bigger than the one in your showroom. And he's looking at a reproduction you bought of a 200" typical. So many things to take into consideration. And what if the photos he shows you are of him and his hunting partners deer? Are we supposed to be detectives or psychic? There are thieves in the world. There are also a lot of liars. This will be problem always. And how do you know someone's "proof" is legit? So many things to consider.
  5. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    Why not do this...Get a cape for it and mount it up and enjoy it..Post it here for us to enjoy as well...If that day ever came that someone had it stolen from them, and can prove it with pics of them holding the dead deer, then I would sell it to them for your normal mount price...Or you could do a replica and sell him a mount...Either way your in a win win...Enjoy life..It's too short, and you did nothing wrong..David.
  6. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Some people don't care about antlers, they are meat hunters. If it has antlers that's a plus, and they will sell them for extra money. Or they just keep them and hang them in the garage. You want to see some nice antlers sell you need to go to the Dubuque, Iowa Antler Auction every March that is put on by Steve Moorehead. Some bring good money, some sell cheap. You have to remember not everyone is a taxidermist. I know its hard to believe but it's true.
  7. Yeah, I misunderstood. I work for a few ranches down here and racks under 300" don't really mean crap to them. They have hundreds lining the rafters of every outbuilding they have. I have been gifted a few over the 200" mark like it was nothing. Now they don't get rid of them for free or even try to sell them, they just keep pilling them up. Lots are sheds, but most are from deer that died for one reason or another. They have hundreds in their herd and loose some every year. I would bet there are a lot of large racks out there for this reason, and they don't bring the money they used to so it is easier to get your hands on one.
  8. NAV

    NAV Frontier Taxidermy

    I'll throw this out there, this is a deer that my nephew had stolen from his back yard back in 2010. Does it look similar with a drop tine on the left side.

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  9. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Sorry Nav, no that's not it. But that is exactly the kind of response I was talking about. If someone posted a pic that was a match, or a description, I'd give them back. I remember seeing your post I believe. Was that the one hanging in the backyard overnight with snow? Had to be somebody associated with the kill, dragging out, or someone just ran their mouth. You can see why I was concerned. If you ran into that rack at a flea mkt., you'd wonder why is this guy sellin this?

    I think I remember seeing a post on here about 2 years ago where the gamewardens had confiscated mounts hanging on a wall, all illegal trophies and someone broke in and stoled them. I think it was Michigan.

    Nav, even if you stopped at a bar after nephew shot the bruiser, had a drink and ran your mouth, it had to be somebody who knew that deer was left hanging in that tree. If that is the one I'm thinking about, I remember the post. Good luck and thanks for posting.

    Dennis, that's interesting. I didn't know 300" deer were that common, even on farms.
  10. NAV

    NAV Frontier Taxidermy

    I figured it wasn't going to be a good match but I thought it was worth a try. Hope you have a legit find and nobody comes forward claiming it.
    Yes, it was hanging in his back yard and someone had cut the head off mid way down the neck.
  11. DB, to be honest, most established breeding facilities these days have them at or over the 400". I have three to do from last year that are over 300". I know that they have several that pass that mark by three years old. They can grow them huge these days even here in FL.