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Excited about the NEW NTA!!!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Harry Whitehead, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    I was working on a sculpture this weekend for the upcoming NTA competition and thinking how nice this convention is going to be. I've already made my reservations at the hosting facility and hopefully I'll get my piece together in time to bring it but I'm coming whether I get it done or not!! There will be A LOT to get done at this show and the Board is working hard behind the scene to ensure that everything will run smoothly. John Janelli is doing a great job as well as Mitch Webb and the rest of the Board!! If you are undecided about coming to the NTA this year PLEASE show your support and come on down to Baton Rouge!!! We WILL have a GREAT time!!
  2. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    I wish I could go to bring the western part of Ky down there...I just have alot going on and won't be able to make it..I was really looking forward to it though..Have fun and take pics...David.

  3. Doug Motgomery

    Doug Motgomery Active Member

    Dang Harry we talk at the WTC show, How we wish that the NTA could go back to what it used to be, I did not think it would come this soon. I can not be there this time, but I will try to be at the next one. I know its going to be a great show.
  4. Kastaway

    Kastaway Taxidermist, Pioneer of Freeze Drying 1969

    The NTA WILL be as it once was. It will take some time, but with all the help everyone is putting into it, it HAS to succeed. Everyone has to be a little patient and get taxidermist to rejoin , or become a new member of the NEW NTA.
  5. taxi_grl_ga

    taxi_grl_ga Active Member

    I can't WAIT for July to be here!! The seminar lineup has a lot to offer with great instructors covering a variety of topics. I'm also excited to be present at the first board meeting since the recent changes in management...it's a whole new deal! I've never attended a board meeting before and am really looking forward to the experience! It will be good to get acquainted with new personalities, FINALLY meet those of you that I've spoken to and/or exchanged messages with over the last few months and also to have some face time with folks I haven't seen in a while. The competition entries are sure to leave me with a renewed inspiration for the future...just as they always do!
  6. What was torn down over years of greed is going to built bigger and better. There are so many things that need to be fixed.

    One thing is the so called standing rules,seemed the just were made up as they went. We did in fact start the procedure to document and record all standing rules from May 17, 2013 forward.

    There will also be a true and profit and loss statement, with many check and security features. I personally looked through ten years of convention reports during the board meeting and there was not one, not one PROFIT and LOSS Statement.

    Yes, for years many have known there were problems, now the NTA is on the road to recovery.
  7. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    Let me be the "devil's advocate" here. I witnessed the corruption and pilfering of the NTA treasury back in the 80's. AND I remember when the Crains were installed in the NTA office as "the saviors" of the organization. I witnesses the infiltration of the IGT by NTA "operatives" and how they took it down. So I am a skeptic that anything can be done to affect real change. I hope I'm wrong, but until I see some actual "long term" progress toward righting the ship, I'll be on the outside, looking in! I wish you all the best.
  8. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    OF I think a lot of us in Minn saw this firsthand when the NTA was in mpls...and the igt hype in the mtg among members looking to compete out of state but un-enamored by the NTA experience at the mpls show....the NTA does nothing for me...
  9. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    I am excited about what has happened so far. The board fired the tyrant and plans to move forward in positive ways, HOWEVER, I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of communication that is currently happening. Now I KNOW it's not because nothing is really happening, because there is plenty going on worth reporting. Committee's are being formed and many people are involved yet we hear nothing about it here. Seems fear of information leaking out is once again going to plague progress. When I started investigating and divulging information about what was happening before the eventual firing of Crain, I posted it and kept everyone informed and up to date. When Elmer joined forces, we kept it all out in the open. When Gregg joined in we asked for everyones support. When Janna joined in we posted the video of her visit to Crain's. As a result, people supported our efforts because they were included in the happenings. They could see progress and the efforts made. Bill Haynes even contributed into our efforts with his misgivings. So you fired the Crains. Good move. But what about everything else that is going on behind the scenes?? Keeping the people informed is the way to build support. The closed lip approach because of fear of legal retaliation is not the way to win this war. By doing so you are playing right in to Crain's hands once again.

    Why not tell the people how Crain is fighting this all the way. How when Jim Ellis, Mitch Webb and whomever else was involved went to get the records they were met with opposition. Tell the people how Crain is using every resource available to make this transaction and his firing difficult on the board. How unco-operative he is being.

    Tell the people about the new committees that have been put into place and who is heading them up. Some may not like the choices and decisions made but oh well, it shows progress and an effort to change the status quo.

    Tell them how Crain has surrounded himself with the bylaws that makes him virtually bullet proof and what actions have to take place to tear down his fortress walls.

    Everyone knew going in that Crain would not simply walk away. Tell them how it is he who is now trying everything possible to circumvent the convention. Tell them how and why the CPA resigned. Tell them about the firing of Pat Patrick. Tell them about the election misconduct and Crain's own personal membership drive.

    You tell the people and include them and you will find much more support than doing it with no fanfare all alone as a board.

    Yes I am proud of the board and their actions. They have been very diligent in their tasks and progress IS being made. But if you want the support you desire then you need to have an open book as to the happenings as they occur. I understand much is now in the hands of the lawyers, but much can be shared as well. Include the membership and those sitting on the fence and you will find the support you desire. People want to be informed and included. A blind push for membership will not achieve the desired results. People will have to build a new trust, a new vision, and a new desire before growth will occur. I suggest you start now if you expect positive results by July.
  10. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    As someone sitting on the proverbial fence, I agree with antlerman. With so many of the past board members still on the board, it is hard to believe that things are changing. I am not looking for any info that might jeopardize the push forward but rather updates on actions that are being taken. I am not the type to throw money away on a bet, unless I am fairly sure I have a good chance of winning. With the NTA track record, the chances seem slim yet.
  11. Ok, I am going to try to give you a few answers and this is without anyone elses approval....

    It is taking a bunch time and effort to find things, Crains are holding onto the records and other NTA property at this time.

    We will have a show despite what is being said out of slidell.

    For those who continue to call Slidell for information, understand you are being lied to by the Slidell people.

    I did make a short speech at Oklahoma Show last night, and if nothing fails will do so at a couple other shows. I am going to these shows at my expense!!!

    the NTA IS PAYING NOTHING TO ME FOR DOING SO!! NO ONE ask me to do this, I just know It is the right thing to do!!!

    Now the next bit of news is pretty simple, our (NTA) lawyer has plainly told us not to speak out but very very limited, anything or action we do is of course being watch by the People of Slidell. But I can and will say this. When we are doing the things to fix the problems, we figure out where, when, how and who and then we get the legal opinion before we take any actions. Hope you guys understand, nothing is done fast and half assed. Each and every move is being battle planned. We have some damn great tacticians on the board
  12. Fred Vanderburgh

    Fred Vanderburgh Member

    Folks, the mud slinging is over. The New NTA is on the high road kicking road blocks out of the way. Please be patient. I know that John Janelli plans on making a statement very soon as to the excitement, and all the hard work by so many to make this Convention a great one. Taking the attitude that things are not changing is completely wrong. This forward thinking group of NTA Board members and other volunteers have done yeoman's deeds, and will bring the NTA back to the membership. In the mean time we must trust what they are doing and support their mission, because with out us this will not be accomplished. See you in Baton Rouge!
  13. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    Rome wasn't built in a day.....It has only been a few weeks since all this went down....Even though we live in a fast paced, I want it now, society, everyone needs to sit back and let the powers that be have some time..This took year to get to the breaking point and it will take many months at the very least to get us on the right track...All we can do is offer our support in helping out with anything in our area, so that the NTA knows they have unlimited help if need be called upon..JJ and crew are great folks from what I know so far and I'll trust their judgement until time comes I can't...BTW if your Dad is still with you, tell him you love him....And to the NTA board and JJ keep going forward and don't dwell on the past....David.
  14. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    There is a 90% chance that we will attend the Convention! We have been caring for my mother-in-law, who has req'd a 24/7 sitter. Her meds are now regulated, she's in a nursing home, so hopefully we will have a little flexibility in our weekly routine. I'm going to reserve a room this week, but will not register til we get there.
  15. NTAHQ

    NTAHQ Dedicated to protecting the future of taxidermy

    In the first short month behind us, we have successfully moved every tangible domain that was not housed at the old headquarter's residence into its interim location in Ohio. The NTA has been blessed with more volunteers than we ever imagined possible. The amount of time being spent on phones and on line with just about every vendor the NTA has been doing business with, is an on going voluminous job of itself, yet day by day is being accomplished. We beg your indulgences for our not communicating in a faster mode.
    Be assured that every available board member is extremely active during this transitional period with volunteering members manning other numerous jobs as well.
    To date, we have implemented several new committees; Financial Committee, Reorganization Committee, Convention Committee and Litigation Committee complete with a newly retained NTA attorney. The leadership at the helms of these committees are among the finest our Members can entrust their NTA with. A full listing of the individuals on these and other committees will soon be released here and on our web site.
    While it is true, we are met with confrontational legal intent during the process of recovering all NTA property, we respectfully maintain every lawful means of securing it as soon as possible. When taxidermists we speak with ask what they can do to help, we simply respond by saying, "Please join the NTA".
    Our goal is simple, to make the National Taxidermists Association a nurturing home for our profession while safeguarding our industry for all taxidermists. Certainly we cannot thank you enough with any common words for our sincere appreciation for all the encouraging Pm's, emails and phone calls we recieve daily. Please know how humbled we are with your generosity and effort for the New NTA.

    John Janelli
    NTA President

    Mitch Webb
    NTA Vice President
  16. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    I'm going to be the first to say THANK YOU for the update..Good Job...David.
  17. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    And to show my confidence in you JJ here's the hardest 65.00 you ever earned..lol..Sending out in the mornings mail, and if things progress and real change happens I'll add an extra zero next year..I promised Russ that at the WTC show and I'll make good on it...

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  18. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    What a great way to begin our NTA work week! Thank you!
  19. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    No...THANK YOU!!!
  20. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Thank You John