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And the winner is.................!!!!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by michael p., Jun 10, 2013.

  1. PA

    PA Well-Known Member

    I was another that didn't read the entire story. You covered your devotion to the field AND a good projection for what you wish the NTA to become - Most did not do the latter which is why I contributed my post to the thread.

    I like your couching of the sentence " I was asked to perform tasks to aid efforts directed toward a necessary but controversial change of management within an educationally focused association that has been floundering in peril for quite some time."

    Calling the NTA an educationally focused association is something most people would not do - but you are right, the focus should be education.

    Great essay, and I wish you well for your taxidermy future.
  2. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    Well done Janna

  3. wings II

    wings II New Member

    A big thanks to Michael P for the idea and thanks to all those folks that took the time to tell their stories and offer ideas for the future NTA.

    Truth be told I wasted an entire day out in my shop reading the submissions. I didn't get squat done, but it was worth it.

    Congrats to you Janna! Great Job. :)
  4. taxi_grl_ga

    taxi_grl_ga Active Member

    You're welcome, and I'm here if anything else is needed...there isn't much that's beyond me, just ask!!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO :-\ about Baton Rouge attendance, but I am 100% on your girls' side of the pool issue! ;D If there is anything I can do to sway that decision let me know: I've got couches, floor space, and Big Orange can seat 4 plus me!!!!

    I was shocked at the length when I was finished too and believe me I kept it small...apparently I just had a lot to say! LOL. (Gunny, btw, that number analysis tickled me! I used google docs for the word processor and was curious about the breakdown but don't know how to find that info yet 8) .) I looked at Michael's post, identified the questions he was seeking answers to, then started mind mapping! I had less time than I would have liked so the last third or so was free written and organized as I went along, the timeline part took surprisingly more brain power to produce anyway! I noticed some things I would have liked to edit after the fact but I had been looking at it for so long that they escaped me in final read-overs. I have never ever been to a convention that was lacking in learning opportunities or that made me feel disappointed about what I have chosen to do with my life. The taxidermists I've met have all been intelligent and creative people, but public ideals SLAM our career whenever a cheap shot presents itself. I am tired of people assuming that I am a moron just because I'm the quiet neighbor with the big freezers! There is beauty in our work, there is science in our work, and I want our industry to stop being society's laughing stock.
  5. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    I'm the quiet neighbor with the big freezers! LOL! That's us ! You described us pefectly. LOL!
  6. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Congrats! I was away and didnt get to read them all, but my buddies were keeping me informed and said you did good. Heck everyone that entered did good!
  7. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Congratulations Janna.....you're quite a girl! You do the industry proud..... :D

  8. taxi_grl_ga

    taxi_grl_ga Active Member

    and one for this thread too:

    I just wanted to let you all know the individual that provided the lifetime membership HAS contacted me and that my membership application is on its way to an undisclosed location. From that location it will join forces with its method of payment and be on the road to Bedford as fast as the mail man can get it there! Thanks again, everyone!!!!!!!!
  9. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Who is this Masked Man? A Modern Day Lone Ranger? Hats off to ya, sir fer yur kind gesture.
  10. "Quiet neighbor with the big freezers"? LOL sweetie, yes I have lots of big freezers and I've been labeled with alot of adjectives (even a few nouns ;) ) over the years but never been labeled as being "quiet" by my neighbors or anyone else for that matter ! ;D
  11. taxi_grl_ga

    taxi_grl_ga Active Member

    We ARE quiet compared to others on our street lol. There are lots of children around here and plenty of shouting parents to go with them! Someone on the street has a drum set and the guy across from us likes to go out and rev the engine in his Chevelle at odd hours in the night. My home environment was very loud when I was young, I prefer the opposite now that I have control over my situation.
  12. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Way to go Janna!!!