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Mako Shark Paint Schedule

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by luke19231, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. luke19231

    luke19231 New Member

    I just received the Polytranspar mako shark paint schedule and thought i'd post it for all to see:

    Polytranspar paints needed:

    FP- Polymer/Lacquer paint
    WA- Water/Acrylic paint

    FP or WA30 Black FP195-W Fiberglass White Primer
    FP or WA243 Sharkskin Gloss FP or WA105 Phthalo Blue
    FP or WA110 Bright Silver FP1000 Polytranspar Thinner

    For fiberglass reproduction surfaces - Thoroughly clean the surface with a scrub brush, Comet cleanser, and water to remove any wax or P.V.A. separator residue that may remain from the molding process. Permit the surface to dry completely. Be sure and use Fiberglass primer FIRST (even if painting with "WA" Water/acrylic airbrush paints). All subsequent coats must adhere to this vitally important first coat!

    Step 1. FP195-W Fiberglass white primer - Spray the the entire fish. Opaque (complete coverage) spray

    Step 2. FP or WA110 Bright silver (3 parts), and FP or WA105 Phthalo Blue (1/2 part) - Lightly spray this metallic blue along the middle area of the fish and over the entire dorsal fin and the top of the tail fading down through the center.

    Step 3. FP or WA105 Phthalo Blue (3 parts), FP or WA30 Black (1 part), and FP or WA243 Sharkskin gloss (2 parts) - Spray heavily the top half of the fish, the edges of all the fins and the tail with this deep blue color. Allow the blue to fade out at a rather sharp-edge line beneath the lateral line.

    Step 4. FP or WA30 Black - Lightly shade over the blue as was applied in the previous step along the top of the back down to achieve the desired color value. Also spray the leading edges of all the fins.

    Step 5. FP or WA243 Sharksin Gloss - Spray the entire fish with one flash coat and two or three wet coats until the desired effect is achieved.

    These steps are directly off the paint schedule I received. Hope everything helps.
  2. luke19231

    luke19231 New Member

    Here is Step 2

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  3. luke19231

    luke19231 New Member

    and step 3.

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  4. peacmj

    peacmj New Member

    Thanks for sharing the Mako Shark paint schedule, I will be painting one as soon as i figure out the best way to Install hooks or whatever to hang It from the ceiling