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Affordable African Plains Game hunts!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Gray Ghost Safaris, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Gray Ghost Safaris

    Gray Ghost Safaris Hunting Consultant

    If you've been looking for an affordable hunt in Africa, look no further. Prices for most African hunts today are just too expensive for many, so when you deal directly with the folks who live on the 25,000 acre PRIVATE ranch, you save BIG! This ranch offers over 22 species of wild game. No "put and take" operation here, and many of the top South Africa PH/Guides want to bring their clients here to hunt, but are very restricted. Trophy management is why this ranch consistently produces top record book trophies and this is hunting friends! These animals were born here and they know what your all about, just like our Deer, Elk and other wild animals. This ranch offers open plains and deep, bush covered ravines that gives the animals exactly what each species requires to grow and thrive. I've hunted here many times and can assure you, it's a great place to hunt, whether alone, with friends or family. We cater to all. Your daily rate of $280 per day includes: round trip pick up and return to Port Elizabeth airport; lodging (private rooms/bath), meals, drinks, evening lounging at the bar, daily laundry/maid service, your own Professional Hunter (Guide), Tracker, Skinners, field prep of game, skinning/fleshing/salting of trophies, delivery to the Dip/Pack/Shipper, daily ground transportation. We offer rifle rental at $20 per day (various calibers) and ammo at $3 per round. Compare my prices and you'll see, that Kudu you've always wanted is within reach! Contact me with any questions, for references or photos. I'll be glad to sort this out for you from the planning stage until your trophies arrive in the US.
    Baboon 125
    Blesbuck Common 250
    Blesbuck White 300
    Bushbuck 500
    Bushpig 500
    Duiker Grey 190
    Eland Cape 2,200
    Hartebeest Red 800
    Impala 300
    Kudu East Cape 850
    Reedbuck mountain 290
    Nyala 2,000
    Ostrich 400
    Springbuck Common 190
    Springbuck Black 450
    Springbuck White 730
    Steenbuck 200
    Warthog 300
    Waterbuck 2,200
    Wildebeest Black 800
    Buffalo POR
    Lion POR
    Zebra 1100

    Management Animals
    Blesbuck common female 120
    Eland Cape female 1,500
    Impala female 120
    Kudu female 300
    Ostrich Female special 300
    Springbuck Female 160
    Warthog female or small 120
    Wildebeest Black female 250

    The following animals are available within
    one to one and a half hours drive

    Bontebok 1110 (CITES required)
    Duiker Blue 1500
    Grysbuck Cape 900
    Gemsbuck 900
    Klipspringer 1500
    Lechwe Red 2900
    Lynx (hunted with dogs) 600
    Wildebeest Blue 800
    Oribi 2000 (permit animal)
    Rhebuck Vaal 1400

    7 Day Safari (6 Hunting Days) $USD 2650
    Black Wildebeest Female
    Blesbuck Common Female
    Blesbuck White Female
    Impala Female
    Warthog Female or Small

    7 Day Safari (6 Hunting Days) $USD 2860
    Black Wildebeest
    Blesbuck Common or Impala
    Springbuck Common

    7 Day Safari (6 Hunting Days) $USD 3290
    Black Wildebeest
    Blesbuck Common

    10 Day Safari (9 Hunting Days) $USD 5990
    Black Wildebeest
    Blesbuck Common
    Springbuck Common

    Trophy Hunts average from 7 to 14 Days Duration. Longer hunts can be arranged on request.

    1Hunter $280/hunting day
    2 Hunters 1 PH $210 / hunting day each
    Observers US $ 180 / Day
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    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    I'll be a reference for Gray Ghost...He's a straight up guy. I've dealt with him many times.

  3. Bob Mead

    Bob Mead Mead Taxidermy Studio, LLC

    That means a lot to me dennis...I know your reputation and I would have disregarded this post otherwise. I'm researching my first Africa hunt right now, so I appreciate the info!
  4. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    Bob, David hunts with virtually all the PH's he books for. I have know David for quite a few years now. I see the trophies his clients get and have mounted quite a few of them........Straight talk, No surprises and help from the time your decide to book till you get home then help with your Dip Pack and shipping to the US.
    I recommend Gray Ghost without question or hesitation.
  5. Gray Ghost Safaris

    Gray Ghost Safaris Hunting Consultant

    Gratitude Dennis. I'll be happy to provide you with references and photo's Bob. I've not only been connected to Africa for many years but spent 17 years as a professional Taxidermist. Dennis handles my personal work now as well as many of my clients. Drop me a line or your number and I'll give you a call to cover any concerns or questions. Cheers, David
  6. Bob Mead

    Bob Mead Mead Taxidermy Studio, LLC

    Good deal, David. We definitely need to talk. I'll email you, or you can send me some info at [email protected] Thanks!

    Bob Mead
  7. Gray Ghost Safaris

    Gray Ghost Safaris Hunting Consultant

    10-4, reply sent
  8. Non-TypicalArtist

    Non-TypicalArtist ABOVE Expectations. BEYOND Ordinary.

    They are some very good prices. I will keep you in mind. Looking to go back next summer - 2014. Rifle only or do you offer bow hunting as well? Do you have a website? I would like to see photos of lodge etc. as my wife will be accompanying me this time.
  9. Gray Ghost Safaris

    Gray Ghost Safaris Hunting Consultant

    N/T: yes, I have a web site. Much of it is under construction due to my web master passing away. For now it's being rebuilt piecemeal. Due to having many areas in all of southern, central and eastern Africa, it's easier for me to email you pics of this ranch, which I will be glad to do. Also, I have plenty of client references. We welcome archery hunters as well. My web site is: www.grayghostsafaris.com If you have any questions, just email me at: [email protected]
    Regards, David