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Need help with powders!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by DicksTaxidermy, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Finally bought some of Rick Kranes DVDs. Just watched all 3 of them and headed to the local art store to pick up some supplies to try what i have learned. Can't find most of the stuff he used ANYWHERE! tried searching online and a lot of the powders either aint made anymore or no one sells them. Is there anyone that can familiarize me with different brands or good places to look? The information in the videos was awesome! kinda bummed i cant find the supplies to give it a try
  2. steelheaderPNW

    steelheaderPNW No school like the Oldschool

    McKenzie Taxidermy and a few other taxidermy suppliers carry the Pearl-Ex and Newburg powders he uses.

    Also dickblick.com, Michaels , and Hobby Lobby.


  3. Here is one that is good.


  4. I live over 2 hours from the closest "art" supply store and thus purchase most everything I need online.


  5. nokes

    nokes New Member

  6. torka

    torka Member

    Jo-Ann Fabric usually has really good prices on their website for pearlex powders.
  7. trky

    trky New Member

    Hobby Lobby has the pearl x powders
  8. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Good topic! Anybody use the gold leaf powders sold by mckensie by Newberg? I used the silver flake. If Rick Krane has a video showing how to make silver look silver after the gloss goes on, I'll buy one.
  9. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    Jeff Lumsden's Liquid Scales sure will. I use an automotive urethane/acrylic clear.

    supply link https://www.nnigroup.com/glandmp/product.aspx?strCategoryId=CAT_110809_101802_442&strMainCategory=CAT_110809_101104_999&tBack=1
  10. X2, Smith Silver, I use rattle cans

  11. You want to see silver... And how it's done. Than buy his king Salmon... And Stripe bass DVD .

    All the best, CT
  12. Does the pearl Ex gold powders match pretty close to the newburg golds?
  13. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Thanks for the info. I will be getting some and the dvd. I don't want to slam a product, but the 10 bucks an ounce stuff I bought didn't work . I could have done the same thing with a buck eighty nine bottle of silver model car paint from Testors, Wallmart. I appreciate the info.
  14. What product was that?
  15. Jerry's Art Supply
    Texas Art Supply
    Nueberg-Ebel Company
    This where I got all of my Pearl Ex powders and pastels
  16. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Just fish, I'm not going to name the product because my dummass might not have been using it right. I'm gonna try it again though.
  17. Hey DB.. The main problem I had with powders was I was not holding the can back far enough when I locked in the powders.. Also shake the crap out of the spray can. Layering the powders lets them build up and pop... Hope this helps.

    Cheers. CT
  18. Of the few of Rick's dvds that I have (and appreciate), I haven't found that any of the products isn't "made anymore". It all seems pretty current to me. Go online. Blick's... the taxidermist's candy store. I'm fortunate enough to have one about 20 minutes from the house. Hobby Lobby and Michael's are even closer, but I sure like Blick's. I can be in there an hour and a half and it seems like about 10 minutes.