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BOTW #26

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Capercaillie, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Capercaillie

    Capercaillie New Member

    This is fantastic, just what I was hoping for, Lil tweeties from Kostas, raptors from Rai red ( ive only ever done one Marsh Harrier, ill see if I can find a photo of it, and Wolfgang a superb duck but what is it? I can see Carolina in it but what else?
    And Mr Span I really hope you will join us this week and next by showing us some of your amazing Lil birds.
  2. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    Pinfeathery immature color phase snow out the door...

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  3. M.T.

    M.T. Active Member

    Nice job on that goose Migration!
  4. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    top notch wolfgang.......what a perfect mount
  5. Jason R

    Jason R Ph# 325-282-2527

    Beautiful birds everyone!!!
  6. MRN

    MRN Member

  7. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

  8. Peter Span

    Peter Span Corvids, gotta catch them all!

    The base is not finished but I had to post something ;D.

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  9. Capercaillie

    Capercaillie New Member

    Thankyou Mr Span for posting, Ive been hoping you wouldn't let me down, absolutely feather perfect as always you really are the man! Make sure you get busy as id like to see more of your birds next week too.
    And thankyou Migration and Dablaw for the geese, I don't have a fleshing wheel and scrape everything by hand, so the thought of doing a greasy old goose makes my toes curl, but beautiful jobs on both of your geese.
    Please keep posting your pictures, the quality of work is amazing on this link.
    Where is Hop, Falco and Igor when you need them?
  10. IU Doug

    IU Doug Member

    Wow Peter! That owl kicks butt....smooth as a babys behind!!
  11. Capercaillie

    Capercaillie New Member

    Well ive done a few this week already, they are not finished but you get the idea? I love doing Pigeons because you always end up with enough feathers on the floor to make another one, if this one wasn't a weird colour then it would have gone up the garden.
  12. snowhare

    snowhare New Member

    Euro birdy time here :eek:

    ARaven i posted somme time back here i think

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  13. igor

    igor Member

    Capercallie, I am glad to see you hosting and getting some excellent mounts this week. I NEED to squeeze something in here between my traveling :((. They are not new and probably I have posted them before. I am not sure why the bottom images are too elongated... but it is what it is
    Peter, RusTax, Snowy, Wolfgang and all ... Your work is just stunning... Showy, I love THATyour bird from Ghana. I am glad you like it too :) I had no chance to start working on mine
  14. just sent this one home

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  15. Jorlan

    Jorlan New Member

    The small birds are very smooth and nice... and smooth.
  16. Great mixed bag of birds this week, awesome stuff! Here is a customer bird that just left.


  17. This was a super fattie of a buff, belongs to a young kid and will be his first mount. Always enjoy those types of things.


  18. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    igor, your work is perfect
  19. babak

    babak Active Member

    hello every body all around the world from iran,

    absolutely fantastic mounts every one!!spirit is moving through your mind and artist hands to the dead bodies to give them live,amazing !!Mr snow,peter span,dear host,Wolfgang,Igor,....your workmanship is really spectacular!!keep good job
  20. Jim McNamara

    Jim McNamara Well-Known Member

    Nice variety this week.