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let's start a new mammal of the week list

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by oldterryr, May 28, 2007.

  1. Boxie

    Boxie New Member

    I don't know what happened to the last photo,,,,here is another try. ,,,Boxie
  2. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    finished bobcat

  3. classicfur

    classicfur Taxidermist - 30 Years

    Just finished Bobcat
  4. hoytman

    hoytman UTA Member

    Very nice looking cat classic fur,
  5. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    classic fur,wow
  6. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    i agree classic fur....nice bobcat
  7. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    new cat on snow scene - wall mount
  8. Here is a grey fox I just finished. I do want your opinions on the base though. I only include a "simple base" for people who do not want to pay for anything more than the mount. Now normally I would put sheet moss on the panel, maybe some plants if I had extra stuff around.

    Now I kind of like the simplicity the way it is......but I do value someone elses set of eyes to tell me is this is a little too strange....for a customer piece that is.

  9. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    that is excellent with a capital e
  10. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    Sandy, Great job on the fox and base. Very clean looking ;)
  11. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    sweet looking fox.excelent mount
  12. Thank guys. I just don't want the customer coming in asking why it is only mounted to a panel. I like it, but that doesn't mean he will. Never did it before and I guess I will find out if he likes it or not. I guess he gets what he paid for....and that panel defines - simple base. LOL ;D
  13. wa

    wa Thanks John...this depicts me better

    very nice gray, the feet look great
  14. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    If your customer is dissapointed he will need to get his head examined.
  15. Rip

    Rip Member

    Very nice, he should be well pleased
  16. crankin

    crankin New Member

    very nice looking grey fox!