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Looking for Unique Tanned Tails

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Zerrinah, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member

    I'm in search to expand my collection of tails, I'm interested in somewhat rare to find ones (may as well give it a shot)
    Calico fox tail
    White or black wolf tails
    Unique color phase coyote tail
    Other unique ranch fox colors

    Price doesn't matter much to me, for the fox/coyote I'd like the 20-30 dollar range (for very nice quality)
    As for the wolves, whatever you find suitable, my range could be 50-100.

    I'd prefer long tails, 18" or longer for fox and coyote, and 20" or longer for the wolves
    I also want them to have a nice tan, floppy, and durable.

    You can contact me here, but email would get to me faster, and I do want picture :D
    [email protected]
  2. I have some silver fox tails for sale. $10 for average quality, $15 for nice quality

  3. Mink

    Mink New Member

    I have one burgundy, and a pearl fox tail. $25 each, and already attached to key rings. I can take a picture of them if you are interested!
  4. I have a really long fire-and-ice fox tail.. not one that you mentioned though. It is garment-tanned and has a nice snowball tip. I have $30 into it. Keychain attached.

    Edit: nevermind; I went through my tail pile and that one was already sold. Sorry about that.
  5. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member

    Dang, I would've loved that. If you have any other unique fox tails let me know. :)
  6. Hmm.. I do have one that is a bit similar that I was not planning on selling.. but I could use the money for a mountable coyote. I can get a pic emailed to you. I think that it is a Golden Island; it is huge.
  7. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member

    Id love pic - [email protected]

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  8. antlereric

    antlereric Member

    I know you did not mention it but I have some very nice African plains game tails, wildebeast, sable, and others, make very nice whips or fly swatters.
  9. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member

    Looking for huge silver fox tails,
    or any other unique, atleast 20" long fox tails