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Beware of GW6111 aka Gary Weir

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by jeff c, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    Said I wasn't going to do this but I don't want anyone eles to have to deal with this type of bs. It all worked out in the end but took almost a month and a lot of lies
    Started on June 26 and finally got my capes on July 26. These are all the text back and forth, im sure youll be able to tell which are mine and which are his.

    This is Gary yes I have some very nice skins tanned by Jose tannery in Texas, one of the nicest tans u will ever see. Beautiful short y incisions
    I compete a lot first class skins
    How much ship to 12803
    wire me 250 from walmart today ill ship to u today priority the capes costed me 78 a piece to tan. I give u my word they will exceed your expectations
    Can you do PayPal. It gives me a little piece of mind
    Im not set up for it
    How about we do one for 125 and if that goes good well do the other one next week. I'm just a little Leary of sending someone I don't know 250 without any kind of buyer protection. You understand right
    I understand that.....I've been screwed myself. We can do that, can u wire money gram from walmart?
    where do u live
    I'll take the risk and do both capes. Jeff Czajkowski 83 feeder dam rd. south glens falls ny 12803. Where is Walmart sending $ to
    can I call u
    when are u heading to wal mart
    Here now filling out formo
    Ref # 45949305
    thanks what was exact amount u sent?
    ok thank u ill take care of u
    your welcome thank u
    Did you get a chance to ship today
    Anybody out there ?
    hello...sorry been in mountains all day. I went to post office, best to ship Monday is that ok I hope
    Sounds good
    ok thank u sorry took me so long to respond
    Wish I was in mountains. Turned fleshed and salted 25 capes today.by hand machine died today
    that sucks...I was working though
    U got two nice capes on the way
    Thanks can't wait
    Nothing yet. Hopefully today. It's been pushing 100 here this week with high humidity
    Mailman was just here. No packages. Don't know if they'll be any good by Monday ?
    U have to be kidding me? Did I send u the tracking #
    Its at the shop ill run in town in a bit and we will see where it is
    You get a chance to track that yet
    Did you get a chance to track yet
    Still no capes. Call me
    You need to call me ASAP.
    Ill call u in a few, I cannot find tracking #s in my wifes car long story if the don't get there today ill refund all money
    Ok. But I would rather have capes
    Ill get u your capes, if them are trash I send two more
    Ok. Hopefully there here today ? If you do have to send new ones ill pay for shipping thur ups. Reg postal service loses to much crap
    Nothing today
    this is BS
    You got a anti hunter at post office out there ? I see you've had other shipping problems in the past
    ya but he got it finally and believe it or not it was still good
    I gave him the tracking # same morning I shipped also nobody could tell him nothing but sorry don't know why we shipped clear across the country before u got it
    So what's the game plan .
    Idk I can send your money back or send new ones but I'm out money to
    You send 2 more capes and when they get here i send you another 100
    its not your fault though
    No but it's not your either. And I think that would be the right thing to do. I'll even include shipping cost thur ups
    Ok should I send in the morning?
    I just don't know if I have short hair stuff that big anymore, I have plenty of big ones may be a little longer haired though
    If they can get it here by Friday. Or wait till Monday. Long hair is fine. Send a tracking #. I'll send out a money order or do the Walmart thing when they get here. Will need your address
    Mine is 83 feeder dam rd, south glens falls , ny. 12803
    ok will do, what if the other capes still get there
    I will send the back. I just don't think they would be any good with it being near 100 with very high humidity. I would think that the mold would have really gotten to them by now. If there still good ill send you another 250 for the other 2
    60789 hwy 90 Montrose CO 81403
    I doubt it
    It's been so humid here that the mounts I did 2 weeks ago still aren't dry with fans blowing on the 24 hrs a day. Tried airbrushing today and even with the moisture traps I couldn't paint because of the water coming thur
    You going to ship today or Monday
    I'm checking now
    I'm gonna ship out two Monday morning if that's ok
    Yep that's good
    Did you ever find the tracking #. I'm curious where it went
    You shipping today
    yes I am going too, trying to get there now
    You got a tracking #
    Ill have to send early tomorrow, got tied up here at shop.
    Shipping today ?
    Got a tracking #
    Ive been out of town all day, ill send your money back if u want I do have to big real nice capes but just couldn't get to ship today
    Seems like I'm getting the run around. Tell me when your going to ship and give me a tracking # or wire me the money back though Walmart. You told me your going to ship a lot of times and it hasn't happened. What's the deal? Do you have capes ? Wondering if this was a scam from the beginning I'm not someone your going to want to do that to
    No response. What a surprise
    Ill send u two capes in the morning, I'm not happy about this deal either and ill provide u a tracking # first thing
    What ate you not happy about. I've done everything I said I would
    (1/2) Not upset with u at all I'm upset at myself somebody got two very nice capes from me and I cannot find tracking # I believe I sent then to another guy
    (2/2) but I can't prove it now
    (1/2) Jeff ill ship both on Monday. Our luck they will set in a hot warehouse all weekend give me till Monday will that be ok with u? Our ill gladly send your
    (2/2) money back, I know this is frustrating and I'm very sorry
    I'll wait till Monday. Please make it your number 1 priority Monday
    Don't want to hear you got tied up or anything like that
    I will not ill take care of this nightmare
    Please don't forget about me
    You shipping today
    Yes I will
    Tracking # ?
    Ill ship in the morning got everything boxed ready
    Send money back through Walmart now!!!!! Enough is enough. If my 250 is not here by morning I will be on plane to co.
    (1/2) I have to beautiful capes for u, my daughter county show started today and time I got there they told me it wouldn't go out till morning ill provide a
    (2/2) tracking # in the morning for i
    If I don't have a tracking # by 10am I will contact everyone off your Facebook friends and leave negative feedback on tax. Net with every text we have sent to each other and I will be on the next flight
    You should go and ship now at a ups store and get me a tracking # tonight.
    I'm at my daughters hog show
    So how do i know you'll ship. You've told me that a few times already. You were supposed to make it your priority today. How pissed off would you be if it were the other way around ?
    I would be upset yes sir
    Do what you say your going to do. Ship first thing in morning
    I will do
    Did you ship yet ?
    I will in a few bud
    I shipped ups
    Got a tracking #
    Yes but its in my truck ill get it to u in just a bit
    Im in wifes car
    How long
    Bud I promise I sent it, this evening
    Got a tracking # yet. Please
    A tracking # would help ease my mind. I'm sure you'd agree
    In middle of pig show, I sent my friend

    Finally got a tracking # a day after this and he did not ship the day he promised, it was the following day. Now he wants to know if im going to send him another 100 like I said I would and I told him no, I don't think he ever shipped the package that got lost and im not going to pay if he sent them to someone else
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    Re: Beware of GW6111 aka Gary Wier

    Paid him in back on June 26th ? This is exactly the same story I am getting. And as of now pretty close to the same amount of texts and still no tracking number ? He said his Daughter had a car accident in Texas. I told him to take care of what he needed too and then send my cape out this Monday with tracking numbers. Absolutely nothing came about ! No call no tracking number.God I hope this doesn't get ugly.I hate these type of interactions. Why do some people have to be like this ? Only good thing is my Sister In Law lives about 25 minutes from the address you posted and I will be out there in September. Thanks for the help Jeff I appreciate it. Carl

  3. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    Re: Beware of GW6111 aka Gary Wier

    I figured there where others, that's why I had to post . Hopefully this will put a end to his lies.
  4. old60furs

    old60furs MO buyers license number is 2465. I need your #

    I supposed if you use this forum long enough you are gonna get burned every once in a while. I just got burned bad by eyeball, Alex and Jenna, and was totally caught off guard. If I ever witness a transaction to or from him, I will definitely pm the buyer/ seller.

    I have had excellent success with real newbies and sometimes have been their first one or two transactions. I have been impressed with the newbies I have dealt with over the years but am still gonna be a lot more cautious. New customers will be treated with respect but not trusted til they come through with a successful deal. The hundreds of honest folks I have already dealt with get a super long leash.

    Thanks for warning us.



    Yes I guess you are correct Mark !! Really sucks you have people like this. Now he will not even answer my texts. Oh well this is not going to turn out too well for either of us as I will be in Colorado around the third week of September and will be within 30 miles of his location and this will not be a GOOD thing for Mr Weir !!! Thanks for allowing me to vent a little.......And thanks again Jeff for your input
  6. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    I,m sure someone on this site is friends with him, they need to get ahold of him and tell him to make things right with you or else!!!!!!!!!!!. I see hes face book friends with a few people that run this site, don't know if they know him or just through face book but maybe they can help.
  7. petasucks

    petasucks New Member

    Would love to hear the story thall unfold in september!


    Well today he said he would be sending me a text with a picture of my Certified Check. I received a text asking me for the total i originally sent him :( (for the second time) Your kidding I kindly replied. What was the amount you quoted me for the cape ? No answer. Asked him for the picture of the check !! No reply and then finally a text saying he sent the check today ? I replied can you send me a pic of the check ? I sent this question 3 TIMES !! No answer. This fellow is a real "Tool"
  9. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    Did you ever get the pic of the check ? Im sure it never happened!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully everyone reads this post and shuts this guy down on this site. I wish this site would ban everyone who rips off someone. I know things can go wrong every now and then but for someone to keep lying and never follow through on what they say is BS.


    This is unreal !!! What do you have to do on here to get banned ? You have to be kidding me .
  11. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Making bad business deals isnt going to get you banned in here. Sorry guys, but look at it logically. We ban a user, and then NONE of you can find him. And, they can just open another account that we wouldnt know was him, and neither would you all. We cannot possibly edit according to talent levels, cheating, lying and other credentials...just the rules regarding posting in here. It would be great if we could, but again, its not feasible.


    Understandable Bill, just venting !!!! But I would still have to kick his butt off of here ! JMO ;)


    Just an update . Was told a reimbursement check was in the mail at the beginning of last week. No check and will not answer my texts. Will be seeing me on my September Elk hunt.
  14. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    Told ya he's a real winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could go with you in sept. just so you have a alibi !!!!!!!!!!


    No Sir !
    He told me he sent it last week"priority" !! After I text-ed him about 5 or 6 more times. Told him nothing has arrived. ? It`s been 5 more days nothing has arrived and he will not answer my texts again. I called the sheriffs office and was told that I would need to stop in there when I`m out there in September on my Elk hunt and file a complaint before they really could pursue it any further. I have six guy`s including myself making this hunt and we will be at first less the 25 miles from his place !! This will NOT be pretty for him. I will get my money back one way or the other. Hopefully it will be cleared up before then.

    This guys is a real piece of work, Thanks Carl
  16. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    Marking....there better be an update with pics...lol!!!

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  17. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    when I contacted him about this he said he never intended for any of this to happen . It sure seems like he is intending to rip people off


    That is exactly what he told me SEVERAL times and I kindly responded , well than just do the right thing and be done with all of this ! He never replied back. I thought this fellow was a fairly reputable Taxidermists and even was led to believe he had one some National Awards and made won of the Breakthrough covers !! Man was I stupid !!!!!!!!!!!
  19. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    That's what I thought too, that's why I bought from him and trusted him enough to wire money to him. I finally did get what I bought so hopefully it works out for you as well. Someone on here must be good friends with this guy, it would be nice for them to have a chat with him and tell him to get his $$$$ together and make good on the transactions hes got going on ??
  20. jeff c

    jeff c Member

    Keep us posted on your elk hunt / pay back trip