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Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by gab42, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I would buy an airbrush and I'm a little confused. I do mammal like bear, bobcat, and coyote and deer sometime. I'm also doing a fawn. Could you help me to choose the right one? I've never worked with it so I don't know anything about that.

    Also which colors are the most used to do the nose, eyes and the lips ? Thank you for helping me.
  2. bipbip

    bipbip New Member


  3. Tuttuman

    Tuttuman New Member

    Im no expert in anything, but have had a few different airbrushes over the years. Right now I have a Badger Velocity that I use on my own trophies...It works great and is super easy to clean up. If your like me and don't know which colors to buy for your mammals...Get some videos that will surely help...Ive found you don't need many colors. I think the supply companies sell paint kits specific to your needs. (i.e. Mammal Kit, Bird Kit, etc)

    I currently use Lifetone Hydromist (water based) paints and am contemplating lacquer based paints, but not sure about the fumes in the house.

    Good Luck.
  4. barryo

    barryo Member

    the amount of airbrushing needed for mammals is limited. Therefore I am going to recommend a simple single-action brush like the Paasche H-1. You can do any kind of detail work you need with it.
    Commonly used colors are burnt umber (red tinted brown, black, and flesh.]If you know how to mix colors you can just get the primary colors and mix anything you need.
  5. http://www.anglersartistry.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=11_128

    Best deal ever!

    for $160.00 you get....

    Krome double action airbrush Gun. 2 needles.
    Pack valve ...allows u to control ur air pressure right at the gun
    a commercial grade air hose... Best of the best !

    I painted a ten foot sailfish with it.... The krome airbrush it was a nonstop working beast.
    You can blow paint as thin as a hair or great volume flow.

    All the best-CT
  6. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    The Badger Renegade series IS the best buy in an airbrush today. I personally like the Jet, because of the smaller cup. Or if you are lucky enough to find a Krome with the small cup, even better. You don't need the "bucket" that sits on top of the Velocity, because for what you'll be painting, you'll never use that much paint.
  7. Jasons Taxidermy

    Jasons Taxidermy Member

    I use a Badger Patriot 105 and I love it. Gravity fed no bottles to clean up. Easy to use, down is more air, pull back is more paint. Dbl action isnt hard.
  8. Iwata est one des meillieur pour commencer.
    ils ont plusieur modelle a choisir
  9. wvboy4444

    wvboy4444 Member

    I just bought a veda 130 and veda 180,both for less than 80.00 shipped,check out the reviews,they are built quite nice and are gravity fed dual action