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Looking for a tannery willing to do a dog

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Severalwaystoskinacat, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Severalwaystoskinacat

    Severalwaystoskinacat New Member

    I've recently acquired a Great Pyrenees. He died from old age (long story short hes my boyfriends dog). Im thinking Id like to get him commercially tanned, but then comes the problem of finding a place that would be willing to tan him.
    Hes a big 150lb guy. I could tan him myself, but theres nothing like a good commercial tan. I'm in California.
    If anyone knew of any places that would be nice.
    So far I've contacted Wildlife Fur Dressing and they said they wouldnt do a domestic dog. Theres also Golden State Tannery but they wont pick up their phone (also reviews on them seem to be very poor so they would be last resort)
    i definitely understand the reluctance from some people since domestic dogs are an iffy thing, and there are a lot of crazy pet owners out there. I just kinda think hed make a really nice blanket to be honest.
  2. petasucks

    petasucks New Member

    it's illegal in california haha I called dfg to confirm it. ( here's the number if you don't believe me, try for your self 1-916-358-2900 )
    The lady at dfg said if it's not papered and you can't prove its your personal pet then you are subject to the law.Seeing that you said you aquired it might give you a hint that you're in the wrong. Also if you get the bright idea to send it out of state it is illegal to import and export domestic animals tanned or mounted into or out of california. Good luck.

    Btw i see you are bashing on golden state, which by the way happens to be my tanners and they do a very fine job

  3. Severalwaystoskinacat

    Severalwaystoskinacat New Member

    Thank you Hudson.

    Odd that when I called them I got a different response. It is indeed true that The Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000 makes it illegal to sell dog and cat fur products, however. It seems paying for the service of taxidermy and tanning isnt illegal, so long as its within state lines.
    He'd probably be good practice for tanning, though. So maybe I'll have to wind up doing that.

    Also I was not bashing on your tannery. Merely stating an observation that reviews dont seem to be so good towards them so I'm cautious to use them. Thank you for taking the time to write out a response, though. And I'm definitely doing more research into the legalities.
  4. monte_l

    monte_l New Member


    Although I enjoy your name...relax a little dude, he's not bashing your tannery. He's never used Golden State before and he's being cautious as to who he sends it to, you cant blame him. No reason to go off ranting...everybody hates peta on here just as much as you do, take your frustrations out somewhere else.
  5. gamechanger

    gamechanger New Member

    Call a guy named Anthony Eddy. He is in Missouri. He is a good friend of mine who does nothing but domestic animal taxidermy. If he can't tan the fur himself, he will take care of helping you out. Here is his website


    The Game Changer
  6. petasucks

    petasucks New Member

    Geez hard asses wasn't being rude I was typing a quick response that she actually found very helpful. Try to keep someone out of trouble and the taxi.net police come out
  7. Promise Land Ranch will tan your dog. Google it, Shelby is the owner and she's a pleasure to work with. She also has an account here.
  8. Hoal

    Hoal New Member

    If "petasucks" is someone with golden state then they should be bashed. They have the worse customer service person I have ever dealt with JP!!!!
  9. Anthony eddy is your guy. His shop does more freeze drying of house pets than wild animals by a lot. Great guy and does great work