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Game Wardens

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by 3bears, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Joe Kish's article resurrected a question I have had for a while but forgot to ask here. Why is it that ,it seems a big proportion of taxidermists have such a lack of respect for game wardens? Is it because a bunch of us have an issue with authority, or is it the fact that some received a citation for breaking the law? What is it? Some will say they can't get a straight answer out of a warden, try going above him or her, you will most likely get a bigger run around from folks higher on that food chain. Been there done that.
    I'm betting that most wardens have a great appreciation for the wildlife, like we as taxidermists do. I would bet most wardens are not anti hunting or anti sport fishing. In fact they understand the importance of both in managing the wildlife. In my experience, quite a few feel the same way about these stupid feel good laws the government enacts that they are sworn to uphold. They have an important job to do. Some do get overzealous on occasion, but they are human.
  2. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    I have personal friends that are game wardens. I do several jobs every year for the state through the local Game and Fish office and I am thankful for it. No problems here except with one over the years that patroled the Cody and was known by all as "persnickity" . He is retired now. I believe that Wyoming has the most laws and pages of regulations pertaining to taxidermists in the country. This is my 37 year here with a shop without a ticket but I know lots of Wyoming taxidermists that have had lots of grief that some desearved and some did not and one that even left the state over mostly from what I knew as nick picking violations from game wardens.

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    "Respect" is a reciprocal quality and the majority of us give as we get. Here in Delaware, the top bunny cop once remarked that 90% of hunters are guilty of some game law violation anyway so they should all be approached as violators. Now why would I want to "play nice" when they visit my shop? Currently our bunny cops have been assigned to supplement Homeland Security and they are truly Barney Fife wannabes. Very few wardens today are outdoorsmen. They're yuppies who've spent the majority of their lives in preppy schools who now wear a badge they think allows them to walk on water. Delaware wardens are the worst. I can go to Maryland and have my license checked by an individual who's pleasant and respectful. In Delaware, he'll shout into the blind to tether the dog and empty our guns. One actually threatened to shoot our dog for growling at him claiming we didn't have it under control. So now tell me, how would YOU react when this guy comes into YOUR shop and tells you he's there to "inspect" you? I have more respect for the security guy in Walmart than some of these wardens here. I have horror stories where they were caught on camera BAITING A FIELD in order to make an arrest with a Federal warden the next day. The Federal guy apologized and left when informed of what had gone on.
  4. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    George, do you know that they are all yuppie wannabes? Or just believe it?
    If I had to deal with an arrogant SOB that threatened to shoot my dog, I too would have a dislike or lack of respect for him, but it would only be him. Unless people inform their superiors of such conduct it won't change. I have heard a similar quote "all hunters and fishers are criminals just lacking opportunity". Any warden that would say that is a pompas ass, and should not be wearing a badge, and there is no excuse for that.
    My experiences are different, nearly every warden I have dealt with has been professional and respectful, even when I was in the wrong. Which doesn't happen often but has happened. The last time I had them in my shop, they spent more time answering my questions than it took to inspect my books. I had questions that they couldn't answer but they did research them and got back to me with the answers.
  5. boarmountain

    boarmountain Member

    Had one say" only reason people poach is because you taxidermists will mount 'em ".
  6. petasucks

    petasucks New Member

    Here's how it is in california. Any warden usually 30 and under thinks that badge gives them the power to control you, the yearlings are the worst for this. The senior guys are actually pretty cool and understanding and not all about being by the book.

    Stopped at a river that i wasnt sure if i could use live baits and barbs at while fishing for trout and asked a boot warden if this was legal. He says no let me see your gear so i show him and i had barbed hooks in my bag but no live bait. He writes up a ticket for fishing with barbs and live bait then proceeds to try and get me to sign it. Being a retired cop i knew what my options were kindly declined and asked to speak to his LT. he calls his capt. for me. Thank you wrong move. I tell the capt. what happened and how he was writing me up for a crime i had not committed as thats why i was asking the boot if it was legal. He suspended him on the spot for three days and told him to take the gov truck back to the refruge that was nearby park it and go home.

    so really i dont mind game wardens as long as the arent boots and actually have some years under their belt
  7. Tri-State

    Tri-State Member

    Like most taxidermists I have been around game wardens all my life. I have a wonderfully clean record. I certainly have no wildlife violations on my record. If I ever end up with one I guarantee it will be unintentional. I have no intention of ever doing work for poachers. When asked I comply with and assist wildlife agencies completely. All that being said I have complete respect for every single Texas state game warden I have ever had dealings with. Every one of them have been professional and gentlemanly. As for USFWS wardens I hold them in very low regard. As with all police forces I will walk hand and hand with the letter of the law but I will never respect the USFWS. I consider them an anti-hunting group. They threaten people who need not be threatened. They claim they have powers in which they do not have. I would rather be checked by the KGB than USFWS wardens.
  8. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    A hunter's worst nightmare. A pizzed off Jack Lambert in a Warden's Uniform. LOL.. I never had the pleasure of a run-in with him, but my cousin and a buddy did. They weren't doing anything wrong, but he stopped them and gave them the riot act, accusing them of road hunting. When they parted, just as they were about to leave each others view, my cousin jumped out and shouldered his rifle like he was about to shoot at something..Lambert threw it in reverse and came speeding back to them.. They laughed, got back in and drove off without incident. I've heard other stories from others who had encounters with him. He may love the outdoors, but he didn't have the temperament for dealing with the public.

    He's generous with his time around here though and has done a lot for the youth hockey and Little League baseball.

    Most encounters I've had with wardens have gone smoothly. Just after the young Warden was killed in Eastern PA, I did have a run-in with some US Forestry Law Enforcement in the Allegheny National Forest. They were total azzes. Harassed 2 of us for 20 minutes and left us go. Again there were no violations. All we did was come out of the woods and attempt to get in our truck just as they rolled up. They claimed we were in the truck with loaded weapons. LOL. Complete Nonsense. My gun was unloaded and cased.
  9. tviper56

    tviper56 Active Member

    Like Peta, being a retired cop gives a bit of a respect for the badge until they blow it. I will also suggest that it is not always correct when all wardens are lumped together because of the actions of a few. Been there many times too but you learn to live with it and go on. I have been very fortunate to have the same game warden in Cass County Missouri for the last eternity and know him well. This time last year he let me know that there was gonna be a rook coming our way as he is intending to retire in the next couple of years. The old one will stop by, have a cup of coffee and let me know any new locations on public land where a guy may hunt, fish or trap with some success. He is also the chair of my local DU club. He always checks my books and freezers but over the last few years has given me the respect that goes along with running a clean shop. Since I began in "78" I have not been cited. The young replacement was a breath of relief as he too was very respectful as he went through my freezers and books. He let me know a week in advance he was coming so I could have time to get things in order! I call them anytime I have a question and they will even bring the paperwork to me if I need special permits to possess something. I am proud of my game wardens and know that the majority of them are the good apples. I am very aware that the turds are out there too. I look forward to their visits as I have nothing to hide. Tim
  10. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Viper, I didn't mean to "lump them all" but the good guys are fewer and farther apart. I have been squeaky clean in every facet of my life. I've had two speeding tickets, one of which a Phoenix cop ticketed me for going 27 in a 25. I have NOTHING to "hide" EVER. But if he comes to "inspect" any more than my books, he'd better be doing his job which includes having a warrant. We have two that just love to try and intimidate. We've filed complaints to no avail. They ALL aren't the jerks he is but biting one Apple with a worm in it makes you wary of all the rest.
  11. tviper56

    tviper56 Active Member

    I agree George. I know they all aren't like mine in Missouri either. I have met some and have friends in MO and KS who have to deal with them. They can be the jerks that make the rest look bad. There is the old saying that power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. There will always be the apples on absolute power trips that spoil the entire bushel.
  12. davehyer

    davehyer Active Member

    My experience is just what George said. I've never had a wildlife violation or anything more than a traffic ticket, but they usually treat you like a criminal.
    Our current warden is an exception, he is e really good guy and I really appreciate him. I hate poachers and I want all of them to get caught, but I'll be damned if I will cooperate or help the game wardens when they treat me like a common criminal.
    Our current warden gets complete cooperation from me in every aspect.
  13. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Some are decent and get respect till they dont give it in return. Some are just plain a$$wipes. Some are on authority power trips. Example. My buddy that I bear hunt with went and picked up a new dog, a pup that was 9 weeks old. He had to drive through the area close to where we run dogs at. Got pulled over by one of these power trip wardens and got a ticket for hunting out of season. Now we can train with hounds year round here except on sunday, in certain counties. It was on a sunday, puppy was riding in the fron seat with him, he didnt have any collars, guns, tracking devices in the truck. He was just basically out on a sunday drive with his dog, and got ticketed. he fought it and won, but it still was the result from a powertripping man with a badge.
  14. smittys llc

    smittys llc New Member

    I cant speak for all DNR Officers or DEPARTMENTS across the Nation, However I can state the MN DNR I have ZEROE tolerance or RESPECT for this agency!They are now the 2nd largest employer in Minnesota.They do have some fair officers,but mostly they are political actors for propaganda.This Department is now only about MONEY!The fishing and hunting has gone down the crapper!What have they done to IMPROVE fishing or Hunting in Minnesota in the last 15 years????????????? Local Sheriffs can easily be more effective enforcing game and fish laws than the DNR.Tax payers would get more from there tax dollars. over 98.8% of first contacts related to shining or trespassing is made or responded by local Sheriff Deputies.Mn DNR have no more authority than any other lic.Peace Officer in the state of MN.When activating a Taxidermy Lic.or Tannery Lic they have it set up so you will lose some of your rights.However THEY STILL NEED A WARRANT for there Searches.
  15. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    smitty, I knew you would chime in sooner or later. I also remember what you think of the MN DNR. Does your dislike come from your experiences in having a high fence hunting operation or guide service or what?
    If you didn't catch it in my post, I have had issues with getting any straight answers out of the headquarters for the DNR more so than my local CO, and this is BS. I applied and received 4 taxidermy licenses, which are valid for 2 years and requested a regulation book with every application. Got 0. I finally got one from my local CO, when I asked him about it. He never said it, but he expressed his frustration with the office.
    To everyone, thanks for sharing your experiences, and I hope more continue to do so. I feel that to help bring taxidermy out of the shadows, so to speak, we could all benefit from a better relationship with game and fish departments and their officers.
  16. bowmantax

    bowmantax New Member

    I dont have a problem with the wardens I know. They all respect the taxidermists and love the outdoors and the jobs they do. I understand alot comming from both sides of view because im just not a taxidermist, I am also a state game warden. We are not all bad out there.

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  17. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Ever consider moving to Delaware????
  18. I bet The people you wrote tickets to , Sure have a different opinion .
  19. gab

    gab Active Member

    if you deserve a ticket,you shouldn't resent the fact that you get one.you broke the law,he enforces it.period.
    I personally know very well both of the Wardens in Joe's post and count them both as good friends.you couldn't ask for better Wardens that are fair and give generously to our community.
  20. bowmantax

    bowmantax New Member

    Amen Gab

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