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Legal to kill?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Helicity, May 30, 2007.

  1. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    I have been getting the run around by fish and game. I live in AB Canada and would like to know about killing some non typical hunted animals. We have lots of so called pests on the farm and is there a rule about just killing them. I know you have to get a permit if you find a dead animal but what about if you kill it youself.

    Some of the animals I was wondering about are the following

    I know some of them their hide isn't good in the summer but I was basically wondering about the regulations about killing them. My boyfriend handed me a gun and said go have fun you can kill all of these but I wasn't too sure so I thought I would ask.

    Thanks for helping a girl out :)
  2. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    My Dad told me once, only shoot what you are going to eat. As far as pest on the list you mentioned, coyotes I would shoot and not eat, as they are hard on the birds. The rest on your list and not really pest unless the beaver dam is flooding your farm, or the skunk is under your shed. Shooting critters because they are walking on your property is not ethical in my opinion. They all have a purpose as they all feed off each other in the chain of life. Shooting links out of the chain just for target practice in my book is not right. Trapping them for fur in the winter is better then shooting them for nothing. Your BF does not sound like he knows the rules, and sounds like a slob hunter if he tells you to go shoot what ever you want to.

  3. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    I meant for trapping for fur I wouldn't just shoot for nothing. I wasn't sure if the3y were illegal to kill. I have seen them for sale on the forums but thought maybe they had to die from natural causes.
  4. taxiGA

    taxiGA New Member

    not sure about your laws, but in GA yotes,beavers,and crows are legal year round.but if any of the critters are taking livestock,kill them off,usually dont have a prob if were protecting livestock but its best to keep quiet about it.
  5. Michael Pee Jr.

    Michael Pee Jr. Life is like a fence. Get over it.

    I shoot everything on your list except beaver. I do not eat any of them. I guess I'm a slob as well as thousands of other hunters. Maybe we shouldn't kill deer or rabbits or squirrels as they are a link in the food chain as well. You don't have to justify what you hunt to anyone. If it's legal take it. Use the meat if you can for bait, use the hide and use the meat on other game animals and tell the PETA folks to pound sand. Don't let anyone PUSH their twisted ethics on you.

    Good luck and go get em.
  6. MPJR your just as stupid as your daddy. You do need to follow rules to keep PETA off our backs. You should never kill anything out of wanting waste.
  7. Michael Pee Jr.

    Michael Pee Jr. Life is like a fence. Get over it.

    darrell I guess you skipped the line that said If it's legal. It's a shame so many on here can't read or only read the parts they want, and ignore the rest.

    The next time you decide to say "You're stupid" to be more accurate please stand in front of a mirror and repeat it.
  8. I was speaking of the wanting waste you little terd. You said it plain as day I shoot everything on the list and don't eat any of it. You are stupid.
  9. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    And certainly don't let Michael Slob Piss Jr. "PUSH their twisted ethics on you".
  10. Never, never kill for the hell of it. They could have young. We are human, therefore we are able to think and reason. MOST of us anyway. Helicity if you need a few specimans (only what you need) then take them, NUFF SAID. Frank.
  11. Michael Pee Jr.

    Michael Pee Jr. Life is like a fence. Get over it.

    You eat coyote and skunk and fox? How about if I send you a gift certificate for McDonalds. Sounds like you could use it.
  12. send it
  13. rocky don

    rocky don the best collie that walks the earth!!

    you kill you eat, but all those that your talking about you can kill, cause theirs no season for them
  14. Michael Pee Jr.

    Michael Pee Jr. Life is like a fence. Get over it.

    Now Now, you should try being a little nicer. Oh I forgot, you don't know how. Have a nice day Ms. T.

    There may be bugs on some of you mugs, but there ain't no bugs on me.
  15. KB

    KB New Member

    Follow the laws, be resourceful with what you kill.....and don't be unethical about it.

    By the way...what are your opinions' on groundhogs?
  16. jamredskins

    jamredskins New Member

    yeah i agree with frank and the rest of the guys you really dont want to kill anything this time of year they probably have little ones why dont you take the time to look up your own hunting laws before you start shootin em up! OH by the way i wouldnt take any advice off of pee wee jr. hes got 30 posts and nothing worth while to say!!!
  17. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    Groundhogs do not live where I live. We have gophers and the like but nothing as big as those. We have a neat species of 13 lined ground squirrel and regular gophers. In about a month we go on a killing spree on the gophers and I am Going to try and catch a few of the 13 lined ones. Look up a picture on the net I'm sure they would be lovely to mount. I also believe that killing gophers (maybe groundhogs do the same) is diffrent in our pasture fields and grazing land because our cows and horses break legs on their holes. I would rather not just kill for the hell of it but was wondering what I am legally allowed to kill and mount. Its not like I am Going to mount 50 raccoons but would like to try one to say I did. I'm sure you can get roadkill but I have been having no luck with the condition of them lately. They only way to learn is to try. (I live with 2 animal activists that are complete vegetarians and I work for a butcher so you can imagine what that is like)
  18. Michael Pee Jr.

    Michael Pee Jr. Life is like a fence. Get over it.

    Ouch,,, and your advice is brilliant. LOL
  19. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Active Member

    i agree with Taxiga. Here in Indiana there are laws about nuisance animals. Can be taken to protect your property. You would need to check about Canada.
  20. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    You ABSOLUTELY need to find out what your provincial laws are, by someone who enforces the laws there. If you need to get a permit for a road kill(or found animal) you would also need a permit or some kind of license to cover animals you take yourself. Just because nuisance animals or "varmints" are legal to kill, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can have them in your possession. What anyone here tells you is meaningless, and could possibly get you in a lot of trouble. Get your information from the proper sources!