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Preparing Moose Antlers for Mount

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by norwester, May 30, 2007.

  1. norwester

    norwester New Member

    I recently came across a nice set of moose antlers still attached to the skull in my community dump. I want to either mount them myself, or at least treat the skull enough so I can ship the antlers home to my father. The questions I have are:

    1. I want to know how I should clean/treat the skull, and after thats done...

    2. How I should cut the skull? I think I want to leave only the base where the antlers attach to the skull. What kind of saw should I use. How will I know what to cut away and what to leave? Or would I be better off removing the antlers from the skull, especially when I plan on mailing these antlers across the country?

    The moose was recently killed (probably within the past month). There are still tufts of hair sticking out from the base of the antlers. 99% of the flesh is off the skull, but it isn't clean either.

    I should mention that I live in the the Northwest Territories. At the moment I have the skull on my deck, but I don't want to attract any wolves or bears. And I don't think my girlfriend is going to let me keep it in the basement unless you can assure her there will be no smell.

    If this has already been covered, please just point me in the direction of a previous posting.
  2. Cut the skull plate down vertically in back of the eyes. Then draw a line horizontally and cut the skull from the back to the vertical incision you made and separate. If you look in any of the taxidermy catalogs, look underreproduction antlers or skull plate kits and it will give you a good idea of what the plate with antlers should look like. You will need a bone saw, or atthe least a saw-zall with a medium blade to cut through the bone smoothly without cracking or chipping the plate. Then steak the plate in a pan of water with sal-soda to soften and remove any meat and tissue

  3. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    this might help a little, cut on the yellow lines to remove the skull cap. Use a bone saw, leave plenty of skull to be cut off later, do not cut to close to the antler burr, or cut into it, leave extra to be trimmed off later. Remove all the meat anyway that you can, cover with a good dusting of borax, let dry.
  4. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    It's going to be really expensive to ship those in Canada. Make sure you go with a courier that goes strictly by weight and not size. (I got caught with a 150 dollar bill after the fact because i didn't check.)
  5. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    By cutting the skull cap down the middle, it can be shipped in a smaller box, and your Dad will have to fiberglass/bondo them back together.