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Birdstuffer's old mounts ahhhh!

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by birdstuffer, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. While at my mom's I decided to take a few photos of some of my first works of art.They are around 25 or 30 years old.Going to take the pheasants home with me and sell them cheap!

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  2. and more....

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  3. and...

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  4. and one of my masterpiece paintings 8)

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  5. nowigeon

    nowigeon New Member

    your "inferior" work is still 100 x better than the most skilled taxidermists here in GA. , your work is outstanding
  6. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    looks like they held up pretty good over the years.....
  7. They've been in my parent!s' basements all these years with no dust!
  8. IU Doug

    IU Doug Member

    They look good for being so old 8) Looks like if you get in an argument at the bar you are gonna get shot with the pistol ;D
  9. thanks for sharing, always good to take some time and look back ;)
  10. Cheri - the birds look great !! but I am also checking out the Jerry Tarkanian signed basketball, would love to have that!! I've got a NCAA Basketball Signed by the coaches and players of the 2000 Final Four Wisconsin Badgers that is fun to look at.
  11. Hahaha that's funny.That's my dad's basketball...and the pistol is a ceramic one. How do you like the paneling?It's even older than the birds are!
  12. IU Doug

    IU Doug Member

    They say all trends go in cycles.....couple of more years and the paneling will be cutting edge! ;)
  13. JBird

    JBird Member

    I love it !! What a great trip down memory lane - how I wish I had some of my first mounts still around (as if they'd even be in one piece) what a great share for us to see - thanks for posting - FUN !!! (btw not surprised at how good a painter you are) brilliant !!
  14. Samson

    Samson New Member

    Hey Cheri!
    long time no see ;D
    I love your early mounts, they are better than most first mounts I have seen around. The painting is just beautiful!
    Greetings, Karin
  15. gwamp

    gwamp Member

    Very nice.