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Insulating a Stock Tank

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by weasel123, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. So I have noticed with the setting up of a new stock tank that energy bills are getting really expensive (around $100 a month) and I am thinking to insulate my tank better to cut down on this cost. Right now using a single roll of insulation I have gone around the sides once. I am thinking that a lot of the heat may be leaving through the un-insulated bottom which has direct contact with the cement basement floor. I have bought two more rolls of insulation to insulate the bottom, the plywood lid and the sides more.
    My questions are the following:

    1. Will these improvements really cut down on the energy bills that much?

    2. Will possibly elevating the stock tank off the ground with cinder blocks or something and then insulating be more effective in conserving energy?

    3. If elevating off the ground is a good idea, will the support around the sides only (i.e. resting on the cinder blocks as points of contact) cause the unsupported center of the tank to bow and crack from stress?

  2. I made a plywood floor for mine. Basically built a 2x4 frame with joists 12" on center then insulated. After that made sides of plywood only. I went a step further and then took chunks of foam and broken them up to shove down the sides. As the sides filled i also filled the gaps with 2 part foam. I saw a decent drop in energy used.

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  3. Rossco - do you mean your frame gets the stock tank 12" off the ground? Does the frame just go in a sort of a rectangle that just supports the outside edges if you know what I mean? Or is there some support under the center of the tank? Like I said with all the weight of the water in there I am worried that the center will bow down and crack. Is this a possible issue or not?
  4. Basically what i did was... build a wall with 2x4's and put plywood on one side. Then knocked it over for a "floor", insulated it and then finished with plywood. Then made the walls surrounding it.

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  5. I see... so you are setting it on the plywood which is basically creating an elevated platform that you can insulate under.
    If I don't want to go through all that effort though (doesn't look like I'll have all that much time right now) will insulating it with fiberglass roll type (lid as well) still help considerably?
    And again if I go this path will elevating it off the concrete in some way help? Or just leave it on the floor and have it sit on a few layers of fiberglass insulation?
  6. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    I did not build a frame but my tank is sitting on top of a piece of that pink 2" thick foundation insulation to insulate the bottom as Hudson suggested. The sides are wrapped well with insulation and I cut a lid from the same pink foam insulation as the bottom.
  7. Ditto--
    I have 3 tanks that are off the floor with 2x8's and then plywood bottom. 2 inch foam on bottom, all 4 sides and then the top. I use hot water to heat my tanks and they run very little with all the foam insulation. It may cost a bit for the foam, but well worth it in the long run.