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Arkansas change in law.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by John C, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Any and ALL cervids must be skinned and skull plates cleaned of all tissue before coming into the state of Arkansas.
    i.e skull plate scraped and all meat removed from the skull plate.

    Raw cape is fine to bring into the state.

    Cervids must be deboned.
  2. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    welcome to the panic state.

  3. I hadn't heard this. thanks for the info John.

    What does a taxidermist do when a customer brings his deer head whole to ya? You can tell him it was supposed to be caped and skull cleaned, but its too late now. How many taxidermist do ya know who will send him pack'n or report to G&F?
  4. It only applies to deer coming in from other states. So if you have a regular customer that hunts out of state he/she will need to have it caped and the skull plate cleaned before crossing the state line.
  5. Tony, that is exactly what we ask them, and they said turn the people away. I then ask so we legidimate taxidermist trun them away and the client takes it to Joe Blow who takes care of business but then throws the possibly CWD infected skull over the hill to infect other cervids. All the while certain counties in Missouri get to send their trash to land fills in Arkansas. It does not make sense but the AFGC says its the law and people woill follow the law. LOL
  6. I have told all out of state (CWD) hunters to cape and clean skull, but they still sometimes show up with whole heads and there are always those that I didn't talk to that swear they didn't know.

    Last year I had a client lose his 168 WT from Kansas, confiscated at a truck stop as he entered Arkansas. It was sent to the burn pile (or so the warden said) I forgot the cost of the ticket but it wasn't light. He had caped out the deer, cleaned the skull but had not taken out the brain membrane.

    This is all very frustrating! Most hunters simply cannot cape out a head and do it right! Causes lots of extra work! And the fact that as far as I know there has never been a documented case of a dead deer causing spread of CWD.
  7. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    The CWD panic is a double edged sword. Because of the states strictly regulating the import of any brain or spinal tissue, traveling hunters are likely leaving their mounts with taxidermists in the CWD positive states, giving those guys more work, which is good, for them. On the other side, they aren't using the guys local to them because of the hassle. I have never read or heard of a documented case of CWD actually spreading from dead animals to live ones. If anyone has heard of this happening please reply to this.
  8. From what I have read the prions do stay active in the soil. In that case penned deer had CWD and they removed the herd. New deer were brought in and got CWD apparently from the prions in the soil. So I guess it is possible that if you threw CWD deer brains in thewoods it could infect deer.

    Our regs in MN only apply if you are bringing in a cervid from a known CWD county in other states.

  9. quest

    quest Member

    I don't think it applies to Pronghorn.
  10. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    A few years ago two guys from Mississippi who had been on an elk hunt stopped at a truck stop in Arkansas to eat. While they were eating, an couple of Arkansas DWF guys were at the table next to them. They began a conversation, and as they were leaving, the CO's asked if they could see their elk. One was a not caped out, so the CO told them he would have to impound it. A heated conversation ensued, that ended with the elk being taken by the state. The guy finally got his elk back months later. I tell all my western hunters to return from the west through any state but Arkansas.
  11. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    It seems just about every state is jumping on the bandwagon. Bruce, would you happen to know where you read that about prions staying active in the soil. I have read some info saying that it may be possible to some degree but nothing concrete. If it is we will never stop it or control it in any fashion, and I almost wonder why we try.
  12. I thought Pronghorn were in the caprine (goat) family but they are actually in a class by themselves, also not cervids. With the new law, it will almost certainly prevent any Arkansas Taxidermist from any euro mounts from the CWD states. I assume when a hunter shares his successful western hunt on Facebook, they will be asking to be checked out when they make it home.

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  13. Yes I do! It has horns or antlers, it's hunted, so it falls in the "deer" family. We have had a rash of short fish tickets written for guys with Spotted (Kentucky) bass, when the length limit on them is 12", but largemouth are 15". If state troopers were this well informed we would all be screwed!

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  14. Here's a couple of links about prions staying active in the soil.

  15. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    Here in Michigan we have the same hassles to deal with. I have lost a lot of work in the last 6-7 years because people leave the animals in other states. It really sucks! All because they found 1 deer in a breeders facility
  16. Guys here in Arkansas we are having another meeting on they subject the 25th of September. The last meeting there where about 15 people that showed up, which is pretty sad. But we have been fighting this. Lots of people have said we are waiting out time, but when it impacts $100,000.00 of your business then its definitely worth a fight. We processed over 1,300 deer last season and 620 of those where from out of state. And 45% of the taxidermy business is out of state. We had the senator and many state officials that we got to the last meeting. And we are bringing even more to the next meeting. Its not a loss till we give up.

    But in the meeting the ,fish and wildlife, said we have no way regulating this in your business. We can't come into your shop or your plant to see if what you took in was legal. We don't legally have jurisdiction to be there. We are trying to stop and educated the hunter.

    I'm sure that will get some people going at me for posting it but that's what was said. And I truly feel it will be overturned or what they call postponed.

    But it isn't a law. Its a regulation. That's how this ten member board was able to put this in affect. And it went in some time in beginning of the year. And they swear they had news blitz about it. When everyone setting in the meeting said I never heard a word till we "myself and the owner of the processing plant and business" told them about it. Funny huh. That's when they mentioned well that officer no longer works with us cause he decided on his own he wasnt going to advertise this in the manner we set before him.

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  17. Pronghorn are fine, they are not cervids, and if the game warden does not know that, he/she needs a quick education. My info came directly form three AGFC commission deer biologist, when Mitch Webb and I did a caping demo at the Extension office in Fayettville Aug 27th, 2013. Guess what NO WARDENS were there!!

    I just contacted the AGFC about educating the Enforcement officers on what is and is not a cervid and the prion of CWD.
    8:15 9/13/2013
  18. mimes

    mimes Member

    90% of my clients would rather leave their mount out of state and drive 6 hours one way to pick it back up versus cape and clean the skull themselves and bring it to me. The new regulations will definitely cost Arkansas $$$$$$$.
  19. Re: Re: Arkansas change in law.

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    Hey john, you interested in coming to this meeting this month? Its in front of the 10 member board and they will have the power to postpone, overturn, or keep the same the regulations that day. That's the purpose of this meeting. There has been some awesome ideas brought up that they are looking into. But the way they have it now is hurting business as a whole in this state.
  20. Mitchell, You will have some of the same Biologist at your meeting, Make sure to contact enforcement aand have them there!!!! So they understand how the pronghorn is not a cervid.