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Dakota Pro vs S&S Fleshers

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Monette Taxidermy, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Monette Taxidermy

    Monette Taxidermy New Member

    I took the Joe Meder gamehead class this past spring and I finally have my shop about complete. I am going to buy a flesher but I am stuck between the Dakota Pro and the S&S. I was planning on purchasing the Dakota but I noticed the reduced price of the S&S. Now, I'm up in the air and need a little push towards one or the other.

    Please send some advice or reviews on this machine to help aid me in my decision.

    Thanks in advance

  2. dozier

    dozier New Member

    S and S . Haven't heard one complaint . My friend has had one for years . Uses it everyday . Quiet and reliable . Just my opinion .

  3. little elk

    little elk Member

    Just as a note, Arlington Cape has a very good machine as well, in my opinion.
  4. bassman9178

    bassman9178 Member

    Used a friends S&S, liked it better than my Dakota Pro.
  5. chrisfeldt

    chrisfeldt New Member

    The S&S Fleshing Machine used to retail for $2200. Currently they cost $1600. Price isn't the only factor when making a decision like this, but it's an important one.

    Chris Feldt
    True-Cut Tool, Inc.
    (231) 832-7002
  6. scottdawg

    scottdawg Member

    S&S fleshing machines are good stuff!!!! Enough said
  7. Justice31

    Justice31 New Member

    My vote out of the two would be Dakota Pro. I didn't like the way shavings hung up in the S S machine. I love the easy and multiple guard adjusters on the Pro.
    [email protected] Big Sky Fur Dressers
  8. WBB793

    WBB793 New Member

    In my opinion Eager Beaver best!! Been shaving for 25 yrs, so I know a thing or two! Keith at Arlington makes a bad ass machine as well!!