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Favorite tips

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by PsychoJr, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. PsychoJr

    PsychoJr New Member

    This forum has been very helpful, but my favorite tips so far have been pressure washing hides and using a Popsicle stick to turn ears on smaller mammals.
  2. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    What flavor of popsicle?

  3. lol LowT.

    A butter knife or regular scissor blade works great for helping to remove membrane on thin-skinned critters like rabbits and fox. (think this tip was from Shasta; if so, thanks!)

    Lightbulb to help turn deer lips = great; just don't break the bulb. Invert mouth/nose skin over bulb, and it holds the lips in an easier-to-turn position.

    It can be "okay" to cut slits around the larger paw-pads of raccoons and such in order to invert the toebones easier while fleshing/removing meat from inside the toes. I have cut a lot of time out of fleshing paws this way.
  4. nightmareonelmstreet

    nightmareonelmstreet New Member

    i have a raccoon i've been waiting to tackle. it will be my first one. most of the research i have done seems to throw me off at the same point. what exactly to do with the feet. if possible, can you please elaborate on that tip about the paws?
  5. I slit the legs down the center portion and kept cutting around the large paw pads. The toes can be inverted easier to remove the bones down to the last digit with the claw. Otherwise you turn them inside-out like rubber gloves. It is not impossible but they can be hard to re-invert back to normal, especially after pickling.