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NTA President's Final Update

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTAHQ, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Lets start with the Board of Directors and your not so bright move in Slidell. You were right there and DIDN"T retrieve squat when you had the right to and were there for christ's sakes. Who's to blame for that brilliance? Seems your only motive was to fire the Crains. Ok, job done, but what about retrieving the NTA's property? Seems that little deed failed the importance test. Then, to top it all off, you give Harry the documents that were held by Pat Patrick WITHOUT SECURING YOUR OWN DOCUMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Harry has what you do not.

    I addressed this way back on page 2, yet still some are still not getting it.

    so lets tell it like it really is.

    Mitch Webb gave Harry and Fred permission to stop by the attorney's office and retrieve said documents, otherwise Harry and Fred may still not have said documents. When I questioned Mitch about why he would do this without securing a copy for the NTA, his response was that he felt and believed that if the NTA ever needed a copy that they would be made available by Fred and Harry to the NTA. I think the appropriate word here is ASSUMED as in ASS out of U and ME. Well, I put out a lot of effort to obtain said documents myself, so where's my copy?

    Furthermore, two new appointments to the board allegedly have been made also. I guess I didn't get a consideration....LOL. That's fine, I have a life to get back to. Idous Amigo's. You guys can shoot this on out by yourselves. I'm done with it. Not going to draw a line between friendships over BULLCHIT, which this whole mess has turned in to.
  2. These lyrics are so fitting, I just had to post.
    Not to be funny but this is so sad. ,,, The whole NTA mess.


  3. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    First, OUR documents were NOT at Pat Patricks office. We had already paid for the copies and OUR documents were sitting in OUR Attorneys office. OUR attorney couldn't release them to us until we signed a stupid confidentiality agreement that Pat Patrick had put on the information. We would not sign it. All the NTA attorney (Berrigan) did was release OUR information to Fred and I WITHOUT a confidentiality clause attached. Now, what the NTA should have done was to go to Pat Patricks office and get HIS copy that was the property of the NTA but that was never thought about.

    OK, we need to clear something up right now. I want EVERYONE to read what I am about to write and comprehend what I am saying. THE NTA IS WELCOME TO USE WHAT INFORMATION I HAVE TO FIGHT WHATEVER FIGHT THAT THEY WANT. Can everyone comprehend what I just said??? All they have to do is make Fred and I partners in the fight. Partners means that if the NTA wins, we want our money back. If the NTA loses, we get nothing!!!! Do I make myself clear??? The NTA has NO risk in anything and it costs them ZERO to use what Fred and I have!!!! Everyone was so quick to jump to conclusions that you didn't see the REAL intent behind all of this!!!! Instead, the brainchild John Janelli, driven by an undermining Joe Kulis, spent all of the NTA's money to get something that they already had and the crapstorm ensued. What a freakin joke!!!!
  4. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    this is so sad...i'm sure the old guard is laughing out loud about all of this unrest
  5. Yes but the current board has a huge vote to make, On using Harry & Fred or seeing the NTA fold.

    Either way SOMETHING needs to happen asap or the NTA is done. I know some say it is already done & in the hole, but , Maybe there is a chance. If this does not happen soon and the board KEEPS ITS MEMBERS IN THE DARK, Then yes its buried.
    So this question to the board, WHO are the new board members? And how long is their appointments ?
    I do agree that Mitch should not come on this thread, HOWEVER he should start a new one a let the members know some of what is happening . ( we do not need to know all, we do not need to know why or who or what cause it. etc. We just would like to know how you plan on filling in the hole ??)

    Gregg I

    ps: question of the day, Will I rejoin, Hmmmm , I am waiting until mid Jan to answer that.
  6. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    I guess ill jump back in Here and get called stupid and Ignorant again, But Who are you? That statement seems like Blackmail to me You can use what I got But I want my share. LOL, Thats like (to me anyway, But I have reading comprehension) me finding some dirt on some one and telling the cops, hey you can use what proof I have as long as I get my cut. So my question is Harry, Who are you? you arent an owner, or anything but a member (Disgruntled at best) just like everyone else, Just cause you had deep pockets to pay for info, doesnt make you anymore special than Joe Blow member. Im confused I guess what exactly your goal is here, other than to get your money back that you foolishly spent on a boat made out of screen wire. Its gonna sink, go down by the head, Its a reef on the bottom of the ocean. Carry on!
  7. Not Black mail,

    The way I see it, Either the NTA joins Harry/Freds law suit or trys to do one on their own. One way they get info for free, other they have to try to get and then figure it all out. That would take time, Time the NTA does not have.
    The Ship is sinking so the board needs to act fast. WIll Harry/ Freds info help the suit ? I personaly do not know until the suit is over with. NO one knows where the ashes will fall.
    Just my 2cents.

  8. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Yea I guess, But what makes it bad is it seems he is using it to gain back what he lost, if he didnt have that much in it would he still be so Adamant? I think not. Always a motive for something.
  9. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Bryan, please explain just why you wouldn't want Fred and I to get our money back. Money that we both sacrificed to HELP the organization remove someone that was raping it. It was Fred and my persistence that finally came forward and convinced John Janelli that what we were saying along was true. Now, if the NTA uses what we have to recoup THEIR money why on Earth can't we RECOUP OURS? Do you despise me so much that you can't see any logic in what we are asking and what we have worked for? ARE YOU JEALOUS?? Have you worked as hard and sacrificed as much as we have to HELP the NTA? Did you attend the Convention this past year? Did you work day and night for 3 weeks prior to the show just so the Convention could even happen?? Did you work from early morning to late at night every day of the convention? WITH NO PAY AND NOT EXPECTING ANY!! I did what I did because I wanted to help. What have you done?
  10. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Damn mods are worse than cops with tasers!
  11. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    OK, I've thought long and hard about a phone call I received this afternoon. This person was apologetic and regretful in his subject and tone. I accept his apology if that was what he was doing and I truly believe it was. I do have one request though. We have butted heads time after time on this forum publicly but apologies have come in private and I think that its time to make amends in public as well. I think that this person actually sees that I am honest and try my best to stay with FACTS that I can PROVE. It's a shame that we always seem to work against each other instead of together. Maybe one day we can all be headed in the right direction, together, huh George.
  12. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    Even if the NTA wins it has lost... done and over..It's amazing to me how much public recognition and ego boosting there is going on here..I can tell alot from a man by the way he conducts himself, and if what I have read on here for a year is any indicator of the type of people you are, then I feel sad and sorry for your souls...Do all ya'll need plaques and trophies, and statues erected to be remembered by? Do you have to be known as the person that saved this or that? Do you have to be known as the one that could argue like a child with the best of them? The problem is the ones doing the serious arguing, without even realizing it, are damaging their character as well as the NTA...Harry this is directed squarely at you...I do understand where your coming from that you all you want to do is recoup your "Investment" so to speak...The problem I'm seeing is that it's your word against JJ and others as to what took place in that conversation on how much could be spent, who could be hired to help and on and on and on...The waters got muddied somewhere along the lines in your conversations with NTA people, JJ,etc...I would have thought that you as well as many others involved in this could have had a rock solid iron clad agreement, one that was in black and white so this couldn't happen..Why wasn't a written contracted drafted for you?..I didn't want to know what was going on so much as details, because I understand that during a lawsuit, well, that's just the way it has to be...BUT...what ALL members should have been told was that everyone was working together for the greater good of the NTA so there was never any doubt that we were all on the same team...That's all I wanted in the beginning was to know that all you guys were working TOGETHER so I would have somewhere to call home..So my sons will have somewhere to call home...Some how it all got about what this person did over that one, and threats and name calling and such...I'm really not even sure anymore why I should care about this but for whatever personal reason I do...Money and greed are two of the worst evils man has ever had to deal with...I just wonder if ALL of you..I mean ALL of you would be willing to somehow, somewhere be willing to set down and realize that you all at one time or another did care for one another, and could find that common bond again that brings us all here...Taxidermy and for the love of nature and the outdoors...I'll even give you my place here to do this and will feed all of you to boot..I don't even have to be in the same room..I'll shut the door and let you guys discuss in private..Harry, JJ, Fred, Joe, all of us...We all have a date with out maker one day..How will you feel when that day comes...Will you hold your head high, or will you hang it in sorrow...It will be too late then because that place we ALL think about in the future, will one day be here..and then all we will have is where we have been and what we have done to look back on....Two weeks ago I was stopped dead in my tracks after test results made me realize we don't all live forever...One day you ALL will get the same type of news and you will reconsider how you have treated one another...Why not do the right thing now, and show how big of men you really are to all of us, by doing some serious compromise, and show that you are really trying to help a cause...It would really do my heart good to see it happen..When I'm gone It would be nice to know that this message was the one that stopped and made you all think, and extend a hand out to one another to resolve this..Even if the NTA was to fail anyway, at least you all remained friends and fought the fight shoulder to shoulder...toe to toe...I really hope and pray you will listen to a dumb ole redneck from a little west Ky town...Do the right thing...Please..
  13. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Ive held my tongue much longer than I typically do, but I gotta say this...

    Too often taxinet gets blamed for all of this stuff happening, for all the world to see, as though if it werent for evil taxinet, these things wouldnt happen. Bullshit. Yeah, Im a mod, Ill let that one slide. Like all of you wouldnt still be on the phone, like in the old days. The differences of opinion may travel slower, but its the same old thing, so lets stop calling out taxinet. You all know who I am referring to.

    Also, the real shame is, the catcalling. I personally have no problem watching those INVOLVED holler and call names, even if its considered unprofessional, and most guys INVOLVED have strong enough personalities and reputations to survive and support this. What I dont care for is the peanut gallery, tossing out the bs not to help, but to fan flames, or to have the distinguished position of having posted the best jab or comeback comment...big friggin deal. The negativity doesnt help, so the pot shots sure as hell dont. Keep them out of this discussion, and get this stuff settled, one way or the other.

    Air out the laundry, but try to keep the personal attacks to a minimum and by all means, please use your brains and think this stuff all the way through. Too many of you are friends of mine, and I dont like having to run from one set of bleachers to the other. Im done taking sides in this industry.

    To be humble would be a true asset here.
  14. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Harry I dont despise you at all. I have done nothing, you are right. Because I was smart enough to know that this is a losing battle. Just cant get past the fact that everything you say has to do with you getting YOUR money back, what about all the money that is missing? how do you propose to recoup that? Isnt it the members' ? Thats My point you dont preach Im doing this for the members, it is always "My Money" Im not Jealous cause you have deeper pockets than I, I just think it is going about it the right way. You seem to have the agenda that speaks to helping you cause against the NTA and Not what is best for the Members, Yes you have managed to get rid of the bad apples, but the basket still stinks. cant help but feel that it is a " Ill get you back for what you done to Fred and I" mentality. at some point you just have to say **** it and move on!

    Hell to me even having the convention was putting the cart before the horse. You dont even have a complete Board for Cripes Sake. You talk about not being able to have an election till the case is done, and not being able to do this to make it right. But yet everyone was so Gung Ho on Having the convention to try to get back to normal.
    All the convention did was pour MORE Money into the MIX, and Now you say it is gone. That was a Genius Move on Someones part.
    how do you expect to move forward with a half assed group that seems like they cant take 2 hands and stick 1 finger up their a$$. Thats what you have, like it or Not. Will it ever get straightened out, I doubt very seriously, but if it does It WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

    I wish you good luck in your ventures with the NTA, I will gracefully Bow out of this discussion and sit back and shake my head.
  15. Kim Owens

    Kim Owens Are we there yet?

    As someone who has been tared and feathered by the corrupt individuals who ran the NTA and some of the corrupt board members and as someone who knows many others who have been abused, threatened and ruined by a corrupt ED and several board members, I want to give a HIGH FREAKING FIVE to Harry and Fred for having the tenacity to fight the war they fought for over 3 years. They are the only ones, and mean only ones, who had the balls to put their money where their mouth is. Yes, it was their money. Yes, they didn't have to do it. Yes, it would have been wonderful if after the cancer was thrown out we could all just get along but you have to remember, this organization has been corrupt for a very long time. Throwing out 2 people did not fix it all. Chemo is still needed. Hell, yes they deserve to get their money back. They fought for you and for me and for the future. It's a shame but it doesn't surprise me. And, to those that don't know a whole lot about the past and the NTA, this is not the first time that people have talked out of both sides of their mouth. Right John? Alittle advise to you all- beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. Personally, I hope the whole things goes to hell in a handbasket.
  16. Well Kim, things are not going to hell in a hand basket. We are rid of the nay sayers on the board, we the board are working hard to right this thing. see my post in your other post. Kim the people that wronged you are gone, so why the hate?

    Seems everyone want the board members to drop everything and jump, well we have jumped and jumped and still jumping. We well knew on May 17 , 2013 it would be a 18 to 24 month repair job.

    Almost every move we prepare to make once written has to be cleared thru legal.

    Bryan as for the convention, did you know contracts were already signed two years down the road and the NTA would have to pay for the space anyway.

    So why dont we have a complete board, Bryan? we have people like you and a few others that just want to bitch and not help. Sad but true!! Oh So true. I know I have not heard one offer from anyone on the forums about being willing to help.

    So now put up or shut up!! If you dont help then it will get done. But with a unauthorized check being written and fairly well emptying the bank account. We will just be slowed a bit, yea he who speckth with forked tongue slowed us down, but he cannot stop the train.

    if you want to help PM me.

    I can tell you anything if not from a board member maybe be not the whole truth. Harry has been 99% right on what he has posted.

    If anybody thinks they can do it better jump right on in, dont wait to be ask!!!! If anyone wants to help jump right on in the water is certainly hot for the doubting Thomasasasas.
  17. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Looks like my point got illustrated rather nicely...
  18. Hey Bill the board is trying despite the nay sayers. Wish I had a dollar for every minute the board has been on the phone or on the computer since May 17th. I could afford to go fishing.
  19. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Harry, I don't have one iota of an issue with EVER apologizing to anyone anytime I find that the information I have isn't the complete picture. Twice in the last few months that has been the case on specific issues. First was the accusation that you were forcing a CPA bill on the NTA when, in fact, the issue included only the "boiler plate" introductory letter explaining services and responsibilities of both parties. This is SOP for any CPA in protecting themselves down the road. Number 2 - today- was my accusations that you were working shady operations. When it was explained to me, I actually don't have an issue there.

    HOWEVER, I won't apologize for your pitbull attack modes. I know that you and I are perhaps a lot alike when we have what we consider to be the truth on our side. We differ significantly in our approach to those who question us. PERHAPS I may have named names, but most time I like to deal in the ambiguous use of titles instead. I still strongly object to you shouting down and calling people "stupid" while admitting they "don't know jack" about the issue. Obviously they're unaware or uneducated to the process going on, so how could they not be informed. That doesn't make them stupid.

    Therein is the main sticking point of all my posts. I can't speak for others, but I KNOW that I and another former board member advised the "new regime" that once the former ED was dismissed, ALL operations should cease. At that time, I suggested that 4 to 5 trusted individuals who possessed good business skills be selected to form a REORGANZATION COMMITTEE. The BOD should have been dissolved (as far as entitlements and name designators) and those COMMITTE MEMBERS immediately undertake the process of writing a completely new set of bylaws that would authorize a new board to be empaneled. AT THAT TIME, COMMITTE MEMBER DUTIES should have been defined and assigned with a SHORT SUSPENSE DATE. That way, the financial issues could have been resolved and satisfied while explicit instruction were set to prevent overlapping responsibilities.

    Obviously that never happened. The impending date of a previously contracted convention allowed for a mishmash of ideologies to fester and clash even though most agreed that it was the best convention ever held. From that festering, it continued to worsen simply because ALL THE INFORMATION DIED ON THE VINE. (John C says you're on the phone, but that doesn't assuage curiosity. A duck can look calm while paddling like hell underwater. We want to hear SOMETHING from the PRESIDENT.)

    There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for meeting minutes not to be in the board members email accounts within a day. NONE. When I served as secretary, meeting minutes were awaiting most board members in their hotel rooms. A secretary usually has only one job - keeping minutes. You don't have to know shorthand or depend on that silly assed recorder. You write terse notes as to what was said and you stop the meeting if you're confused on a specific issue. Then you forego the bar or the restaurant and you go to your room and draft the minutes. Remember, they go back to the board for approval and you can make changes to those things you missed, misinterpreted, or simply misspelled. It ain't exactly rocket science.

    Once the new system was in place, John Janelli got on here and stated that the new operations would entail full disclosure. OK, he's the president, he sets policy, that's the new policy. It was commendable so that every member here who was an NTA member would have immediate access and prospective members would have an idea of transparancy.

    Like Bill Yox just said, blaming the Taxidermy Net is like Barack Obama blaming FOX news for exposing his ineptness. When John resigned/stepped down/left/whatever, it was immediately imcumbent for Mitch Webb to appear ON HERE and advise us of HIS agenda and how HE wanted to do things. Instead, I've heard from you, Harry, from Fred, and from John C, but still no Mitch Webb. I'm not casting aspersions on his character, but I do question his using other people to parrot his positions. I don't want to hear from you three guys - I want the guy who is now serving as president to tell me.

    I heard that Mitch doesn't want to come here because of the confrontations. WHAT CONFRONTATIONS? If someone jumps on him, the PROFESSIONAL ANSWER is that "I'm not going to get into specifics, but if you'd like to talk privately, I'd be delighted to hear your opinion." As a leader you're going to piss off about half the members regardless of what you do. You just don't have to give them a pulpit and lead those who support you to conjure up doubts about your abilities. Being invisible is the worst thing possible.

    PERSONALLY, I don't really give a damn about who does what and how it gets done. I understand that ignominious "lawsuit" exists and I really don't care how it's done. But you simply can't drop crumbs and expect members not to question it. Either explain as vaguely as necessary the main points. Most of us would have been content with hearing anything plausible, but instead, we heard insults and that's just not going to wash. You either say nothing, or you sate the curiosity of those who ask legitimate question. Anything less simply causes embarrassment to loyal supporters who'll eventually question their involvement with such shenanigans.

    For the NTA to succeed NOW, you need to start over PERIOD. Stop trying to continue business as normal since nothing IS normal now. MY suggestion remains. Do not appoint anyone to any permanent position. HIRE a private contractor to conduct day-to-day operations until you can SELECT a Chief ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER who has a specific contract with a specific term and specific duties and responsibilities. Get the old meeting minutes out IMMEDIATELY - NO EXCUSES. Establish by-laws within 30 days - NO EXCUSES. Then schedule an election. (Sorry John C, you don't HAVE 12 to 24 months. A reasonable reorganization should have the basics worked out within 90 days at most and be instituted within 6 months. Any longer only invites unrest. The most meaningful changes that will ever take place in a new organization has to happen within 180 days. History proves that after that length of time, the status quo tends to become the accepted.) The president should ask each board member to tender their resignation and he preside only until the scheduled election is conducted. This way no one can claim any conflicts. If those same members choose to serve, the chances of their re-election is pretty evident in the number of vacant seats there already. New bylaws may (HOPEFULLY) eliminate half of the current number and resort to geographical representatives. (I suggested this almost 10 years ago if some of you can remember back that far. So don't say it was a UTA idea. It was my idea and the UTA utilized it. Shame on the NTA for lagging behind.)

    I see there's already encouragement being given for a convention next year. I'm sure that could be done, but it damned sure should be at the bottom of the priority list right now. We need to get the house in order before we open the doors to the public.

    So Harry, there you have it. I understand our personalities often clash and we tend to be like oil and water on some issues. A wise man once said that "The qualities we most dislike in others are often the qualities that we, ourselves, possess." I try to remind myself of that often and sometimes I'm not too successful at it. It doesn't mean it's not the truth however. Just tone down your pitbull and we can play well together more often than not.
  20. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Well said George!