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NTA President's Final Update

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTAHQ, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    John, talking to you is like talking to my neighbors dog. No matter what I say you just keep barking. Remember, you were never "elected" to the board and you know absolutely nothing about what I did when I served on it. As soon as you were appointed, you started bumping your gums and haven't stopped yet. Now its YOU who are "part of the problem" and you'll stay that way until you shut up long enough to listen. Let's see how you do when you have to be elected.
  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Oh, forgive my rudeness in not addressing your last question. The last time I served on the NTA board, I donated 3 Gore-Tex shop aprons (materials cost me $135 and I made them myself), I donated a cathedral bird feeder ($85), bought pizzas and sodas for the competition area while the judges worked ($150) and the donated a Mossberg pump shotgun ($350) as a raffle prize. I have no idea what 3a.m. in Sioux Falls is about, but when I worked a convention that was about the time I got back to my room after setting up the next days seminars and constructing signs.

  3. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Mr. Creager, let's be fair with this; the names you've called me in emails and text messages not to mention the racy profanity and vulgarity you elect to illustrate your verbiage with when you address me as such, makes George look more like an altar boy compared to you. That being said, I wish I had all the money George Roof donated, gave, transfused, transferred and dolled out to the NTA for any number of causes and reasons. We used to tease him so many times by saying that we would have a holster made for him like a gun belt to carry his wallet because he was always so fast in going for it all the time. George made it possible for the Conservation Committee to at attend more meetings than even I can remember. Back then, while you were in the hall ways grooming your competition pieces, George was sleeping standing up using my back as a resting post and I his. He had a room but his side of the bed was never undone. Yes, we said the words, but George wrote the scripts...literally.
    As an NTA Board Member, you represent not just the NTA, not just the industry, but people like George and everyone else who reads into your most unprofessional rantings. And, like it or not, admit it or not, you also are a major representative of President Mitch Webb. Regardless of your personal convictions, you owe the President your support especially on a public forum. You're hurting him more than anything else right now.
    Your appointment to the BOD's came highly recommended from then Vice President Webb even though another competitor of yours thought me to be totally insane (what else is new) at the mere mention of your name as a board member. Please do not prove him to be right. Be proud of being a board member but aim your loose canon elsewhere. The collateral damage you're causing is costing the NTA more than you can see.
    By the way, more than a decade ago, George had already implemented the regional directors you seem to think was your brainchild. But when board members from Maine were assigned to the south western portion of the US, well, that's when George and the rest of us started to think otherwise of the regional reps. Not to mention when during one meeting while a vote was being taken, a board member abstained because he felt he needed to know how is home state felt on the given issue first.
    Then come the bylaws that George helped write...there he goes again, putting his two cents in.
    You are correct, Standing Rules were in fact previously discussed at the board meeting several years ago. Maybe if you weren't so busy talking about the 'past president' so much with Harry, you might have asked for a copy of those minutes.
  4. JJ is you not telling the truth.

    I told you I would call the card where they fell. Your so called love of the NTA has fallen way overboard.

    I did what I had to, to get you to respond. I have ask and aks you for a copy of those minutes and how many times did I ask you for a financial statement. You simply refused to send both.

    You JJ, refused to follow the vote of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS! YOU FAILED TO FOLLOW THRU with having Kulis send the bank statements to Harry.

    Now had you followed the vote of the board, none of this would have happened.

    You also called me a lot of bad names when I refused to move to throw Archie Phillips off the board. It is a two way street. I kept you form getting into a fight with Tinker at the show. I stepped between you two.

    I have ask and ask for a copy of the July Minutes from YOU!

    JJ you did represent the NTA and now you are doing your best to tell half truths to the point of none truths.

    Give it a rest you can fool only part of the people and the truth will come out.

    George you are not listening to the whole truth. Open your ears and eyes.
  5. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    John, what you say is true that George initiated the idea of Regional Directors but that idea was not applied correctly. The idea is still a good one but only if executed differently. What would the minutes prove though. They have been doctored and made into half truths ever since I have been involved with the NTA. The documented history (minutes, standing rules, etc.) are simply a joke and were fashioned solely to protect the ED and his actions. To me, they mean nothing. George is correct that the whole mess needs to be wiped clean and started over in some fashion. We were attempting to do just that but you John put a stop to that along with your side kick Joe Kulis. Restructuring committees were formed but friction came about when your lack or organizational skills exploded the whole plan. You charged Fred with organizing ad hoc committees and didn't even tell him that you had already named certain individuals to those committees and thus the blow up ensued. George you know what I am saying is true because you were involved in this very thing. John, the thing for you to do is go away and leave this mess that you have created to the people in the position to do something about it now. This thing is repairable but not with the interference that you keep alive with your interjections. Also, the three or four people that keep coming on this thread with their sarcasm needs to go away too. Let the guys at the helm make an effort to right the ship and once righted then the masses can make a decision to rejoin or not. It will be left up to the membership at that point......
  6. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    John,you fail to comprehend. I DON'T CARE. My comments are purely to correct inaccuracies about how business is conducted in a real world situation. I will apologize to a past BOD that I professed to be the dumbest SOBs I'd ever worked with. At least they had class enough to keep their backbiting confined to the board room.
  7. I am not back biting I am defending against lies. The back biting is from your side of the fence, like the little chihuahua that was cast out of the house for peeing in the floor, you and your other cohort are not giving this a chance for some reason. What that reason is I have strong suspicions and am gathering the needed info. I did not bow to an General or even Captain in the Army I did not back down when I was correct, I did not doctor the message. I told them straight forward and truthful. YOu think now I would change????? You think wrong, your ole buddy tricked me once.

    If you really dont care then drop it.

    Ok so your comments would be fine if the past boards had moved to fix the problem instead is has been compounded. Everytime we turn a corner we find something new that has to be corrected. There has been a ton of promises to a lot of people, that were made without authority. Thats another problem in its self.

    Oh we will get to the bottom and get this fixed. Everyone of the active board members is on board to fix this and while you may have done gifts and such to gain notoriety.

    You really want to start? I donated a pork dinner in 2012 Rogers show, opening night of the convention, lets see if you go and had the samething catered I know what it would cost $9.00 per person, we fed 91 people. and there was more than plenty to go around. We fed workers, board members anyone and everyone that include attendees who paid a reg fee. Roughly what $800.00 worth of food at retail. It is called team work. Thats why Baton Rouge had a good show, the board pulled together and worked our butts off. I dont know much about the Air Force and dont care to, I know the Army in combat arms its team work that gets the troops home safely and thats where this current NTA board is and is following and making work, is team work!!
  8. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Wait a minute... NTA Officers donate their time, labor and expense. Are drawn and quartered by their brothers/sisters in public, AND shook down for a large donation as "appreciation" for the opportunity ??? LOL.. Oh it just keeps getting better..
  9. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Please do not get into a 'donation' pissing contest....... just saying :)

    Seriously. This is getting dumber by the second. Good luck to everyone involved & just a hint from a past member to current leaders..... you'll NEVER move forward if all you keep doing is talking about what others did in the PAST.

    Have a good weekend. Harry, I want sushi!

    And to everybody out there please remember.......

  10. Huntman

    Huntman Guest

    Keeping up with the Rachael Ray aspect of this thread. Packing away for winter

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  11. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    NTA President's Final Update

    That sushi was awesome too Michael!!!

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  12. Huntman

    Huntman Guest

    Today's catch

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  13. Huntman

    Huntman Guest

    Ready for the freezer

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  14. Major

    Major New Mexico.....Not much different than the old one

    I don't know how some of y'all find the time to type so much, much less read all this! By the time I get done working 12 hrs. in the studio, I hardly have enough energy to eat dinner and try to get a poke from Ma. I hope something gets straightened out soon. I've been a continuous member all throughout my short taxidermy career. I can't really remember a stretch of times when things were actually run smoothly without the constant internal battles.
  15. No internal battle, the board is working together perfectly now the last two weeks.
  16. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    That fish looks good Jessie!!