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Contact for Kay Raynewolf

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by ice, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Mink

    Mink New Member

    Thanks Megan. From what I understood, some of her items were currently in storage while others (the stuff I'm selling for her on the Deviant art page) is not and can be shipped more promptly. Also I do have some similar items myself and could send them in place of hers if need be. I am mostly just trying to help her restore the funds she needs to help pay for her new place of living, as she had lost a lot during the problems she experienced at the old house/shop location. As I said on my previous post I will see if she can get back in contact with those customers who haven't yet heard from her. I am sure some of their info got lost but I will try and help her get things back in order. That's what friends are for! ;)
  2. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    AsylumArtwork - these are pretty much my thoughts. I don't mind if someone needs some extra time because of life issues, but the lack of communication has been extremely unprofessional. In the 5 months since I bought my order, not ONCE has Kay put forth even a single effort to contact me, despite the fact that she has made the time to post to her Facebook for fun. Seeing that was like a slap in the face. I had been waiting patiently for several months for her to get her life back in order without a single peep, then I find out she had been online all this time. As a customer, I shouldn't have to chase her down just to get an update, and even THAT isn't working; as of today she still hasn't answered the e-mail I sent her a couple weeks ago.

    And what about the customers who have been left sitting in the dark for nearly half a year, and who would STILL be sitting in the dark if you hadn't gotten involved? I'd say we're pretty frustrated too.

  3. eyeball

    eyeball New Member

    WillighamsTaxi, did you read this to yourself prior to posting it? If so I have no idea how you would not realize how ABSURD this statement is! There is a huge difference between "helping a friend in need" and being an accomplice to a person that has defrauded an unknown amount of people for what could possibly be thousands of dollars! Since you seem to be the only person with any confidence towards this woman why don't you help her by providing her the resources she needs that are holding her back from either refunding the people she defrauded, or organizing pick up and shipping for the items we are all waiting for? Seems to me that would not only be the honest way to help but also the ETHICAL way. By offering items of hers on other sites basically perpetuates more theft. In the real world (not Internet land) that legally makes YOU an accomplice. You are not only soliciting sales on her behalf but you are even accepting money on her behalf! Do you at all understand my point here?

    I have no idea about any "nasty messages" you may have received. I know I certainly have never messaged you. If you "can't even imagine what it must be like on her end" why would you be compelled to assist and perpetuate more negative situations for yourself and her? "Too much drama"? You chose to put yourself in this position. Nobody forced you to become involved in this. You elected yourself a liaison to not only get involved in this thread but to also bring this "drama" to other sites where more hard working, honest people will undoubtedly trust you with their money and end up being burned as well. This "drama" you're referring to is the frustration, and disappointment of people who were ROBBED. Plain and simple. Nothing "soap opera" about good people trying to find out what the heck happened to their money or products.

    I lost my home, EVERYTHING I owned, my business and all of my stock thanks to hurricane Irene. It was completely devastating as I watched everything in my world literally being thrown around within roaring rapids. However one of the few things I didn't lose were my clients and customers. The reason for that was very simple. I informed everyone of my situation. Kept them updated. Never vanished or ignored them, and did all I could do in my power to assure them they were not forgotten. Heck, the amount of clients that were supportive was amazing. I even had clients sending me gifts of support and emails of encouragement. They were ALL understanding. I'm sure most of us here would have reacted the same towards Kay had she made ANY attempt to remain ethical and communicative. She chose the low road and you've obviously hitched your trailer to the back of her truck to take that ride with her.
  4. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Still nothing from Kay, even though it's proven from her Facebook she's been online at least on October 28th. She has to be purposefully ignoring her customers at this point.

    I want my money refunded. That only takes a few clicks of the mouse, which she's already demonstrated she's able to do. If she's already spent the money then that is thievery, because she hadn't yet earned that money and therefore it didn't belong to her. I didn't send her a loan that she can decide to return when/if she ever gets around to it.

    So frustrated with this I can't even bring myself to be polite about it any more. I can't imagine how other people who spent much more than I did feel.
  5. ice

    ice Active Member

    Well, while her friends are "encouraging" her to try to communicate with her customers, please encourage her to return the lynx, otter, marten, mink, beaver I sent her to display and sell in her "store".
  6. eyeball

    eyeball New Member

    Still waiting Kay. When will you make this right?
  7. DragunzGirl

    DragunzGirl Chicken Assassin

    She is not ignoring no one... She is a good friend of mine and some bad things have happened that she CAN not of helped.... I just can't talk about what happened.. I just really wish the best for her and every thing goes ok for her.
  8. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    She IS ignoring her customers, otherwise why does she spare the online time to hang out on Facebook but not at the very least get in contact with people she owes? She won't answer any of the e-mails I sent her. I don't believe that she hasn't had at the VERY least an opportunity here and there to get in touch, even with all of this going on.

    No matter how great of a person she may be or how busy dealing with crap, this is terrible business and her friends should be convincing her to make things right instead of making excuses for her.
  9. eyeball

    eyeball New Member

    Does anyone know if this is her actual name? Also, does anyone know wat her "business name" was under? That is if she was a legitimate business in the first place? Have you other members gotten to the point now where you agree something needs to be done? I've waited long enough. It's time to have this settled the only way LEGALLY possible. I'm through waiting. Any information would be extremely appreciated and I will keep anyone that provides info anonymous. I'll also be more than happy to include whatever else has been stolen or not delivered in the advancement of the legal action I'm about to begin.
    I hope you are all doing well and happy New Year.
  10. Oldgoat

    Oldgoat New Member

    This was the most information I could find on her. I've always been wary of people like her, anyone who claims to be descended from "Indian princesses" and the like without any real way of backing it up has always been a red flag for me.

    Kay "Raynewolfe" seems to be some pseudo-Native American name, her real name is either "Kayleigh Martin" or "Kay Martin". She also might go by "Kay Isaac".

    Here's her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Raynewolfe

    One of her many websites (I believe this to be her as well, some of the art matches the stuff she was hocking elsewhere): http://www.freewebs.com/origionalcreations/raynewolfe.html

    Her etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/RaynewolfesDen

    Her ebay: http://members.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=k-raynewolfe

    (Daughter found these, too, though I can't vouch for their accuracy. lol)

    I believe this is her twitter (as it links up to her deviantart page): https://twitter.com/Raynewolfe
    Her art pages: http://raynewolfe.deviantart.com/

    Basically, any search on "Raynewolfe" with either last name (Martin or Isaac) brings up a lot of her writing and articles... She seems to push a lot of products, only to disappear and try something else. Unfortunately, she burned the wrong bridges with the wrong people and in the wrong industry. Legal action at this point might wake her up enough to get your money/products back, but she'll probably go on to scam someone else.

    I've been scammed before, so this thread has my blood boiling and like Eyeball, I too, lost my entire business to flood waters.
    I lost customer mounts and products as well as my home. I didn't once think about abandoning my clients and told them straight what happened. I kept them updated through the process and when all was said and done, if I owed them something, I came through. Hell some of my customers even came to help me clean up and rebuild and for that, I'm forever grateful.

    What I'm saying is: People can be understanding if you talk to them. I don't care if you have a baby or lose your truck or your house is swept away by a flood. I want to know where my products are and when I can receive them. Your personal life shouldn't interfere with your business, but if it does, for God's sake tell your clients. Regardless of what's going on, you talk to your customers and keep them updated.

    I may not talk much on here, but I do read through the deals threads and as far as I'm concerned, Kay's a scammer. She may have put up a good front for a while, but regardless of what her 'friends' think, she scammed these guys. She took the money and ran and didn't offer one damn excuse or acknowledge them, even though as you've all said, she's been online long enough to post about some rabbits or something.

    And her friends best be careful or they could lose their own reputation just by association. If you can get to the hides and skins, what's stopping you from sending them out for her? Apparently she's "too busy" to do it and if you're helping as you say you are, you're doing a pretty poor job.

    This isn't a soap opera. It's not 'drama' if she doesn't offer refunds or the products, so don't give anyone that high school bullspit. Truth of the matter is: If you don't come through for your clients, you have to face the music.

    Good luck getting your money/products back and keep us updated.
  11. cmc

    cmc Member

    Well I guess add me to the list. I didn't realize there was an on going thread and I ask about her in a different thread and got a link to this one. I'm out $150 but more importantly my son wants his black squirrel and I have no answer for him.
  12. cmc

    cmc Member

    The more I read the more I feel like this is likely a done deal. I will go to Indiana from Texas and allow her to use my phone for as many emails as she needs to send while I watch to make it right to people if she truly is trying to get things squared away only if she has my money or my sons squirrel and I want pictures before I go. I will pick up any and all items that are owned by someone else and ship them to them on their dime just to get them back to their owner if she will provide me with the address. This is the "friendly I understand life happens offer" the next offer will not be this generous.
  13. AsylumArtwork

    AsylumArtwork Instagram @AsylumArtwork

    I hate posting anything negative about somebody on here, but I am kinda at the end of my rope with this situation. I purchased several large orders from Kay last summer, and have yet to receive them. Off the top of my head, I can account for about $325 worth of money that I sent her for items that I did not receive. I contacted her back in September (September 9th to be exact) about my previous orders and heard back from her almost immediately. This was her response:

    Re: Previous order
    « Sent to: AsylumArtwork on: September 09, 2013, 09:21:44 PM »
    « You have forwarded or responded to this message. »

    Hi megan. Sorry to take so long ive been very sick and a lot has gone on. All of your items should still be in cold storage. I had put back several more to send you as well and it should all be together. Ive been swamped with mail and even folks trying to help me have been swamped as well. Im not in the hospital now but technically on bedrest though im sneaking in a little computer time right now because no ones here to catch me. Im ok, but it was life and death there for a while. Really nasty infections to start it off that couldnt be treated the usual way. Its a long story. Nothing I could do about it and ive been out of it (asleep) most of the time. Im trying to instruct others on how to package and ship more than 3 dozen orders that have no clue.. without being in the same room with them. All frozen stuff will be held until another couple weeks due to weather and my paranoia over inexperienced packers. And im trying to clear up accounts thanks to chargebacks and fraud that paypal allowed to happen and then closed the case on because I wasnt here to get their emails. I just saw at least half a dozen pieces of hate mail. So glad yours wasnt one of them. Packages will go out very soon however. were having to move this month or next. This house is not livable and has serious black mold and other health hazzards some of which caused my illnesses. But I will be shipping out as many back orders as I can (including all the frozen) rather than move them. I am also having a huge sale (including giving away for cost of shipping) on EVERYTHING in my freezers because I may have to be back in the hospital for a bit depending on how things go. If your interested, let me know, and its yours cheap or free. The only thing is that I can only do postal money orders right now because of the paypal fraud. I dont have a list right now but know I have lots of small critters and who knows what else. Thank you again. Please feel free to pass it on. And please use my email to contact me as well [email protected] K.

    I honest to God felt really bad for her. It would be terrible to be so ill that you would be "out of it (asleep)" most of the time and on "bed rest". I replied with a note saying that I hope she gets well and that there is no hurry to ship my order, and to just ship it once she is able (meaning off of bed rest). I didn't really sweat it that they weren't shipped immediately because I had many positive transactions with her in the past, so I had no reason to believe that she would steal my money and disappear.
    However, after this thread was posted and I did a little research on the situation, I have come to find that she was most likely lying to me about not being able to personally pack up orders on September 9th (telling me that she was having to instruct others how to pack things up from another room--leading me to believe this was due to her illness that wouldn't allow her to get out of bed, and how she had to be "sneaking in some computer time"--leading me to believe that she was so seriously ill that her family would not otherwise let her out of bed to use the computer because she was so sick), and here's why I believe it was a lie:
    I went on her Nightwhine Rabbitry Facebook page to find photos of HER (Kay "Raynewolfe" Martin) personally showing rabbits at the Indiana State Fair on September 8th! In the photos, she looks pretty healthy for a person who was supposedly too sick to leave her bed. I don't know about any of you, but I've been to my share of State Fairs. And as a completely healthy 33 year old person, the State Fair leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. There is NO WAY I would ever consider going to a State Fair while seriously ill, to spend the day in the heat--and walking around the fair just to get where you're going (not to mention showing rabbits) would be nearly impossible if you were so sick that you required being placed on bed rest.
    These photos were put on Facebook on September 12th, and as you can see in one of the posts, it says that the photo was taken on Sunday September 8th at the Indiana State Fair. The person in the black shirt is indeed Kay "Raynewolfe" Martin, as you can see it is the same person in her profile pic on this site.
    Recently, I have tried numerous times to contact her via email. I never get a response, but I seriously doubt it is because she is too sick or without an internet connection, because she is posting on Facebook regularly.
    As a person who trusted Kay and genuinely felt bad about her being so seriously ill, I now feel like a fool for being so gullible to take her at her word, and I feel completely betrayed. There is no excuse for not returning emails from people to whom she owes a significant amount of money or merchandise.
    According to Indiana law (the state in which she lives), theft is considered to be a Class D Felony, regardless of the amount. What can be done through the legal system in terms of trying to get our money back?

    BERTHA BUTT Karma Lives!!!!

    she must have gotten the paypal problem straightened out;


  15. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Lol not much her cronies can say now to keep defending her scamming.

    I also would be interested in taking legal action if it's possible, but I haven't had this issue before and have no idea where to start, what evidence is needed, or if it'd even be worth it for $155.
  16. cmc

    cmc Member

    Well so much for my friendly offer. She only got me for $150 but I have all emails, PMs, and PayPal transactions.
  17. cmc

    cmc Member

    I have a PM in my box right now from her on September 9 that says she is on bed rest and can barely see the screen to type and must hurry before her care takers catch her on the computer. I guess her care taker is damn rabbit.
  18. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Man I hope you guys file claims and tear her a new one. Sick or not scamming this many people is just plain wrong. She wanted me to do some tanning for her and send it back and as she sold it I would get paid. Oh and she acted all offended when I told her she was flipping crazy :eek:. One red flag was I asked where she lived and an address and she said she would ship it to me and then talk about giving me her address, said I might be a stalker haha, crazy woman contacted me. And to all her supporters of which I doubt are real. Pony up and help her yourselves and see these guys get there stuff or money back, pay it out of your own pockets and then work it out with Miss Rainfraud.
  19. cmc

    cmc Member

    I'm not sure exactly how all this works but I have a family member who is an investigator in Internet fraud and identity theft and he will know how to get this started and exactly what laws are broken and what is needed in proof and if anything different applies to Internet transactions. I will contact him now.

    In the state of Indiana a Class D Felony is punishable by up to 3 years, not what I had in mind but I guess its a start.

    BERTHA BUTT Karma Lives!!!!

    seems she must have calved