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Soft mount taxidermy...your thoughts

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by whenwolveshowl, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. I wasn't sure as to post this here but what the heck.

    I noticed that lots of people are against soft mount taxidermy.

    I guess you don't need to put much effort in *sighs* not like I got sick of trying to put stuffing into a fox for 2 hours :/

    I noticed many of you hate deviantART at that too.

    I guess now a days it is us girls getting into taxidermy and the men don't seem to like that.

    I want to do taxidermy and honestly I pretty much searched every website for nice easy ls forms. I don't want to do a soft mount...I found it annoying enough filling up pretty much a premade.

    I like the idea of soft mount taxidermy and. I guess you could say I drag mine around with me. She's a nice vixen that I plan to mount when i learn taxidermy. For now she's just a humble cuddle buddy for when I feel like destroying the earth (surely everyone has that stage where they hate everyone and the best thing to do is just try and get over it even If you wish everyone was dead).

    I enjoy not just having a pelt on the wall.

    I use mine to scare the living day lights out of people- well everyone calls me a freak I may as well live up to it

    I noticed people get thingy on here about the beginners. The ones that don't bother to actually learn more like grab a walhanger and a cheap form and slab it together. I have chosen not to do this and finally found a teacher! Yay.

    So what's the drag about soft mounts?

    Yes we use them like soft toys (well they are pretty much the same thing get over it)
    Yes we cart them around places
    Yes we use them for strange things

    No I don't use mine as a pillow
    No I don't dress mine up
    No I don't pretend she's real- sometimes I think she's real but not intentionally

    I have seen some fancy work done with them

    Those 2 taxidermist are some of my favourites, inspiring to me really..

    Tell me your thoughts
    Open discussion
    No arguing
    All thoughts are respected
  2. ^ I do not feel that this part is truth. ^

    You worry too much about what you think others might think.
    If it makes you happy and you are making dollars, that is great, keep doing it.
    Just don't waste it all on candy. That'll put you in the gutter for sure.

  3. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    You know what makes you a freak, assuming most of us do not want women in taxidermy. You are already wrong out the gate so I stopped reading.
  4. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Thank you Codi. What a CROCK that statement was. Let's put this in perspective. "TAXIDERMY" has fought for centuries to be accepted as not only "art" but a biological representation of a creature to future generations. Cave men up to indigenous peoples used "soft mounts" to retain the memory as well as serve a function. Conversely, REAL TAXIDERMY demanded s mastery of recreating "still life". The term deviate art could drop the art and retain its description. Can you imagine the only existing remnant of a dodo having a brass hinge, clock, and a weedeater imbedded in it? Today's world embraces deviants but I suffer them badly. If you enjoy it, you will be embraced by those who share it but don't expect those of us who are purist to join in.
  5. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    Haha George!!! What, you wouldn't want a steam punk dodo???!!!! Haha!!!
  6. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    What a whiner!
  7. Lizardfeathers

    Lizardfeathers Thank you for teaching me through your works...

    I do like and would make a soft mount for certain animals. However, I do not like the steam punk, brass gears, multiple animals stitched together stuff... I like taxidermy that is ART not "art" that contains parts of animals. I think that soft mounts are neat in how they are movable, however they aren't as anatomically correct as a form. I can see both sides to this argument, but for me I'll own a few soft mounts, but I will mount animals in traditional form for the most part...

    whenwolfeshowl... Don't worry about what others think. Just do what you do and enjoy yourself...
  8. what is soft mount taxidermy? I'm just a stupid girl...haha
  9. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    It a project where people too scared of anatomy get a stuffed skin, stuff it full of filler (like a stuffed animal you buy in the toy isle) and then hold it up and scream 'I'm as good a a REAL taxidermist!'.
  10. Really? I've never heard of it or seen it.Anyone have pictures?
  11. WildlifeLady

    WildlifeLady Member

    Soft mount squirrels would make good corn-hole bags... :p
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  12. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Who ever dreamed up that name? Do you know what it REALLY means? I grew up on a farm and lived around them my entire life. I've picked corn by hand and tossed it into a wagon with a bump board and I've ridden harvesters that threw cobbed corn back into a binned trailer. I've done most of it but NEVER EVER tossed corn through any "hole". There are only two common natural seeds that pass through the alimentary canals without being effected by digestion and that's tomato seeds and corn seed cases.
  13. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    I don't have much of an opinion of soft mount taxidermy, other than to say that the softest examples bother me because their anatomy is so completely wacked.
    If I ever get the notion to play around with mammal taxidermy I might do a semi-soft mount (for lack of a better term) which would basically be a free standing solid mount with articulated legs that bend only at the joints, a flexible tail, and maybe a small amount of flex in the neck and between the ribs and pelvis.
    I think it could be done, but I would never waste a valuable specimen just to experiment with a novelty.
  14. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    There are plenty of talented women in taxidermy, and nobody has a problem with that. So not sure where you're getting that from.

    As for my opinion on soft mounts, it's not the idea of the mounts themselves that bother me but their fanbase...which seems to be made up of teen girls from art sites that otherwise have zero interest in REAL taxidermy. All they care about are their cuddly little pillow pets, which they give names and personalities to and refer to as "him" or "her" as if it were alive. They come on this site to beg for the cheapest pelts they can find and tirekick the sellers until everyone is fed up with dealing with them. That is where the general annoyance for deviantArt girls comes from, and why I suppose people in the Beginners section tend to pick on new girls there, especially if they have a suspicious name/avatar or are asking about foxes - which are the most popular pillow pet.

    Otherwise I just view soft mounts - the well done ones, not the unfortunate wallhanger pelts that clueless softie-fans frankenstein together - as a version of rogue taxidermy, one that isn't necessarily disrespectful to the animal. Unless you view them as "soft toys" like you have here, and gotta say I find that irritating. They aren't toys, they are animals that were once alive and deserve to be treated with dignity, which you teenyboppers don't seem to realize.
  15. WildlifeLady

    WildlifeLady Member

    George, I live in Ohio. Corn hole is what they play at hog roasts instead if horseshoes, big deal here. Not my pick for fun. Maybe beanie babies would be a better description for "soft" taxidermy? Perhaps we should discuss the definition of deviant art? All weird and freaky.....
  16. As much as I would love to reply to each post I am a bit tired so I will just write this

    I guess the term pillow pet literally is the best way to describe them! Although I highly doubt my fox could Fold like one XD

    I liked the idea of them at first but after owning one I like traditional much better.

    The idea of a Frankenstein animal seems like fun and sounds cool but I don't even want to go there.

    You make what sells and I guess I won't be doing these pillow pets for sure.. Mine Didn't turn out the nicest and all I did was fill it up! I had the head pre mounted.

    George always has such good views!

    Deviantart girls. Oh know I hope I don't get classified as one... Alright I swear I won't practice taxidermy unless taught by a real taxidermist!

    Alright I do try to haggle but I think that's in my nature.. Darn I am good at it too. I haggle at markets, eBay and many other places for anything I am after.

    Foxes. Yes easy to come by. Most people want them. Not a fan, maybe a few I want but considering I probably hate them more then rabbits I wouldn't want to many on my wall.

    I have had my soft mount fox for ages now and naming the vixen just seems strange. I tried a few names and it just seemed wrong.

    Nothing wrong with steam punk. It's quite interesting.

    Keep at it, would love to hear more views

    I researched a bit more and it seems girls are every where on here! I didn't realize!

    One last thing about soft mounts from my view
    I have educated a lot of people on foxes from mine! It's shocking most people think she's a hyena or dog or something similar.
  17. Actually I wasn't whining. Maybe it came off like that. I was a bit tired and worn out!
  18. Alrighty. It seems that way here in aus. I don't know. I have heard many people comment on the fact I was talking to my guy friends about skinning knives and what not And now everyone at school says pretty much that girls don't mess with knives and play with dead animals or guns. I walked into the knife shop lookin at the knives cause they were on sale and I asked about skinning knives and the guy looked at me funny and brushed me off.

    I do live in the state of no taxidermy pretty much.

    That saying I work in a fur clothing store (I like to wear my furs too) and its run by a lady and most of the workers are girls.

    And I was pretty tired when I wrote this (I think I feel straight asleep after writing it and it was only 5:40pm) not making up excuses- I pretty much kicked a horse for 40 minutes trying to get it to canter and that stubborn horse wouldn't move. And ugh I was sick of hearing the other riders bitch about me and taxidermy the whole night before so I got no sleep.
  19. I feel that is very true.

    I don't follow the crowd and stick to myself even on deviantart so I don't go soft mount crazy and crap like that.

    Some people on there buy like 4 soft mounts a day it seems! I should keep my mouth shut but personally they are blowing their savings! I worked my butt off for my soft mount and I still work my butt off for anything I want to buy.

    It sickens me to see what taxiderpy people pull off!

    Ever since my soft mount I have thought about it and traditionals seems so much nicer!

    Read my other replies for more answers! Please. Just so I am not repeating anything.
  20. WildlifeLady

    WildlifeLady Member

    Okay, I'm interested. No taxidermy in Australia? I would like to hear more. Happy to talk via email!

    [email protected]