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BOTW #39

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by falco, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. falco

    falco Trapping is fun

    Hello to all the birdbrains in the world.
    My name is Behnam (Ben) Khorshidnam, born and raised in Tehran-Iran. moved to Canada in 2001 and have lived with my beautiful wife and only son in Southern Alberta ever since. I started Taxidermy as a hobby in 1994 by mounting a pair of Teal Wing (I tell you why that, shortly)...

    My only way of Hunting today is Falconry, doesnt mean that I dont enjoy shotgun hunting but anytime I can put aside I will take my birds out hawking . I have been flying hawks and falcon since I was 15, I dont know why and how, but as far as I remember I was obsessed with birds of prey.
    Currently I have a Sharp shinned hawk that Ive trained to hunt blackbirds and starlings on the side of the road from my vehicle window when I drive around,...and also I fly a Peregrine x Barbary hybrid falcon at Ducks and Huns which is done in a totally different style (hard to film).
    For those of you who are intersted to see some cool flights of Hunting blackbirds with my sharpshinned hawk here are some links:
    Make sure you click the quality button on HD because all the videos are recorded in HD and watch them full screen, there are about 18 videos if you are interested you can go into my channel and watch them all.


    when I needed a preserved pair of Teal Wing to make a Lure for my falcon in 1994, a close friend of mine who was at the time employed at the -soon to be open to public- National Natural History museum of Iran (located in north of Tehran) brought me a raw pair of teal wing and told me: " Im going to skin the wings and mount them so you can see how its being done".. after I saw him inverting the wing skin and wrapping some cotton around the bones and pulling the skin back over it in a few minute, I was kind of interested in doing the second wing myself, and I did... and to my surprise I realized how much fun was involved in that, and honestly my wing was wayyy cleaner and well groomed than the wing he did for me.... (there,, right there was the spark).
    Second try was a couturnix quail that I bought from a pet store, chocked it, skinned it and did the whole thing all by myself... so I could STUFF it so to speak, but didnt know how to have it stand up on its legs, so I pretended that I had planned to have it sitting... ;D ( I had no idea what to do with the leg wires inside the body.
    Then my friend introduced a Taxidermy book for beginners to me, and after reading that, I got the idea and started to practice,,.
    After about 2 years of mounting some birds as hobby, I applied for a job in the same museum and I got in right away,
    Worked in the museum for 3 full years and another 2 yrs part time then I had to quit working in there due to school and some other time challenges coming with it but kept working part time in my basement till I moved to Canada.
    The Museum was a great place for me since it gave me a different perspective to this Art right from the begining... it was way different than a regular taxidermy shop.

    anyways, Here we go for the next two weeks, I hope to see you all here with your beautiful, inspiring works. Seriously, I do get energy to produce better and better everytime I get a chance to come to this site and see what other birdbrains have been doing. I should thank Matt to keep us going on this thread.

    Here are some new and a bit older works that Im not sure if I have posted them here or not,, if I have, sorry for posting them twice;

    This Owl was starved to death and found dead on a farm yard. very good condition.


    This eagle was electrocuted and really, you dont want to see the other side of it... ;)



    This hawkowl also was found dead on the side of a road:


    I will try to post some more as soon as I get some ready.
    cheers all... and show us your inspiring work everyone.
  2. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Awesome mounts again!!! Hat's off from me!!!

  3. babak

    babak Active Member

    Ben ,cool story and great mounts! i am proud of you as your countryman,you're awesome!
  4. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    Falco, your birds truly are inspirational! I don't have anything nearly as cool, but here's some eiders....

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  5. Beautiful mounts guys! Heres one that the client wanted the bird mounted to his grandfathers gun...

  6. Cool video there, nice birds too.
  7. Bufflehead dead mount... Oh yeah, 1/2 life-size Coyote too ...

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  8. deerhunter1964

    deerhunter1964 Member

    Duck Norris, great idea. Love that mount!!!
  9. falco

    falco Trapping is fun

    Wow,,, I just checked back now and I see some cool mounts already,
    Thanks guys, its great to see new ideas,...
    Ryan those are some classy Eiders, Love to mount them one day.
    duck Norris,,, I bet you are going to see that Gun idea more and more,, its a very cool.
    Duckman,,,your mallard is one simple with the same token ribbon winner type of mount, love it.
    Tim,,, that duck in the mouth never gets old .. never seen it with a yote yet. good job.

    thanks all, and I hope to see some more when I check back tomorrow.. in the mean time I got another one ready:, september sage grouse,,, :'(
    you know why ....

  10. igor

    igor Member

    Ben, your raptors are incredible . Everything is good- high quality of taxidermy and finish work , design and photography. Truly art... Nice job everyone too .
    I keep working on my African salties :). Here is the group of White-throated bee-eaters.

    Outdoor Hub mobile, the outdoor information engine

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  11. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    Very nice everyone!
  12. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    Wow Ben, I feel your pain on the Sept Sage...those are my Nemesis birds.... I usually have the pleasure of doing several of those pain in the..... :-X each year. It looks great!! Dude you are one gifted bird artist. The snowy is off the charts...cool

    Igor... incredible work. I just finished 2 Salted Black grouse....made me pull my hair out. Hate the salted skins....not my bag baby...LOL
    TXDUCKMAN.... very nice work and Duck Norris, that is a cool idea...well done
    Tim love the Buffie/Yotie and that's a great Eider piece Ryan

    Here are some Game farm birds headed back to hang on there wall for sale during the season.....nothing special, glad to be done with this batch and on to a 25lb Desert Tortoise

  13. falco

    falco Trapping is fun

    Awesome Igor... such beauties.
    Doesnt matter what you touch, it comes alive . dang it....
    I wonder how many kinds of Bee eaters are out there in the world, they sure are one of the coolest birds .

    Jeremy, Mr mount factory... I should come and see the mount assembly line in your shop. it seems like you dont start on less than 3-4 birds at a time. ;D
    Love to be as fast as you one day. and you said this is your side job right ? ???
  14. Beautiful birds this week, Jeremy, you make me feel lazy!

    Ben, those videos are awesome! I love watching birds of prey in action, the slow motion is great too.
  15. I gave the drake Wigeon a girlfriend and just finished the Redhead.That's enough stuff for my showroom for now. There's no more room. :D

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  16. babak

    babak Active Member

    wow !!great job birdstuffer!
  17. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    your work is outstanding birdstuffer
  18. giveem3 steve

    giveem3 steve Member

    Birdstuffer I love your widgeon. Amazing work.
  19. OOS

    OOS New Member

    Good work everyone!

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