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Outdoor channel stars?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Justin, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Do any of ya'll mount animals that are taken by the big wigs on the outdoor channel or MOR?
    Roger Raglin,Knight and Hale, Primos, Uncle Ted?If so what have you done and for who!
    I think it would be pretty neat to work for some of those guys!
  2. cattrax

    cattrax Beats being in the shop!

    I've guided several of them. It's not as neat as you might think. A lot of them are looking for freebies. Free hunts, free mounts, free equipment, free this, free that.......just because they have some name recognition. Being on TV or in a magazine isn't worth half the aggravation. I'm sure they're not all that way, but I've seen alot that are.

  3. I figured they thought their [email protected]# didn't stink.I was just wanting to know if anyone mounts the animals I see them take on tv.
  4. I have mounted a few for Jim Horn from Primos. Very nice guy.
  5. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    I have guided Keith Warren and been on his show on the Outdoor Channel the last two years and he is coming back this fall to do another show.
    I have nothing bad to say about Keith, except that he takes his deer home with him each year to his taxidermist in Texas. HAHAHA
    But really he and his camera man Mark are super nice guys. It is really neat getting a behind the scenes look at what goes into a show and how much footage it takes.
  6. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    I do most of the work for whitetail addictions, some for Maranda outdoors, and Andre D' Aquisto. Some of the video I have been able to see pre-season is unbelievable.
  7. bw

    bw New Member

    I do work for some of the guys from Jay Gregory's show The Wild Outdoors. Never met Jay, but Ive done several pieces for some of his "prostaff".

    I mounted a 180 class whitetail last year that is supposed to be on the new season this year. I saw the footage the day after they shot it and they were only able to get about 20 seconds of film shot as the deer came in before he had to shoot. Im anxious to see how they edit it to make a segment out of that. I have a 160 class buck for another one of them this year that they killed on the day he didnt have a camera man. The worst part is the fact that he missed a 170 the day before out of a ground blind and over a decoy........and they got every second of that on film.
  8. idbatman

    idbatman Active Member

    I just moved out an elk shot by Keith Warren. One he shot and couldn't find, the ranch found it later in the week. They didn't show that on TV. You wouldn't believe how many of the great elk shows are filmed in these high fences around here.
  9. I hear ya J Best, 20 minutes of commercials and 10 min. of so called " hunting" footage.
  10. done right taxidermy

    done right taxidermy New Member

    i have done work for colorado buck with the outfitter on the mens channel.... did his rusa deer and a reg stag..the rusa is the 20th largest in the world
  11. cummins sneek

    cummins sneek New Member

    The so called out door stars should get their freebi hunts behind a fence and stay in there. Then they wouldn't lease up half of my old hunting spots. I would like to see these guy's try to get a big deer on public land. They always remind you to take a child hunting where???? certianly not the places they pay to shut down hunting just for 20min. on the outdoor channel!
  12. muleyhunter

    muleyhunter Soulmates, Gods way of saying together forever

    How many hours did it take colorado buck to do his hair before he was able to go out and start filming ? As you can see I don't have that problem lol
  13. cummins sneek

    cummins sneek New Member

    The taxidermist that did his wig needs to study their reference.
  14. jakepost

    jakepost New Member

    Did a buck for Craig Morgan a few years back. Took over six months for him to pay me. I guess thats what I get for shipping out without full payment. He kept blaming his little helper that writes his checks for him
  15. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    I can't speak to the hunting crowd, but the fishing guides sure are a bunch of cheap b#@%^#$s. Once they find out you're a taxidermist, the first thing they ask is, "How many FREE fish will you mount for me?" That's not ALL of them, but it sure is a big percentage.

    Years ago I was given a BIG northern by a guy who couldn't afford to have it mounted but thought something should be done with the fish. When I picked it up at a bait shop, I was shown a picture of one of the BEST known guides holding the fish(no he didn't catch the fish). This was the middle of winter and it was COLD! The picture showed him outside "in his tee shirt" holding the fish, but you couldn't tell it was winter. Several years later I saw that SAME picture in one of the big magazines with an article on fishing northerns. To his credit, it didn't actually say he caught the fish, but it sure was implied. ALL of you would recognize his name and easily identify him in a picture.

    As far as their ethics go, I had the privilege of working in a friend's bear camp last fall where they were hunting and filming for a show.Those boys were working their butts off, spending a lot more time in the stands than anyone else. They took a lot of footage on bears where they couldn't and didn't take shots. They did get two bears and the did it the right way. I've never seen the show here, I believe they are located out of St.Louis. "Hunter Dan" is what he was known by, I don't know if the show has a different name. So my only experience with the hunting shows was very positive.
  16. JBest I walk around singing that song to. I hate it but it drives my kids crazy so I keep doing it. My 3 year old is trying to do it now and her tow older sisters want to ring my neck.
  17. Jimmy Rimrock

    Jimmy Rimrock Yeah, they come to snuff the rooster

    I feel your pain on the commercial to footage issue. It is solved with a DVR, haven't got one yet so I am still whining about it. Problem is paying for it, they (Dish) will give 'em to new subscribers but not the loyal current subs.

    I do agree with that darn gold fever song, can't seem to get to the remote and MUTE button fast enough. Now its stuck in my head without watching the show.

    Hope the weather is nice for Pocono.
  18. rocky don

    rocky don the best collie that walks the earth!!

    man j best, i absoloutly hate gold fever....man it's one of the stupidest shows on the outdoor channel!LOL...
  19. I agree.....gold prospecting on the outdoor channel boils my blood. F'd up as a soup sandwich if you ask me. I want to see arrows flying and bullets heading towards their target, not some fool playing around in the water looking for a speck of gold