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Student looking for craft grade skulls

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Clementine, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Hi guys! I haven't been on here in forever - school is kicking my butt! I hope everyone is doing well ;)

    I'm looking for a box full of skulls to use as models in class (painting models, still lifes etc). I'm not looking for beetle cleaned museum pieces...I already know I can't afford that. However, if you have clean (nature cleaned is fine by me), dry (I personally prefer unwhitened/bleached but am open) skulls (I would prefer to buy a box full to save on shipping) please let me know. Those who I have purchased from in the past know I pay immediately, either by paypal or by check mailed the very next day with tracking. Whichever method you prefer. I would need these ASAP for class.
    I am looking for coyote, cow, horse, sheep, fox, llama, buffalo, all cat species, hog and a few deer (small antlers or no antlers are OK). Basically anything - I'm open to other offers but want to stick mainly to the larger specimens.
    ***US SELLERS ONLY - I'm not interested in importing goods***
    Please contact me with pictures and I'll send you my phone number to talk it out

    I've missed you guys!
  2. I know most of you guys have a bone pile out back! They don't have to be perfect and I am open to other animals.

  3. razorbacktaxidermy

    razorbacktaxidermy New Member

    I have a nature cleaned doe skull. And i also have a beetle cleaned hog skull...half of its jaw is busted. if you want the make me an offer!
  4. gamechanger

    gamechanger New Member

    We do professional skull cleaning. We have tons of skulls that are damaged that we go ahead and clean anyway. Sometimes for spare tiny little teeth that easily fall out in the beetle tanks. Let me know what you need. We have it all. When I say damage, I don't mean damage that makes them not usable. They are still whole and they all have the lower jaw. The damage that is most common in our B Grade skulls are broken teeth or bullet holes in the side of the head or pellet holes from buckshot. Farmers shooting from a distance...lol

    Let me know what you are looking for.

    Game Changer Taxidermy
    [email protected]