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NTA Cutting Edge

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Kim Owens, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Kim Owens

    Kim Owens Are we there yet?

    I keep getting emails from the NTA Cutting Edge. We are not members of the NTA and I am curious as to who sends that out? Does anyone know the name of the person who actually puts it together and where do they get the email addresses?
  2. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    I'll let someone else answer that but you will LOVE the answer....initials, CC!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!


    BEAVERS New Member

    Cindy Crain ?

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  4. I heard that also, Perhaps a board member can explain this one ?????

    Still getting paid by the NTA. Hmmmmmm I thought the board fired her??

  5. gab

    gab Active Member

    I get it and am also not a member.no solitications or anything and sometime good info and stories .no big deal.

    BEAVERS New Member

    I don't get it andi AM a member

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  7. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    I'm a member too, LIFE MEMBER, but I'm not on the Cynthia Crain list!!!! LMAOOOOOOO
  8. This is just one of a thousand things we are working to correct.
  9. Kim Owens

    Kim Owens Are we there yet?

    So, if Cindy Crain really is sending this out- is the NTA paying her? And if they are- are they just completely stupid? If that's true, folks- do you really think this thing can ever be fixed? Gluttons for punishment for sure.

    Look Kim, you did not read my response. We are working on it, along with 10,000 other things that have been screwed up with the NTA for years. Why is it a board member can post on here and all anyone wants to do is is read what others post, not what the board member post and darn sure no what ex officers write.

    We know it may take 18 months to fix this boat, but we are here for the long haul. Unless someone else wants to donate their time to help, then you dont have any complaint. We are working the problems out that previous board screwed up.

    If you are not part of the solution and dont want to help then don't whine and cry about it. LOL Just keep fighting among yourselves and dont listen to us. CYA LOL.
  11. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    So John..................

    So John, unless this is a National Security issue....WHO is putting the NTA CUTTING EDGE out?

    Is it the NTA?

    If so, say so.

    If not, who is it?

  12. Who what where? Kerby look back in the archives, I saw a post for a while back.
  13. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)



    John, it is a simple question....no need to play games here.


  14. Yes simple question,,,, We members would like to know. ?? So WHO sends the Cutting edge out ?
    Also how long are the terms set for the newly appointed board members ?
    Names of the new board members ?
    also Did the board fill the vacant spot left by JJ leaving ? & not the president spot, I know Mitch took that but now that leaves the board one short by my count,,

    MITCH does need to put a statement out asap on the happenings of the Board.

    We have only heard from one board member, you & we thank you for what you say. However the caps typing to Kim was not needed. We have asked a question, Can any other board member come on here or is it against the rules?
    Really , If I was on a board , I would answer the question with the facts. We are not asking about the law suit, This is simple stuff.

    People are not going to chop his head off, but we want to hear what is going on. Thanks
  15. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Great question Kim. In fact, a littel over two weeks ago, our dear friend and Life Member, Ms. Betty Noles forwarded me the NTA Cutting Edge with the very questions you posed here. Like many others, I too never had the Cutting Edge sent to me. The next day, and before my term expired, I personally contacted the Cutting Edge and opened a line of communication between Multi View Partner Relations Manager, Ms. Tara Eckert, President Mitch Webb and myself. For our effort, we were sent a copy of every check from January 2013 to May 2013. All NTA royalties were deposited into the NTA General Account. Afterwards, I phoned Ms. Tara back and suggestively inquired if the Cutting Edge could host a future edition of "Outlook on Online" where the NTA may acknowledge and showcase all the winners from our recent show. She and Mitch totally embraced the idea and I'm 100% certain that the BOD's will take full advantage of this win / win opportunity.

    Later, upon researching the Cutting Edge in previous year's meeting minutes, it was ascertained that the BOD's did empower Ms. Cindy Crain to enter into a lucrative working relationship between the NTA and Multi View Inc. All financial progress of Cutting Edge was also given with regards to the royalties at every board meeting.
  16. Unless someone were to click on the NTA link at the top of this page or do a web search for NTA where you will find:

    Join the NTA now!

    Call, write, or e-mail Cindy at NTA Headquarters
    NTA Headquarters
    108 Branch Drive
    Slidell, LA 70461
    Phone 1-866-662-9054
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Fax: 985-641-9463


    To JOIN THE NTA, simply fill in this *secure* form and submit it to the NTA.

    Your credit card information is required!

    Credit Card Name-First & Last:
    Area Code and Tele. Number:
    Credit Card Number:
    Exp. Date:
    3 to 4 Digit CVV Number on Card:
    If renewing member, please provide your NTA Member Number here
    Billing Address:
    Zip Code:
    Date of Birth:

    1. 2011 Membership dues:
    Individual Renewal Membership Dues @$65.00
    New Membership @ $65.00
    Family Dues @ $88.00 (Both Individuals are Insured)
    If Family Membership, list names on the membership

    Lifetime @ $625.00
    Family Lifetime @ $750.00
    Canada / Mexico @ $88.00
    Foreign Non - North America @ $113.00
    Business @ $138.00
    Lifetime judges @ $50.00
    Certification dues @ $20.00
    To set up a monthly payment plan, please contact NTA Headquarters.

    Non-U.S. Members use Credit Card Only.

    NTA Headquarters. 108 Branch Drive. Slidell, Louisiana 70461 Phone: 985-641-4NTA (4682) * FAX: 985-641-9463

    Email: [email protected]
  17. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    Exactly WHY?

    Why is the link back to the old NTA with the Crains still in charge?

    How many people are sending $$ to the Crains?

    This link is off taxi.net.


  18. Kerby, the pass word is part of the stolen intellectual materials we are trying to recover. Did you also know the C. were using the NTA numbers for their personal business.
  19. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Kerby, it's a very complicated issue to say the least. One that we saw coming a year ago. Even then, all of us knew we needed a new web host and designer, but the powers that were also knew they weren't about to give up the reigns on something they had total control over. If you recall, you and I also spoke about doing the NTA web site as I had asked you to expertly design for the tannery in NY. So I contacted one of the other very professional individuals here on taxi.net and received such a generous offer along with a more than reasonable costs with every thing spelled out in writing for the NTA.
    Headquarters informed me and in no uncertain terms that I did not have the "power" to appoint a new web host. So I put it before the board only now, HQS also put one of their hand picked people to do the web site in the vote and actually tried to persuade the BOD's into seeing things their way (again). The failed voting was so slow coming back going on long after "the votes must be in by" date, that I decided to appoint the person who offered the most for the least and with an impeccable reputation to back themselves up with. We needed an overhaul and it was being blocked. Low and behold, the vote was put off until the bogus board meeting of January 24, 2013 when HQS now decided to use the pro bono services of very talented young lady who probably did more to give us a new web site design than anyone else could have for the price, because there was no price at all. The new web site resembled a family photo album rather than a professional organization's venue.
    Finally, 7 months later, Joe Kulis worked tirelessly with Kaye Isaac almost daily in revamping the things they could and remaining frustrated with the things that couldn't. Reason being, it became next to impossible to nail down the previous host and even more impossible to get the previous HQS to relinquish pass words and such for the web site and also for the [email protected] email address. These are just a few of the many things never returned and or provided to the NTA.
    Believe me when I tell you the NTA phone lines do not stop ringing and the callers are not NTA oriented. It seems that we've had many phone lines for the NTA that we never knew about. Calls still keep coming in today for more of the Crains' personal businesses than anything else. Joe feels that by changing the phone numbers, all those calls would stop. But Mitch and I felt that if we missed just one call from an NTA member, the loss would not be worth the trouble.
    All this is just the tip of the ice berg that needs to be detoured around. Any suggestions? Please let our President know. Thanks for asking!
  20. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Sounds like a regular cluster f--k at this point! I hope it can be sorted out. I would love to see the NTA come to Ohio. There is a great venue in Wilmington, OH ... The Robert's Center. It would be a great place for the National!