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22point buck

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by FinFlight, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. FinFlight

    FinFlight TRAIL CREEK

    Just wondering if anyone had pictures of a 22 point buck killed in AR.Afriend fishing buddy of mine from ureka springs told me about it n said the rumor was someone offered him 150,000for it.just would like to see a pic.
  2. Dont know about AR but this 21point came from East Texas, in freezer know. And the other is in TPWD hands now, i think was poached

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  3. whackybird

    whackybird At first you can't succeed, Try, Try again!

    Those pictures are incredible...
  4. FinFlight

    FinFlight TRAIL CREEK

    Wow thanks for the pics this is an a monster
  5. dc240nt

    dc240nt Lets Talk Big Bucks!!

    I'll promise you nobody offered him $150K for it.
    Its a nice buck, heck, its a great buck....
    but its certainly not worth that much.
  6. Cory

    Cory Keep an eye on quality!

    NO BUCK IS WORTH ANY $! MAN HAS ADDED A VALUE TO SOMETHING THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE IN THE BIG SCHEME! Sorry, I had to vent. I understand EGO'S run our businesses, but big $ for antlers you didn't kill is a RIDICULOUS state of mind.

    " the shnozberries taste like shnozberries "
  7. Non-Typical_IL

    Non-Typical_IL Member

    He'd be worth some to utilize as a breeder, still alive of course. But heck Monther Nature does good with random selection breeding.
  8. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    I suppose the guy in the last pic cut it for a shoulder mount..