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Mini fleshers

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Bow Man, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Bow Man

    Bow Man New Member

    I thinking about ordering a mini flesher.But I cant make my mind up because I am not sure if it will help me. Don't mind the fleshing knife but Im not good enough to thin the hide with the knife.Will the mini flesher thin a whitetail cape?I know it will not do what the big fleshing machines will do.But right now its just a hobby and Im not ready to make that commitment.. Just trying to mount my own and my families till I learn what I doing.Would a mini flesher be a good investment for me?I do have a good air compressor.
  2. Probably wouldn't hurt. I have one coming in the mail that I bought from a friend. There is a series of real good videos in the tutorial section on how to use one.

  3. verne

    verne Well-Known Member

    Of course its up to you ; But I would put that money toward a fleshing machine , I went that rout ; by hand , mini flesher then a fleshing machine ,sold the mimi the difference was like night and day. :D
  4. Bow Man I have videos regarding the use of a mini flesher under the tutorial section. They are very in depth and I think you will find them very helpful. Look out though you posting a topic like this will open a huge can of worms. There are people on here that despise mini fleshers and have nothing good to say about them. I have been in this business for years and I too thought that until someone showed me how to use one. I just use mine to rough flesh and split everything with very little knife work. Watch the videos if you are seriously contemplating getting one. They will help you tremendously.
  5. sealow

    sealow Member

    They take a little getting used to. I just hate crap flying everywhere. Mine might be up for sale for real cheap.
  6. tem

    tem Well-Known Member

    I hold mine so the blade is facing down towards the skin. then I take long cuts. no stuff flying any ware.
  7. kosterman

    kosterman New Member

    Had good luck with mine. Though a Dakota or similar is the optimal way to go, it's a way to start out a little cheaper.
  8. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Sergeant, you should stop that crap. You like yours and you've made yourself become proficient with it. Let's use a military analogy. I COULD go to war with an M-1 carbine if that's all I had, but if I had the choice, I'd damned well want more firepower than that pea shooter in my hands. The same thing is true with the mini-flesher. If that's all you have or all you can afford, it's going to work for you, but it will never EVER be the machine that a round knife is. I had one for years and swore at it more than by it. The first thing I had to do was go out and buy a much bigger compressor that took me two tries. I went from a 2 to a 3 horsepower and ended up having to get a 5 with a 40 gallon tank in order to keep up the pressure on the tool. Unless it's operating at max speed the technique is going to have to fluctuate. When it was all said and done, I could have bought a roundknife. I don't care how good you are with it, crap is going to fly off of it. Turning it sideways, downward or upward, the laws of centrifugal force are immutable. You're going to need an apron to keep from ruining your jeans and a face shield in order not to floss deer meat out of your teeth. EVENTUALLY, anyone who stays in this business is going to have to have a round knife. Why not beat the learning curve early. IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, but a roundknife. IF YOU CAN"T, then get a mini-flesher but you're going to have to have a big compressor with a big tank for it to be efficient.
  9. lrc1492

    lrc1492 Member

    I have the ele. model and it works fine for me. I rough flesh with it and shave as well. but 90% of my work is WT shoulder mounts and small varmints. I will admit the shaving is slower than a table mounted flesher and the mini flesher is messier ( I haven't had to pick any out of my teeth yet) LOL.
    And I will agree that if you need to get work turned out fast go with a table mounted flesher. As my business grows I will have to buy a bigger unit. So in my opinion you need to ask yourself if this is just going to be a hobby or a business.
    Oh and by the way you can find a good table mount flesher cheaper than you can buy a new ele. mini flesher (I should have researched more....)
    Oh well good luck.
  10. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I started with one before going to a Dakota no comparison, but they will shave a hide down with a little work and a lot of air compressor.
  11. Bow Man

    Bow Man New Member

    I did get me a mini.Took me a little getting used to.After 4 small
    holes and two fleshed fingers I got the hang of it a little.Looks a lot better than I was doing with knife.Worked well on the six inch pipe.but I was not nearly as smoove as the video.Threw crap ev
    ery where.Hoping maybe practice will make perfect.
  12. sleeper

    sleeper New Member

    Is the 6 inch pvc better than a 2x6 beam?
  13. Bow Man

    Bow Man New Member

    Sleeper I am by far no pro.But what couple hours Ive spent with it I would say yes.It seems the roundness of the pipe with no edges works better.I did try both ways pipe seemed to work better for me.
  14. sleeper

    sleeper New Member

    I just got mine too, and did my first hide yesterday. I instantly threw those clothes in the washer haha. My fleshing beam isnt deer friendly, so i need to make another, buy the 6 inch pipe.

    How much of a gap are you giving on the gaurd? I didnt see a spec for that, so i just set it to where the blade doesnt contact the gaurd. I also threw a little borax on it before i fleshed. Helped with the slimey stuff.
  15. I have to agree with George, It all comes down to you and what you can or can't afford. I personally have the mini flesher and I love it. Yeah it is a little messy, But for me it works...and to go with the point George was making I will be up grading to a round knife in the near future. The biggest thing I learned is that its not smart to try and flesh a green cape with it. I use my flesh all once the salt dries the hide, usually a day before I ship it off to the tannery.