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Well hows everyone's deer season drop offs coming.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by duxdown, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. jake7719

    jake7719 Well-Known Member

    UP on WTD from archery
    Up on Black Bear
    Slower on WTD gun season
    euros up some
    all other about the same
    still working on fish from this spring, got slamed. Summer fishing was slow. Over all fish were way up.

    I do euros for $75.00 if I get a good cape out of it or if you are a repeat custamer and you pay for the wood it is goig on.

    All other people get to pay $150. Most do it there self around this area. I bunch of guys make a day out of it and all get together with some food and beer and "cook some skulls". It's fun for the whole family and I go every year, great place to meet new custamers.

    I'm thinking next year doing a "skull cook" at the school for the kids. I'm going to ask the schools FFA club to help and they can charge a few "BUCKS" LOL as a fund raser.
  2. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Jake, are you serious? Boiling sculls in front of a bunch of kids? I do like the idea of a bunch'a drunks sitting around getting wasted while they boil. Just don't let them get too drunk and start eatting the venison right off the bone like at a bar-b-que. What do you tell the kids? "OK let me have everyones attention, we're going to skin the hide off this deer's head and then put it in boilling water till the meat falls off." What do you say when one asks, "why?" "Oh!, we're makin euros".

    Good luck to ya'll on the scull bussiness. I hope I've done my last one. I will do one if I can get a really good cape out of the deal, that's it. I just done two, I used the "no beer" method, glad I made it thru it unscaved. Bugs...boil..., maserate?...either way that is the nastiest $hit I can think of and it is in no way akin to taxidermy IMHO.

    I think the indian method is probably the best. While it's cooking, chunk in some veggies, acornds, corn on the cob or whatever you have to make a good supper. No wall marts back then and I'm shure nothing got wasted. Also, I think some tribes believed if you eat the brains or heart of your victoms you picked up the animal's wisdom, strenth, steath, whatever and it made you a better hunter-warrior. On second thought, I might start eatting the brains out of all my euros, maybe it will help me kill more and bigger deer. Gotta eatem raw though. lol! PS I ain't usin spell check, it hurts my fanger hittin all these little buttons.

  3. T2LTaxidermy

    T2LTaxidermy Member

    I charge $195 for European mounts. That includes 3D plaque or driftwood and or a scene. I started charging this price because I really didn't want to do them. I prefer doing the shoulder mounts and other big game I do.
    Before I would get calls every now and then asking if I did them. I would refer them to other guys in the area. Then last year I started getting a lot of calls for them so I just said sure $195 and they started rolling in the shop. Lol. At that price I've done more in two year than I've done in the last 18 years of business. Equal to the number if shoulder mounts I get and I get a lot.

    I would have to say I don't mind doing them now days.
  4. DeeCee

    DeeCee New Member

    Hey Double Barrel, the kids Jake is talking about are High School kids. I used to teach them how to do euros a long time ago too.
  5. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Hi Donnie, when I croak I was going to have myself mounted. I want a large camode made from scullpall with me done half mount sticking out of camode with hand on the flush lever. Plate will read "goodbye cruel world." Now, due to the economy, I'm gonna settle for a scull mount, due to cheaper price. I do want the cedar slab though.
  6. DeeCee

    DeeCee New Member

    I just want a pine box with a wagon to tote me.