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OK, where did the NTA go to

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by George, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    All everyone has to do is calm down. Where were all of you when the Crains didn't disclose ANYTHING? Where were you past Board members when you had the power to demand information?? George, now that you don't have your 'connections' is seems that you are 'pissed' when you don't get what you ask for!! Why didn't you DEMAND information when you sat on the Board and come on this site and let everyone know what was up??? Now, everyone wants to beat up the very people that are actually trying to get this thing where it will at least float!!! I say you need to back off and let them do their job!!! Think about it for a second, look at this time line,
    May- The Board moves to remove the Crains for any one of a MILLION reasons.
    June- With NOTHING to work with as far as information the Board prepares for a convention. Remember, no working set of books, no membership list, NO NOTHING
    July- Miraculously, the Board pulls off a basically flawless Convention considering the hurdles that they had to jump. The Board also accepts new accounting internal controls as well as restructuring controls. Voted on unanimously and passed.
    August- Under direction from the President, NOTHING voted on by the Board is executed. Friction between those that are trying to help, Board members and the interim ED and President erupt. Still, nothing gets done.
    September- Still, nothing voted on by the Board is executed. The President engages the NTA attorney without Board approval in an attempt to acquire information from Pat Patrick. The President also approves WITHOUT BOARD APPROVAL payment to the interim ED of $4000+. The interim ED produces ZERO reports on the finances of the NTA. The President and Secretary Treasurer announce their resignation effective October 1.
    October- STILL, nothing is executed. Mitch Webb takes over as President with no Treasurer, no Secretary, and now, no ED as Joe Kulis announces his resignation at the same time as John Janelli, in retrospect. Mitch Webb scrambles to stop the bleeding and makes appointments to fill the voids.
    November- with deer season (yes deer season George) and the busiest time of the year for taxidermists looming, Mitch and Company work to get the banks lined out with basically zero help from the past ED or the past treasurer. A financial report is requested and still no one knows how much money is in the bank. Mitch finally gets control of the accounts in the latter part of this month but not in time to acquire the needed information for me to complete the books so they can be turned over to the CPA of their choice to prepare the 990's. This information was requested many times from the past interim ED to no avail.
    CURRENTLY- Mitch and the Board are still waiting on the banks to deliver the requested information so that I may complete the books for the NTA. There is a discrepancy in the amount of money we have and the information from the banks will clear that up.

    This is a synopsis of what I have been associated with. Since I have not been involved in the lawsuits to this point I cannot comment on that subject.

    Now you want to beat up on Mitch for not coming on here and spilling his guts. Looks to me like his plate has been pretty full so I say leave them alone until all of the holes are at least plugged and the ship is floating.....Just my opinion...!
  2. Franklin

    Franklin Guest

    I see George hasn`t changed his stripes through the years. If you disagree he throws a tantrum and stomps his feet like a child. He is predictable.

    We "hired" a new group of people to reorganize the NTA, they do not owe you a daily update on goings on. If you wanted this privelage then you should of stepped up and volunteered for the positions. Not that any of you complaining would of been voted in but at least you stood up. Since when are TERF funds to be used because someone forgot to use common sense. Being burglarized is not what these funds were ever intended for.

    Who in the taxidermist industry appointed the members of this site to be our spokesman. Many have some very seriously checkered pasts but you feel you speak for all of us in the industry. The ones that actually make a living off this trade. You folks can`t possibly be doing that as your always on social web sites.

    Let these folks do their jobs and quit stirring up crap like a bunch of children. You should be ashamed of your behavior, you folks are what gives all of us a black eye.

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Harry, I thought you wanted to keep our interchange civil. We can go back to your very first post and go from there if you'd like, but I'm satisfied here with YOU.

    Many of you are under some serious misconceptions. I haven't "lost" any of my "connections" and I still know far more that some of you guys want to know. The questions I asked in my initial post here weren't things I didn't already know about, they were questions that members need to be told BY THEIR PRESIDENT. I already know that the bylaws are lanquishing, the Outlook is suspended, but the convention is taking priority. My rejoinder was that if the convention is their prime concern, they may be wasting their time. Far too many bridges have been burned by BOTH administrations and until and UNLESS the PRESIDENT starts talking to members, the NTA is in it's death throes.

    You asked a question about why I didn't demand information. That shows that you don't know anything about what I did. I DID ask those question and I got answers. The answers were questionable and when I asked for source materials, they were scant at best. When the trash started showing up as people like Brenda Duvall, Tony Finazzo, and Danny Owens experienced early, they left. I knew that if it could be done, I'd be used, but as the time went on, I know that Greg and Cindy were very careful around me. It was when I demanded that the organization be run professionally, when I offered the services of a CPA to hand over a clean set of books. and when I wanted the bylaws gutted and rewritten, the hand writing was on the wall. Before I ran for NTA president, Cindy, JJ, and Lori Wolk made a special trip to my house to "encourage" me not to run but to run for the BOD instead. When I refused, I knew there was no way I would win. When the ballots were tallied, i was soundly beaten. The only questionable issue was that the totals cast for president amounted to about 120 more votes that were amassed in the vice president position. Why would somone vote for president and not for vice president?

    John Janelli was also victimized. When Joel Edwards resigned, Steve Wolk moved up as per the bylaws. Since the ballots had already been printed only Joel Edwards appeared on the ballot. Steve Wolk's name was running for VP. Since Edwards had left, I and 3 other submitted write in votes for JJ as president. When the results were announced, Steve Wolk (who hadn't run for the office) was elected president and JJ was told he'd won a board position. JJ didn't want to make a stink but I did. I demanded to know how people were elected to positions they didn't run for and how JJ wasn't president since I KNEW he had 4 votes as "write in". Greg Crain told me "We don't count write ins." blatantly ignoring what the bylaws say. I protested that to the very end.

    Harry, you've posted incorrect information. Neither JJ nor Carol "resigned". As per the bylaws still in place, their terms were completed and they simply left. Carol had served as a "temporary" treasurer for years and was paid only a small fraction of what her predecessor got. I don't know what the big deal was. Their leaving was what serveral on the board were advocating and then when they do, guys like you are calling them out. Ben Franklin noted that "The only way for two people to keep a secret is for one of them to be dead.". Please read that and understand what he was saying. That old crap about me "losing my sources" is getting old and ain't nobody dead yet. When I get my subpoena to testify on what I know, I'll tell you. My "sources" are alve and well.

    Franklin, go pack sand. No member "hired" anyone at any time to do anything. They volunteered to represent US and that's fallen to the wayside. If you don't have the guts to stand up for what's morally and professionally right, then you have to bear that burden alone. I don't like my money being frittered away by a group who has taken it upon themselves to hide from the members. And for your information I DID work for this group but refused to join them physically because of personal issues. I have no feeling about the organization being controlled by the younger generation AS LONG AS IT'S DONE PROFESSIONALLY. I don't have to play nice when it's my money being used. Now when you finish this sentence, go to the top of the paragraph and read the first two words.
  4. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    George, I AM keeping this conversation civil. Not everything that I said was aimed at you. What you have to realize is the world is a big place and 99.9999% DOESN'T revolve around you. You, George, are correct in the NTA COULD be in their death throes. But just maybe this Board and their President could pull it out and get the NTA on its feet again. We can argue another point if you want though. John Janelli RESIGNED. Under restructure, he was still in office and that is a fact. Carol left when John did and then Kulis followed soon after. I could ask Mitch to send you his resignation letter if you like. Don't know if he would or not but he certainly has it, as well as Kulis'. Now, do you have anything else of consequence that needs to be discussed or is pertinent to anything that is going on here?

    Everybody, including you George, PLEASE, give these people some latitude and allow them to do a thankless job for ALL of us. It will serve no purpose to get on here and discuss anything because all it will do is burn MORE bridges since a few of us simply can't get along.

    BEAVERS New Member

    I thought JJ was out when his term expired. At least that is what was posted on here when he started the post back in September or October. I sure don't remember him state in that post that he resigned. He specifically said his term expired therefore he turned it over to Mitch.???

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  6. Franklin

    Franklin Guest

    George I know you don`t want to hear the truth but YOU and your cronies are the ones that came up with the scam in 2007 that allowed "our money to be frittered away".

    You are and friends should probably lay low and be quiet, these guys are trying to clear the wreckage caused by your buddies. Sounds like someone is upset that the gravy train has come to a end.

    Funny how you interpret "by laws", you only follow them when they suit your needs. But ignore them when they don`t.
  7. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    By all means, please post my "resignation letter" that Mitch Webb supposedly has. Creager use to post everything else that suited him. Then listen to the tapes of the July meeting when I spoke to the board with regards to anyone wishing not to update their term as per bylaws provides and calls for. Gravy train? It was derailed on May 17, 2013.
  8. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Beavers, JJ was out when he resigned. Once the NTA went into restructure and the election was called off as a result, JJ was President and he would have remained President until the NTA came out of restructure. Under restructure, since again there has been no election, the Vice President is now President, thus Mitch Webb. Now, as I understand it, Mitch will be President until the NTA comes out of restructure. No judge in the land would rule against the current Board for having a 2 year restructure. Given the current status of the organization it will be a miracle if what needs to be accomplished can be accomplished in a 2 year timeframe. Just sayin.....
  9. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Harry, you're wrong again. Though you send others have used that term, it is incorrect. UNLESS you notify the membership by formal letter, you aren't "restructuring". Unless you can produce a formal letter that JJ DID resign, he dimply served out his term. Better yet, since no new bylaws have been tendered, JJ now occupies the voting board position of "immediate past president". As far as "attitude", its coming up on one year and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. Please don't continue to insult us by trying to claim "the Grains have spies here". Any evidence you may have is exculpatory and is required by law to be disclosed. The membership has yet to see one single word FROM THE PRESIDENT. If THE PRESIDENT intends to represent the membership during litigation, most people would think its time for him to stop being a recluse. Watergate took less time than this. And Harry, I don't pretend to speak for "everyone". You need to remind yourself you don't either.

    Franklin, pack sand. Please tell us where I wasted membership money.
  10. Franklin

    Franklin Guest

    Like I said George, you pick your times for outrage when it suits you and your buddies.

    Where was your outrage when the contract with the Crains to be a NTA holding company.

    Where was your outrage when the 2007 contract wasn`t voted in by the board.

    The only ones that recieved freebies were your friends, maybe that was the reason for your silence. Nothing worse than a guy that has supported a disfuntional regime then bitches about how others are cleaning up your mess. Your as phoney as a $3 bill, George. We all have you pegged.
  11. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    George, why don't you do something about it? Who are you gonna tell? The attorney general?? The IRS? Joe shit the rag man?? Tell me what your ravings are going to accomplish?? Are you going to spend you OWN money to see something is done? NO YOUR NOT! So shut up and watch while those of us that WILL spend their OWN finances to help the NTA!!! I tell you what, why don't you do something about it Big Boy!

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  12. jtcjr

    jtcjr Member

    I think going fishing would be more fun than this mess
  13. CJ59

    CJ59 New Member

    I would like to set the record straight with regard to the payment made to Joe Kulis. For starters, John did not "direct" me to anything. At the July 2013 board meeting, the board discussed the issue of needing someone to run the day to day business of the NTA, and decided at that time not to hire a permanent employee for at least a year. The board also decided to have Joe stay on as temporary membership management as an outside vendor until the July 2014 board meeting. Joe worked from May through November and generously did not charge the NTA for his time. The payment made to Joe was for out-of-pocket expenses he incurred from May through September. At the board meeting, Joe was directed to submit an invoice as an outside vendor, which would be paid. Joe submitted such an invoice with receipts, and the bill was paid, just as any other bill that came to me was paid. Did anyone expect Joe not to be reimbursed for money he paid out on behalf of the NTA?
    Secondly, at the July 2013 board meeting, President John Janelli advised the board that if anyone chose to leave when their elected term expired on September 30, 2013, they would be free to do so and would be respected and thanked for their time served. That is exacly what John and I chose to do. We did not resign. We devoted ten years of service to the NTA and felt it was time for a change.
    Mr. Creager was in attendance at the July 2013 board meeting and participated in all such discussions and votes. They are included in the minutes of the meeting submitted.

    Carol Janelli
  14. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Carol, I was at that board meeting too and I'm gonna have to throw the bullshit flag. Sorry, bit what you have explained won't work. Regroup, try again! You know, facts are just that, facts!

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  15. hodx

    hodx Herman Darr

    Just one question...who can you believe anymore....i may be a nobody on here, but I think the NTA should answer all the questions, before its too late and the ship finally sinks...I also refuse to join the Maryland Taxidermy Ass. as long as Tinker Johnson is involved with it.
  16. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Crabs, I'm gonna tell you who to believe. Those of us who deliver the facts. Did you hear John Janelli come on this site and dispute the accusations that I outlined?? No you didn't. Did you hear Joe Kulis dispute what I had outlined?? No you didn't!! These people just can't help themselves... It will all come out in the wash!!!!

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  17. margip

    margip Member

    Well , would someone please load the damned washer and turn it on cause this crap has gone on long enough!
  18. margip

    margip Member

    Someone PLEASE load the damned washer and hit start.
  19. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Thank God for tape recorded board meetings. Especially the part where Creager wanted to have two former resigned board members appointed back to the BOD's and was given a flat out NO.
    Whitehead, your accusations are as meritless as all the rants you've been posting here all this time. You got hard evidence against me for stealing, taking or missappropriating NTA funds or money? Go for another 30K and prove it. You made the threats, pointed the fingers...now have at it.

    (Bill Yox, there are two kinds of people in the world; givers and takers. From first hand experience, you were never any good at being a taker and you've always given 'till it hurt.)
  20. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Really John? Sounds like you're reeling a little!! Why don't you address the accusations?? Where is the money John. How are you going to get to SCI now?? Shame shame john!!!

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