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Wolverine Experts...

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Don, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Don

    Don New Member

    Check this guy out!

    40" in length, and about 50lbs of mean ass WOLVERINE!!. Any suggestions on poses? The top lip is messed up, should I try a repair? or leave it as is.



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  2. That is NOT a face I'd want to walk up on....yikes.

  3. frenchydermist

    frenchydermist New Member

    Is it for a customer? Does he (she) wants a full body mount? I think it would be great to leave the lip as it is...it will give it more character!
  4. AMCTaxi

    AMCTaxi Wholesale Small Mammal Taxidermist

    I would leave that lip the way it is. Wolverines are known to be bad asses, and that just proves it. If it's a client piece point it out to them and tell them that they can tell all their buddies a grizzly lost the battle with him or something and that's how he got it.
  5. What are you planning to do with the bones? The skeleton is worth saving, even if you're making a lifesize. The only missing pieces will be claw phalanges.
    And is it a male with a baculum? :)