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going to attempt a remount (WT shoulder)

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by ginevive, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Got a mount that's probably from the 1990s-2000s. It has wonky ears, a peeled-back lower lip, bulgy eyes and is just weird and swollen looking.

    So, to remove the cape from the form, I can soak it in water right? I am planning on scrapping the hide most likely depending on what I find in there. Eager to see what the form looks like. Not even sure if they used DP or tanned as yet. Any and all advice would be very appreciated, including whether or not even attempt it. I will keep the rack if nothing else; not sure how the hide will or will not remove from the form.

    I would love to just rehydrate and move things around to improve it but I am not sure that's possible. The pic actually makes it look better than it is in person. It's a pretty big buck (by our local standards at least) and look like the cape was stretched to an inch of its life; the seam on back of neck is loose as well. Skin is hardened up around seam of course.

  2. another pic


  3. You have nothing to loose by trying. Soak it down well with a hose and wrap it in a couple garbage bags for a day maybe two. If it's DP it will end there, if tanned there is a chance it will work but stick with the pose as it will have memory that is tough to get out. At least you will learn a few things even if not workable.
  4. Will do. I would still use the same form. Even if I could just tuck that lip and maybe resculpt the eyes.. not sure how that would go though.
  5. RF

    RF Member

    Kind of hard to tell from the pic but the form looks like it may be too big for that cape. The antlers may also be set back too far, I would check the angle before remounting. Hope it all works out for you.
  6. Haha! I figured something out; they never used hidepaste. I peeled back the lower lip and the skin just peels off like a banana. I will get a pic shortly. It's unroughed form underneath for about 12 inches from the lower lip. Looks DPed; has an almost sawdusty material that looks like it was rubbed into the skin.

    I do see where the antlers look too far back.
  7. Banana deer!

  8. inside of skin


  9. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Thats your $300.00 dollar mount right there. Plenty people mounted deer just like that then and still do now.
  10. Wow, looks like the form wasn't even prepped! and there's no trace of any hide paste from what I can see. Yikes
  11. Nothing was glueing the hide to the form at all!

    It is pretty amazing. Any regular joe would have thought that it was a good mount. Does it look like the hide was DPed? I don't mean to sound ignorant but I never saw DP and a google search of it is not helping me to see what it looks like. To me it looks like sawdust was rubbed into the inside skin here.
  12. I can't offer any advice, I just wanted to say how interesting this is. I'm marking to see what the pros think on this one...looks like you've got quite the project ahead of you Jen :)
  13. Well...told you at least you would learn something from giving it a try. :)
  14. Definitely! I have a usable form; the clay "work" just flaked off. It is not visible in the pic, but there were nails of some sort hammered into the chest area and they spike-out; maybe those were supposed to hold the hide into place? They are a bit rusty now.
  15. Hide pins, and yeah they are to help hold detail...or in this case the skin on the form..lol
  16. Nice; I learned something else there!

    Is this what dry preserved hides look like?
  17. Hard to tell Jen. The few I have done that were DP had paste stuck to it and only once rehydrated was it was easy to tell it wasn't tanned.
  18. Ah; ok. The skin does look relatively white under the stuck brown bits.. pretty thick in spots. I may rehydrate some just to see what happens.
  19. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I'd say it was a DP skin. I've seen way worse mounts. You are blessed that the skin tore to pieces. Now you can find a fresh cape and make a pretty mount out of it. Remounting on the same form would have been next to impossible due to the amount of stretching done to get it on the mannikin. You would have been terribly disappointed in trying to improve it. Remounting stinks. I avoid it altogether.
  20. Thanks; I am definitely glad that the form is salvageable and that the skin was not glued on. Hopefully now, my remount looks better than the original! I do have Rick Carter's DVD here that I plan to watch multiple times before starting.. my first head was the kind that you mount, hate, and order DVDs because of, but at least I got a skin on a form and got my feet wet :)