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Seeking some common merganser advice

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by josh s., Dec 2, 2013.

  1. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    So, this weekend was another limit on lake. I got a nice drake and hen for the shop...plus I snagged a common merganser....my friends think i'm crazy but I love these things lol!! my question has been covered i'm sure but out of opinion...im curious what most do? Use the real bill or go with a fake head? I just want it to be seamless, which leans me to the idea of using the real thing. Any thoughts would be appreciated :)

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  2. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    You could go either way. I use the real bills because I don't like dealing with the marriage line where cast bills connect. A couple coats of ModPodge before painting will greatly reduce surface wrinkles and a lot of the shrinkage, but if you want to have no shrinkage at all then you will need to use a cast bill.
    Either way, you can almost stick your arm down their throats so there will be no need for any sort of relief cut. In fact, the opposite problem is more likely - what to do with all of the excess skin.
    Take the time to completely sculpt the skull or head/neck junction as well as the neck anatomy. Make it smooth and accurate because you will be spending quite some time making small taxiing adjustments to get the wrinkles out.
    I think that a coat of latex caulking is almost an essential for these critters. You will need plenty of working time and you want your adjustments to stay where you put them.

  3. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    Thanks Nancy! I don't know why but I find them fascinating!! We aren't slowed to eat them around here because of all the mercury in the fish. So they pretty much get thrown away most of the time!

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