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Mule deer cape needed

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by rarestjewels, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Need to try and match the color on this one, green, salted, or tanned ok, but need pictures.


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  2. Size? I have two nice capes now at the tannery. One is cut extra long for a ped mount.

  3. Have 2 one raw 1 tanned call 308 534 4555
  4. traker_2005

    traker_2005 New Member

    I have a mule deer cape. It's tanned and ready to mount. It won't let me attach the pictures. I can send them to your email or text them to you. Let me know. 208-589-1533
  5. skinner 12

    skinner 12 Member

    Just put one on the net the other let meknow day , take a look at it dry tanned
  6. 20" give or take, mainly need to match color and hair length, this buck is really brown/tan

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  7. He had two offers at the start never replied is he going to waste every ones time
  8. Barry no offense but... You posted that you had 2 capes, no sizes, no reference to being a good color match, no pictures, and no price.... That is wasting my time.

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  9. Dave I will forward the pictures to my client if he approves it what is the price?

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  10. Dave, thanks for the pictures, my client wants me to try and find one that is more brown/blonde.

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