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Was afraid of this happening

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Hedhuntr, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. DeeCee

    DeeCee New Member

    That's all well and good, if you need to cut back, you need to cut back. But if that is the case, What are you afraid of? lol
  2. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    ×2 you should do what it takes to make him happy. Every busness which includes taxidermy should have customer service as its #one priority and goal. Raise your prices and then its thier decision not yours.

  3. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Hedhntr, simply call the guy, and ask if he has a sec for you. Then just be honest and open. Ask him what he feels wouldve been the best way for you to work with him. Its not "crawling back" thats absurd. This is business, not dating. The customer might help you understand what the non taxidermists out there would expect of you as a taxidermist. it doesnt hurt to hear what our customers think, as we easily get caught up in our world as taxidermists. Simply say "Hey man, I thought this through a bit, and realize I couldve handled this better. I really shouldve looked at you more as a repeat customer, as opposed to one job too many. i appreciate that you like my work enough to wait longer for it. How can we fix this? Or what can we do to have a continued good relationship for future work?" Then at least consider his answers.

    Then raise your prices so you adjust what you want coming in the smart way. Always remember, when YOU say no, it offends them, they wont come back. Let THEM say no, and theyll still consider you another time.
  4. Hedhuntr

    Hedhuntr Member

    Just afraid of pissing people off and repeats thinking somethings wrong with the work they already have with me and wanting to take it back. What i should have done was subbed out the work and continued on at 20-30 a year. What i found out by doing that is as a taxidermist dealing with another taxidermist you lose total control and take a back seat to his or hers current clientele.
  5. Why sub-contract the work when the customer was willing to wait? I'd say take the work with the known wait period and then do it when its time. Unless you were completely quitting taxidermy all together, it just seems like the easiest business choice.
  6. DeeCee

    DeeCee New Member

    I get your point, and agree with turning away new customers, once you've reached a point that starts taking away from personal time .... I just couldn't turn away a repeat customer.
  7. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    X2, it was a bonehead move to make. His friends aand their friends all know about it now, too.
  8. papagoose

    papagoose papagoose and goslings

    Bad choice man you should have taken in the deer IMO.after he picks up the one you get done for him he Probably won't bring you another one and probably none of his friends will either he was willing to wait you have done some damage here that won't be easy to repair good luck with this
  9. Kyle Lakey

    Kyle Lakey Active Member

    Aside from what you've posted last with your current jobs and work load and you are ok with turning down a few people and thats ok if you are ok with it but I think alot of us are curious what you are actually charging? I feel the underlieing problem is your pricing. There are many guys out there who do taxidermy on the side for extra money and if you are good enough at it you should be getting top dollar when only wanting to do 20-30 heads a year. There are a few guys I know doing 10-25 deer a year getting 600-800 per deer. I wouldn't turn anymore people down thats just silly if you want to continue doing it as a part time gig. Raise your prices 100, 200, today and stick to it and see what happens. Its better than turning people down. You can price yourself to getting in less than 30 deer a year if you put your buisiness mind to it.
  10. Hedhuntr

    Hedhuntr Member

    I charge $575 and my work will stand with the rest of the top taxi's in my area. I do believe I'm a little low for my work quality but we all like to think that LOL... I actually turned away a ped euro today because I can't see making $100 off something that's tied up for months and the PITA's calling constantly (I send out for cleaning) and then when pickup times comes I'm left holding it for weeks or more. I think I'm just burnt out and needing a break. Problem is push work away long enough and within 2 seasons your that guy that used to do taxidermy to most locals. Taxidermy is slow money and filled with customers that are always suspect and think you've closed up and taken their deposit and skipped town. That aspect is something that I've never really cared for. I've just had enough I think. Thanks for the ideas though.
  11. jake7719

    jake7719 Well-Known Member

    Just stop doing Taxidermy, EASY. If you are so busy with the other 2 jobs that you have and you don't need the money don't take ANYTHING in.

    You are taking away the income of a "FULL TIME TAXIDERMIST" that needs the money.