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looking for large Wolverine body

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Tri-Ponds Taxidermy, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. I have a tanned big male wolverine for a customer, 38-40" nose to tail. Most bodies on market that I see are only in the 32-34" range. Any ideas ?

  2. Don

    Don New Member


    Let me know what you find, I am in the same boat. I am thinking altering is the only option.


    Carp, Ontario

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  3. I think you would suprised how the actual measurments will change once you get them rehydrated back up and stretch them for WIDTH or circumference. Most are case skinned and will grow easily 4"-6" when skinned out with the carcass out of the skin. Compound that by most are put up trapper style on wooden stretchers and PULLED tight for length and dried that way. They will retain a certain amount of memeory on how they were dried even after the tanning process. You will have to stretch them back out widthwise to get the circumference back. When you stretch them back for width the length WILL shorten up. If you notice the larger forms in the catalogs also have circumferences of 20"-24". You can have the same problem with game capes and bears trying to get the origional circumferences back.

    In the 30 years i have lived here in Alaska i have skinned 400+ of those things. I used to keep notes of actual weights and measurements on those things for years. Measurements were over the meat on the skinned carcass. Females run 28"-30 1/2" and males run 32-35' nose to base of tail. The longest nose to base of tail i ever measured on a male was 35 1/2". Most males weigh 30-34 lbs for a mature one. In all those years i weighed 2 that hit 38lbs and only one that weighed 41lbs.

  4. Skywalker

    Skywalker Well-Known Member

    The biggest Wolverines I have encountered come from the North West Territories. I bought a true 50 pounder from Greg Robertson many years ago. I carcass cast it and AAA taxidermy supply in Calgary Alberta sells it. Now the reason they are so heavy is that they have an amazing amount of fat on them while the Wolverines here in Alberta have little fat. As you can imagine very few will fit that form. The big Albino Wolverine I won a Breakthrough award with easily fit that form. But it's rare.