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payment by paypal

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by pennsport69, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. pennsport69

    pennsport69 Member

    Just got burned for $165 for a crossfox. Seller wanted Paypal payment by "GIFT" . Never received fox. Can't open a claim because nothing was purchased. Can't get money back if you send a gift. Once again live and learn. The hard way.
  2. olebarnette

    olebarnette Active Member

    Your better off giving the seller the 3% pay pal fee which would have been about $5 and labeled it as goods purchased. CYA

  3. I just "gifted" 30 bucks to Antlerman. Hope it works out OK, or I'll loose my nuts!

    All due respect. Thanks for the post. I'm just learning the PP thing. Now I know. Unfortunately, at you experience. Not cool!
  4. Paul I

    Paul I New Member

    You were a target and your not helping others with this post.Pay pal will share their information.
  5. So is there a way to get your money back if you DO "gift" a payment through PP? Or, are you just out? Educate me here!
  6. Paul I

    Paul I New Member

    Email the add and Call.
  7. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Please post the sellers user name and address if you have it so others don't get burned by this scammer. We would all appreciate it. If someone is too anxious or demanding of a gifted paypal payment leave them alone and search elsewhere for what you want. Thanks for the heads up on the seller.

  8. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Unfortunately no. If it's gifted you're SOL :(. An account that receives too many gifted payments can also be shut down for dodging fees, so gifting isn't a good option for buyer or seller.

    Technically it's also against Paypal's TOS to have the buyer pay the Paypal fees

  9. Thanks. I appreciate the response.
  10. Tenbears

    Tenbears Member

    I never gift, and I do not pay paypal fees for the seller, If they want paypal, than they can pay the fees! Same goes for credit cards, I do not need anything so badly that I am going to kiss the sellers ass. They are the ones selling the item and making the money. They need to take these factors into consideration when pricing. Most of the time sellers here want top dollar they want the buyer to pay credit card fees, and shipping. and they want it now.
    Has the world forgotten the old adage" The customer is always right"?