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Small Mammal Bones!!!

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by rottenkitty, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. rottenkitty

    rottenkitty New Member

    I make art with the bones. Grade A would be awesome.

    I have 3 mink skeletons already, I am looking for other small mammal skeletons. If you have a lot of them, I would love to work out a monthly deal. I go through a skeleton relatively fast!

    Any help, offers, connections greatly appreciated!

  2. castipher

    castipher New Member

    Two things: First, this is the "For sale" section. If you want to buy something, place it in the "Wanted" section. Or, if you so desire, in the "Skulls and Skeletons" section.

    Second, good luck! I have about 10 whole animals in various stages of decomp, with 8 more on the way. If I have to scrap a skeleton (incomplete, some bones too far damaged, no time to finish cleaning or articulate, too small for me) I'll be sure to send you a message. All of my animals are possum-sized or larger, so take that into account.