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Staker for sale, "Hidemaster?" "SOLD"

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Keith Daniels, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. This is another piece of equipment we got in the same package as the drum/cage combo and Dakota pro I listed a few days ago. It has a staking head on it, but I'm pretty sure this is meant to also run the head with the stacked wire wheels for fleshing with water also since it has a hose hookup on the hood. We have not ran this, but like the other equipment it was in service when we bought it. I have re sized one picture so it will post on here, for more pictures go to the photbucket album. Asking $1500.00, call or email with any questions, thanks, Keith.


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  2. RedFoxTrapper

    RedFoxTrapper New Member

    Re: Staker for sale, "Hidemaster?"

    Ok..dumb question I am sure, but, what exactly is a staker used for? Thanks for indulging my curiousity..

  3. Re: Staker for sale, "Hidemaster?"

    It would be best described as a stretching machine, they are used to open and separate the fibers of the skin during the drying process after tanning. You can do the same thing by hand, just a lot more work!