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Legal Offer?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by nuclearjunky, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. nuclearjunky

    nuclearjunky Member

    On Ebay I have found someone selling a Brown Bear skull within the European Union. See http://www.ebay.de/itm/REAL-MONSTER-SIZE-BROWN-BEAR-SKULL-TROPHY-CITES-PERMIT-TO-SELL-/171198325021?pt=UK_Collectables_AnimalCollectables_SM&hash=item27dc37211d

    As Brown Bears are on Annex A in Europe, is it legal to buyl? There are CITES Documents, but they do look quite different from what I know, eg. there is no information about where the animal comes from.
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Ridiculous price on that for the USA anyway. Not sure where you are.

  3. nuclearjunky

    nuclearjunky Member

    I am in Germany, so Law of European Union applies.
  4. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    I think the reasons none of us are answering you are two fold: 1) the majority of us on this site (though perhaps not in this specific forum?) are from the USA. We have our own sometimes bizarre set of laws and generally don't know yours other than the implications of buying between countries (i.e., CITES).

    More importantly, 2) NEVER TAKE THE WORD OF US YAHOOS ON SOME INTERNET FORUM WHEN IT COMES TO THE LAW! If you are serious about buying skulls like this, then you should talk to a local lawyer, your own fish/game/wildlife officials, etc. It is my understanding that CITES allows trafficking of specimens WITHIN the EU, but I wouldn't trust that impression and I certainly wouldn't recommend that you do!