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HOORAY for Stop Rot

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by George, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Disclaimer: in the immortal words of our friend, Glen Conley, Stop Rot is not sold nor intended for medicinal purposes - but DAMN does it work well on many things.

    My wife has this love of a Delaware delicacy, SCRAPPLE, for breakfast. And the "only way" to prepare it is fry it in a shallow pan until crisp. (Personally, I refuse to eat things that resemble things I've stepped in but it's nothing more than "cornmeal mush" we Southerners used to eat.) Anyway, I'm frying this scrapple and it's starting to burn on one side (perfect for crispness). I take the spatula and begin to flip it when I hit a spot stuck to the pan. I tilted the pan slightly to get some leverage on the spatula and scraped it free. It rolled over before I knew it and sloshed the hot grease up on to my right thumb, forefinger and the webbing in between.

    I immediately poured cold milk on the wound, but I knew there were serious burns. I quickly had issues actually opening my hand up as the webbing was really burning. I headed to the shop and grabbed my trusty spray bottle filled with Stop Rot. I sprayed the area heavily. I followed this up about 10 minutes later with another spritz and the pain started to subside. During the day yesterday, I repeated the treatment about 4 times.

    Today, the ONLY red spot is about the size of a AA battery end and it's on the top side of my thumb. There is virtually no discoloration anywhere else on my hand and there's no pain at all anywhere. The red spot on my thumb has yet to form a blister.

    Now there was some fool on here earlier saying that Stop Rot was a gimmick and that the chemicals could be bought at the local hardware store. Please don't be deceived. Whatever this fluid is that Glen Conley came up with, it is one of the best topical treatments you can find. I've used it on insect bites, poison ivy, even skunk odor. I've sprayed minor cuts and the healing time was halved. I've sprayed it on my grandchildren's sunburn and the stinging not only went away, the skin never peeled. If you read some of the tests Glen conducted, you'll think it's snake oil but the results are nothing short of miraculous. Before he died, I asked him why he hadn't sold it to the medical market and, as only Glen could say, he knew they'd take 7 to 10 years of "testing" to get it there and he figured that taxidermists could use the help immediately. You see, it stops a hide from slipping down the road and it prevents the flesh from rotting. I don't know the microbiology of how it works, but I know from personal experience IT DOES. If you don't have at least one bottle of Stop Rot in your shop, you're missing out on a wonder ingredient.
  2. Coming from someone who is quick to point out "Snake Oil"and the idiots that believe in it.. I have never bought a bottle but have considered it. Guess I'll throw one in on my next order. Growing up around animals there were many things we used too. Liniments and such. I have used Fura-Zone (nitrofurazone) for years and it works wonders. Its nothing more than a strong topical antiseptic. Cures about everything but pregnancy.

    Ill give it a shot, George.

  3. T2LTaxidermy

    T2LTaxidermy Member

    Now I will agree with you on that George. Stop Rot is a great product and I keep it on hand all the time. Worth very Pennie I spend on it.
  4. It truly is a great product, I've had some poor handled skins prior to me recieving them and the ole stop rot did the trick!

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  5. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    George, if I told people on here what I did with it this past summer people would call me a liar and an idiot and who knows what else.....Thats all I'm going to say about that Forrest.....
  6. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    Spray it on lunch meat and it'll never go bad.
    Just kidding
  7. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    It is a miracle solution. Ive used it to help my bear hounds heal up faster and also sprayed it on my house dog numerous times to get rid of skunk smell ...yes it works!!!!!!!!!
  8. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    Unless they say it can be used or not used for the reason you talked about they are opening themselves for a law suit. Hope they realize this.
  9. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Rich, the bottle Clearly addresses taxidermy uses on dead animal skins. Bondo was designed for auto repair, cyanoacrylate was designed to replace sutures, And if you read the directions, swallowing toothpaste can create gastrointestinal distress. I use DP to stop bleeding on shallow cuts. When it comes to lawsuits, anyone can sue anyone for anything at anytime. I'm simply relating what it did for me. For all I know, it could have been faith healing.
  10. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Has been known to cause cancer in rats, sterility in men, can cause liver damage, enlarged prostate, breast cancer, dizziness and a delayed reaction effecting motor skills. Use caution around machinery and avoid driving. Could cause heart failure and blood pressure irregularities. If you experience any of these symptoms while taking this medicine seek medical attention immediately.

    Every tv commercial you see these days state something similar to what I listed above. Yet , approved by the FDA for human consumption. HUmmm.

    One study says, smoking has little or no effect unless biologically predestine for disease from smoking. The next study says smoking will kill you, unequivocally. Lets not forget about milk and those who are lactose intolerant. Fish is laden with mercury. Chicken causes this, and red meat causes that.

    Did you ever get the feeling that everything is going to kill you?

    It has been my experience as a heart attack survivor that their PB medicine, the stuff they give me to make my heart stronger, ALL makes me feel like CRAP. ALL approved by the FDA and prescribed by DOCTORS. Ever get the feeling that the government is trying to kill you?

    So, what about stop rot? When talking to Glen, I learn that it was used around the horse track to doctor hooves. Can't remember exactly what he said, but it seems to have been something they used to make their hooves harder and rid them of tenderness. Just what all did Glen experiment with, I'm not sure, but I can tell you this. He told me to use it on my dog. English Bulldog who was always having skin irritations. He would rub and scratch himself raw. I applied the stop rot and within days he was healed up. Months would go by before he would have another small irritation. Apply again, and again it was gone. I then used it on my own elbows where I often got dry skin and cracking. Applied and the burning, itching and cracking subsides. I now can go for months and months without an issue. I began to notice on my capes that I often times would have a bit of epidermal slip around the eyes. Not a lot, but any was more than I wanted. I started applying to every deers face that came in the door. No more epidermis slip. Occasionally I get in one that the guy has hauled around too long in the back of his truck. Might be a bit smelly. Those get a bath in stop rot, and if they are really bad they get tanned with an alum tan. Seems to work wonders. I keep 2 or 3 bottles scattered through out my shop so that a bottle is always within reach. Now here's the kicker of it all. I watched Michael P flesh out a raw cape, he then applied a liberal amount of stop rot and mounted the fricking deer. 8 days later the hair was as tight as it was on day one. To the best of my knowledge, that deer and many more like it have left Michael's shop without any issues, so you tell me. LOL Yeah, so who gives a rats ass if it is FDA or any other government agency approved or not? They would tell you that is causes cancer, to not drink it and to not get it in your eyes or breath it. So what else is new? Everything is bad for us according to them, even the stuff they approve. Who you gonna trust? Them or your own experiences. Sue away. Question is.......who ya gonna sue? Glen? I don't think there's a lawyer alive who stands a chance in God's court. Can't you just hear Glen up there trying to straighten God out on his anatomy blunders? Thanks for everything Glen. Stop Rot lives on.

    I love scrapple. I also love HooHash.(cornbeef and taters).
  11. Stop Rot is a staple in my shop. If you never got the chance to meet or talk to Glen, you missed a wonderful person. Down to earth, knowledgeable and loved to challenge you to solve your own questions. Miss talking to him. It is nice to see that he has left behind such a helpful legacy. ;)
    We miss ya Glen!
  12. GWebb

    GWebb Well-Known Member

    George, if you would have brushed it on as the instructions say to do instead of using a spritzer you wouldn't even have that one red spot!! ;D
  13. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    It's great for acid reflux George, big slug and it all good.
  14. brigham boy

    brigham boy "if it's horny, mount it"

    I believe in this product 100%...it's a must have for every shop

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  15. brigham boy

    brigham boy "if it's horny, mount it"

    Re: Re: HOORAY for Stop Rot

    what's the difference?? I've always used a spritzer..but Maybe ill brush it on if it works better that way. ..I just don't see it being any different.

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  16. Just got a jug of it. The wife's toothbrush works the best..
  17. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Hey George......have a question for you. I figure you would be the resident authority on this. How do you think it would work on this nagging hemorrhoid I have?? I've been afraid to try it there. :-\

    I'm serious. :-[
  18. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I just divorced mine.
  19. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Not those nagging hemorrhoids silly, the other ones. LOL
  20. GWebb

    GWebb Well-Known Member

    It was a joke, that is the reason this ;D was at the end. I too use a spritzer, I just remember that question coming up when Stop-Rot was first introduced and the instructions said to brush it on, why?? I have no idea...